Missing : A letter

Prompt: Missing

Dear friend, 

Thank-you you for being graceful in your parting note but don't you think, it would have been better if you had allowed me to bid adieu too? Or, were you too scared to give me a chance to speak?

Am indebted to you for the last impression I have of you- the last few days and the final gracious bow... 🙂
It showed your compassionate heart and honest unblemished soul. 
Moving on with honesty and reason is a sign of growth and intelligence while scampering away like a mouse is not. And, lying and withholding information is devilish, disillusioning, disgusting and shattering. 

I MUST say that, being a creative person I reserve the right to be expressive about the feelings and times we have shared. Unlike you, I don't have ANY ulterior motives, I don't drop names, nor I want to please the movers and shakers of the society. Always hated gimmicks! 
I write. Almost the same way you breathe. Bas, aise hi.

Please, don't EVER feel pleased enough to strike a bet with others that I am calling you back through my poetry or colours, my songs or my smiles. No. I never did. 
Just missed you. 
Missing is one thing, wanting is another. 
                                                                  - yours truly.

Written for Friday Reflections with Corinne and Shalini who are hosting it for the prompt missing


  1. A classic stylish snub this is. :) I liked it.

    1. Glad you liked, Somali...Missing them doesn't mean we have stopped to their level.

    2. We are ready to stoop to their level* stooped

  2. Nicely given back. I enjoyed this open letter.

    1. Wish, there was no need for it! But at times, wishes are fickle. Thank-you, Suzy..

  3. Could feel your emotions . What actually happened ? Am intrigued

    1. Haha bellbytes! It's a piece of fiction inspired by life. Wanted to create something around missing the times, not the person. Hence, this. Glad it appealed to you! :)

  4. एक पुराना मौसम लौटा याद भरी पुरवाई भी
    ऐसा तो कम ही होता है ,वो भी हो तन्हाई भी
    शब्द शब्द से जुड़ कर के क्या नया दे सकते हैं ,,,,,,,कोकिल की लेखनी से पता चलता है |सुंदर लेखन और साथ ही सार्थक भी........बधाई गुडिया (और धन्यवाद google translte को भी हम हिंदी वाले नही तो कंहा समझें...........)

    1. इतना सुंदर लिखा आपने, मन की कलियाँ मुस्काई सी,
      नई कहानी, नई सुबह ने फिर ली इक अँगड़ाई सी...
      बहुत बहुत आभार bhaiyaa! For stopping by and appreciating so beautifully! :)


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