Halloween Night : A poem and some thoughts.

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A night of black cats; flying witches are seen
                                                                 Harvest moon whispers eerily, "It's Halloween!"

                                                                    In ruse with prowling ghosts and spectres free

                                                                 The orb laughs noiselessly with a malicious glee.

                                                                    Wolves are silent tonight but, spirits howl within,

                                                                  For some of us,  isn't it a daily din?

raveyards sit up, voodoo dolls pandiculate
                                                                   Dark shadows of sin creep up to the wicker gate!

                                                                      Church bells are mum, toothy pumpkins greet

                                                                   We goblins are here, say,  "Trick or treat?"🎃🎃

                                                        For these sweetest devils ever! 👻👻


Nothing exist in today's world  till it's been dissected and debated by self proclaimed critics on so-called 'elite' (read 'highly questionable) platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  From downright acerbic to wittily sarcastic to rarely genuine, the discussion can be of any genre and, Halloween
 is one of them. 

People wonder in print why
 Indians are celebrating it?  ...and, I wonder what IS there to wonder? Specially after I witness them aping the West, shopping for every occasion from X-mas, Valentine, to Father's, Mother's and all the other days! 

But, I have wondered more and much before. Before the Twitter age when I myself was a teen.

 I had wondered why ladies have sargi on karwachauth eve when it's a tradition in Punjab and not in Uttar pradesh? 

Why the Marwari brides wear chooda when it's essentially a part of  the bridal trousseau of a Sikh bride? 
Neither they understand the tradition and emotions attached  to it not they care to follow. Just a fad?
And, why everyone is trying a pretty Rakhi in Dravidian regions when  it is a tradition of the northern belt!
Why most of the UP people are keeping Ganesha idols at their home complete with the ' Laal Baagacha Raja' caption when they have no connection with Mumbai!

Simple. Because Media, movies and TV have popularized these customs and everyone wants to create
their own magical Cadbury moments with their family and loved ones.

As Bhartendu Harishchand had once observed, Festivals are our life-lines,the traditional systems of maintaining social structure, keeping our EQ healthy, multiplying affection, providing opportunities for forgiving mistakes,  working together as a team...simply put,  occasions for being happy!

In addition to that innate and primitive emotion, the phenomenon of consumerism has boosted the trend as more the occasions, merrier will be the business with loads of shopping bonanzas.

The Metro-city and Mall culture provided optimum environment to grab every new festival or event, regional, local, patriotic or international. Soon we'll be celebrating Losar, Hanukkah,  Mayan festivals perhaps with a boom in the sale of  lion masks, lama cloaks, red lanterns and Aztec prints respectively.
I don't see any wrong in this provided that the children are made to understand the thoughts behind the occasion.

Why, I still remember the childlike thrill I felt when I 'observed' Onam being celebrated in Karnataka which is far enough place from the original hometown of the festival!

I did not witness any snake boat races but I was thrilled beyond words to be at a place where  something, about which, I had read only in GK books was actually happening! To find myself in the midst of that buzz was bliss enough for me! And with the same childlike glee I look forward to see the Hola Mohalla and the Kullu Dussehra as now I am in the middle of some real country living in Dev bhoomi Himachal!

I wish us to be global citizens, to  understand the culture and we may be pleasantly surprised to find the thoughts of someone several light years far from us to be similar!

Don't forget your roots but let your branches grow in all directions, let your flowers bloom with an unbiased beauty and then you'd bear the fruits of affection and brotherhood.
Stop debate, understand and accept.
Don't ape guys, grow.

Pic courtesy :  sunshine blue blog


  1. Such cute looks.
    You have done well by freezing the moment in words too. :)

    1. Thank you, dear friend! Glad that you liked the moment despite its spooky factor! :)

  2. "Don't ape guys, grow."
    Wish more people would understand that. Loved it. And those two look cute !! :)

  3. I loved this picture when you posted it on Facebook :-) And, rightly said, no harm in celebrating a festival/ritual as long as we are not disturbing others.

    1. ...and such people suddenly see Valentine as in patriotic and conveniently become tolerant for 31st December's New Year gifts!
      BTW, how many of these celebrated Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad's birthday today which is our very own National Education Day? Perhaps the Google Doodle failed to remind! :/
      And dear, Thank-you for stopping by! :)

  4. True global thinking. If everyone followed this global thinking or 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' thought centuries ago itself, this world would have saved hundreds of tribes and native cultures across the world! But better late than never!

    Your lovable kids look very cute in the Halloween collage :-) Lots of love to them.

    1. Exactly! Completely in agreement! Why can't we be like nature, conserving yet growing, evolving yet preserving every seed with enormous possibilities!
      Thank-you for liking these 2 devils , Sindhu...They are in their true colours! :)

  5. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  6. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.


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