कुछ वो पल : Review

The book cover embellished with
my pink Jaipur Stones earrings
depicting 'Kuchh wo pal' or
those few moments beautiful
and precious as these jewels...

The book ' Kuchh Wo Pal'  is the debut effort of Subrat Saurabh in Hindi poetry where the poet has penned down his journey of life from the eyes of a sensitive young boy leaving home for hostel, as someone who is growing up in this world making new friendships, losing some and missing a few others, as someone who has just found his first love, someone nursing a broken heart, as a son, a grandson, a loner, a thinker and many more faces of himself taking us on a roller coaster of myriad emotions of love, longing, loneliness, apathy, frustration, separation, romance and abandonment.
These emotions are sculpted into words in the form of 50 poems all of which are independent and are written in a simple, easy to understand Hindi. The poems generally start in a promising manner but somehow lose their sheen midway coming to an insipid end. 

Writing Style
The poet has the writhing desire to express his feelings, that insuppressible itch to write and create something beautiful but unfortunately, this effort falls flat on face ending into a vapid cacophony of words and phrases. 
Hindi is a beautiful language be it in its pure form (शुद्ध साहित्यिक संस्कृतनिष्ठ  भाषा ) or in its Urdu, English mixed Hindustani form (साधारण  उर्दू-आंग्ल-हिंदी का गंगा-जमनी संगम ) but, the book fails on both levels as the crucial thing missing from these verses is - the soul, without which words are like empty husks, attractive but meaningless. The poems fail to leave any impact and are just an assortment of words making less sense and more noise.

My Take
 A poem is a spontaneous flow of emotions where the poet's world merges with that of the reader indistinguishably and we feel his journey to be ours. His joys bring a smile on our faces and his woes are our miseries. His first love brings a rosy blush on our cheeks and a naughty twinkle in our eyes whilst his first break-up chars our heart! We lose ourselves in the ebb and flow of his verse and like puppets are controlled by the inky strings of his pen. 
Alas! it is not the scene here.
Almost all the verses have an intriguing opening line but,just that. like- अगर कोई आये पूछते हुए मेरा नाम, 
हम इस कदर खो गए,  तिनके संभाल के रखें हैं झरोखों पर , यूँ बारिश की तरह कभी बेवक़्त आना... How I wished the next lines to be as interesting and promising.

The verses are quite immature lacking depth. These are neither  governed by any poetic meter (which is not a flaw) nor have the lyrical grace of a free flowing poetry.  Even vers libre has a certain reckless excitement and an open uninhibited attitude to them which is entirely missing here. What disappointed me the most is that, not even a single verse in the book has energy or intensity of any kind to it!
It entirely fails on all emotional grounds lacking in everything be it pathos, pain, compassion, satire, love or fondness.
At places, there are grammatical errors of maatra like (सीलवटों  = सिलवटों ) and at others ,either the words are too prosaic or harsh tones are used making certain words stand out like odd eyesores.

I hardly ever criticize a book so harshly but this sadly, is a lack-lustre collection of stale emotions presented in a very insipid manner. 

However, a faltering never spelled failure. It simply means a need for a better grip.
So, I wish the poet loads of intense emotions sprinkled with that grace of expression for his future endeavours as I would definitely like to read him in a better avatar. 

About the poet:
Subrat Saurabh is a writer and a blogger known by his pen-name ChickenBiryanii on social media.He is proficient in writing witty one-liners, a skill he employs liberally on Twitter using his pen name. His tweets and witty liners were telecast over television channels and  frequently gets picked up and published in leading newspapers or online news portals.He currently lives in Bangalore but in his own words, he is a small- town boy born in Muzaffarpur, Bihar; who is a keen observer of different moods and phases of people around him inspiring him to write in Hindi. He can be contacted at
 Website Address www.chickenbiryanii.com and Here 

The book was received with gratitude as a part of  the Book Review Program by Blogadda for an honest review.


  1. It is tough to come up with an honest review, when you don't like a book. Appreciate your stand.

    1. Thank-you, Somali! It indeed was an honest first effort by the poet just fell short on certain aspects which may vary person to person. :)

  2. I believe poetry is a God gift, not everyone is blessed like you! Not everyone is blessed to understand poetry too. Your review has given me some hints about how to improve my skill to understand poetry. Thank you!

    1. Your words are so humbling , Sindhu that I wish to do something to deserve them! Thank-you, friend! 🙋 :)

  3. अच्छी समीक्षा है ...

  4. It's really tough to review a book when you don't like it. And you have done a fabulous job here.

    1. Right, it's very tough to say so in print but, to provide motivation is every reader's duty and to present an unbiased and just criticism is the duty of a reviewer. Thank-you for the support, girl! :)

  5. Such a remarkable review. Really liked the way you expressed your views. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank-you, Pooja! A pleasure you liked and, welcome to the blog!

  6. Hello, So beautifully you wrote everything.
    I Really liked it.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Honest review, Kokila. You've criticized the book so that the poet can make improvement in the future. I must say, this is a constructive criticism... :-)

    1. Thank-you, Maniparna for stopping by! I really wish him the best for the future! :)

  8. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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