Painting in greens with Royale Atoms

Planting trees, controlling mindless urbanization and reviving our water bodies are a few of the many measures we take to ensure healthy and clean outdoors but how many times and how many of us have ever  looked inside our personal sanctuaries- our homes for the same?  We know about the importance of living in well lit and ventilated homes but in the world brimming with lucrative offers in building materials, paints, home furnishing and décor items, we can hardly boast of making environment friendly and judicious choices any more.

We need to be careful about what we use as   fireplaces, un-vented gas stoves, heaters, wood stoves , improperly installed chimneys emit carbon mono oxide, nitrogen di oxide, Radon, particulates , hydrocarbons and children growing up in such homes have more respiratory problems than those growing up in cleaner homes.
Similarly, in modern décor we need LOTS of shelves, cabinets and wall panelling  made from pressed wood products made from adhesives having urea formaldehyde resins which can cause watery eyes and itchy , burning throat and other breathing related problems.
Asbestos found in ceiling panelling and textured paints can cause Asbestosis even lung cancer!
Radon is emitted from cracks in walls and ceiling, dirt floors and sumps.
The latex paints, many types of varnishes, wax, cleaning, disinfecting, cosmetic and hobby products contain organic solvents which can release organic compounds while we use them and, to some degree, when they are stored

While other domestic pollutants can be encountered by planting indoor plants, proper ventilation, using covered gas stoves, filling up cracks and regular cleaning of sumps, the pollution free paints piace a problem which is now solved by the Royale atoms- a paint that help purify the air.
It offers Activated carbon technology to help reduce indoor air pollution and is specially created to disintegrate foul smells which is wonderful! 

Beside this it gives a smooth matt finish, a Teflon surface protection and is environment friendly as it's VOC safe. Under standard conditions, it reduces the formaldehyde levels by 80-85% in 24 hours! 
See the video below or visit here for more info on this. 

To be able to touch the walls without worrying about stains and about the hazardous chemicals, to be able to breathe in the air inside our homes without worrying about the pollution, to have this security and confort of fresh, fragrant and pollution free air for a mother -to-be and for the new born, is something of a dream. It is a luxury which is now made possible ke for all by the Royale Atoms.
 To be safe inside our homes, to breathe freely , to welcome new generations in a world full of green plants and homes complete with modern facilities for a smoother life yet without indoor pollution and with less carbon footprints of modern living is a dream which is now a reality. We change the world by planting trees, using our natural resources judiciously outside and in our homes, simply by painting the walls with Royale Atoms...Offering pure air in Atoms of colour.

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  1. A paint that can help better air quality in our that is awesome and a must have in today's world bestie :) no stains, nice gloss what else one wants :)

  2. Very few people would be aware that things like asbestos, shelves, panels, paints , hair sprays can cause serious health problems due to indoor air pollution. Thankfully we have a way to improve the quality of air inside our house. Best wishes for the contest.

    1. Yes,I myself was unaware of the indoor asbestos pollution... Glad I had to research because of this contest! Thank-you for the wishes, Somali and, same to you, dear!

  3. Quite a well written and informative post! You have mentioned almost every aspect of indoor pollution with such detailing. So beautifully written! All the best for the contest.

    1. Thank-you, sangeeta ji..And wishing you the same !:)


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