The story of a Folly : Girl

Written for Friday Reflections with Corinne and Shalini who are hosting it for the photo prompt.

"Where angels fear to tread...fools rush in." - Alexander Pope

There was once a silly girl
whose hair cascaded in shining curls
her eyes were true, her smile was warm
Her heart had a happiness good luck charm

Which made all  beings just fall for her
butterflies to flit and kittens to purr
Moon bloomed, stars twinkled at her sight
Fountains rose high for her sole delight!

Ah! Then she met a wolf in the wood
lonely, tired, ozing blood.
The friendship bloomed, wounds healed like that!
The scars she safely hid in her heart...

They laughed for hours, played through sunsets
But affection and need are different sets
As winters smiled and snow came down
The silver orb observed with a frown that,

She loved, but wolf was restless for more
For new games trampled her feelings pure
Now strong and wild, he missed his pack
His types, his crowd, his ways, to be back.

Unlike the stars which bid comeback daily in the night sky.
Wolf scathed her face, locked her in a cage
And mauled the soul with mocking grimace

Then leaped and went straight out of sight
To grasslands wild, to summers bright
The girl laughs daily with empty joy
And goes through days like a doll, a toy

To  put  an end to this endless pain
So you won't hear this from her again..
I found her with a noose in hand
The liquid eyes, the haughty stance

I still hold her in my arms as I say
Not all words mean what they say, they say
O you' who reads with a jeer, smug smile
Pray you don't know that wolf so viled

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  1. It started like a happy fairy tale ..and sadly ended like a true story. But loved the seamless flow and rhythm of your words. :-)

  2. I don't write dark pieces but lately my ink has acquired this hue....It seems to me as if the world has suddenly become full of lonely heartless people looking for a heart full of love! A paradox.
    Thank-you, for the read, girl!

  3. I second Somali. It started breezily but then it slowly it revealed an eternal story, of a foolish girl who suffered so much!
    Wonderfully penned, soul-sis... <3

    1. ...And, I second you, Mani, on her being a fool.Docility and trust are virtues when practiced with wisdom...Affection is for all but, making someone a part of family or life calls to look beyond feelings. She was nothing but a fool to name her promising life to death.


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