Aiyyari : The Magical Movie.

Watched Aiyyari. A MUST WATCH movie.

In these days of everyone complaining about everyone else not spending enough time with each other, this is one movie which brings the family, the spouse closer.  It's no less achievement.
How it managed to do so?

Because, in the end, after almost three hours, four tubs of popcorns, colas and burgers included, you are bound to ask your neighbour, "What just happened here?"
Even enemies are bound to discuss, "Bhai, ye bata de, aakhir hua kya?"

In fact, during the movie itself you'd feel that itch to pause it and ask someone if they are also as lost as you are or is it you alone on whom suddenly age has caught up with in just 45 minutes in to the movie! Trust me, in those first 45 minutes, at least once you'd mistrust your  senses and feel senile(!) or dumb depending upon which side of 25 you are.

Though on the positive side, it made me recall many forgotten incidents. Like it reminded me of one of my cousin who once pronounced the word Dilemma as Dalai Lama and then was suitably upset that I gave a blank insensitive face to his emotional Dalai Lama!

...and, on second, third and fourth thought, it should be TAX FREE.
Because, this movie is bringing us closer as a group, as one team, as  a family, as a nation discussing the same thing and surprise surprise, still agreeing with each other! Free of caste and creed, middle and uber class, regionalism and language barriers, we stand united in asking, "For God's Sake, WHAT IS Happening!?" :/

It is the real patriotic and pro- nationalistic movie!

It forges RE- CONNECT
 It made me comnent on a friend's wall. I was 'made' to connect with her which otherwise I could have conveniently ignored. It made us RE- connect. *Sigh...
Such a sweet feeling...in this way it is rebuilding strained relationships and calling estranged friends back.

Last but, not the least, it is a brain teaser. After 48 hours of watching I am still in the process of deconstructing each scene and dialogue ..to get some clue for the eternal question, HUA KYA?

So, don't wait reading me more on this topic and grab the first ticket of a nearby nearly empty theatre and reap in its benefits.

I rest my case.
Happy Watching.

Disclaimer- It's not a paid promotion. The views expressed here are solely my own. ;D


  1. Hahahaa.... :-D :-D Dalai Lama!! I so agree... aakhir hua kya!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. We, as a family are united in being in a perpetual state of Dalai Lama regarding Aiyyari. :D

  2. :D :D The poster was tempting me. Now I know better, thanks to the reviews. Your review reminds me of a movie (can't recollect the name) whose trailer looked interesting. But when we went to see the movie, I couldn't make out the head or tail of the story. Only after coming back home and reading the review I realized that Jacqueline Fernandez had a double role in it. Dalai Lama again. :D :D

    1. That happens a Lot. We buy a book finding the blurb interesting or worse, swept away by the book cover! (I have done this:/)
      His honourable Dalai Lama is omnipresent! Btw, you should watch it, Somali. Who knows, hamari bhi aankhen khul jayen! :D

  3. Thanks for giving me the title of my next book From Dilemma to Dalai Lama: A Journey of Wisdom.

    Btw, your 'Kya hua' remind me of old Doordarshan ad of gripe water, "Kya hua bachchi ro rahi hai...woodwards de de...."

    Waise bhi agar samajh aa jaye to fir aiyyari kaisi? :D:D

    1. My point. Samjh aayi to Aiyyari kaisi? :D As for the title, Dilemma actually ends only when we attain Dalai Lama-hood. Pleasure you liked the musing! :)

  4. Uff! I guess, my comment has misfired! Our blogosphere is includes I because it's I who have received a LOT of flak/hate comments for my haiku/posts by people who are considered masters because they are stars/popular here. What they miss is that, to 'know' and to 'express' are different aspects. I don't like free verse or complicated words doesn't make them any lesser. But, I don't write hate mails! I just meant that 'I' like a thing only when it pleased my senses first, cerebral realms comes second(to me). ...And that does NOT mean I like surf without substance! I can't appreciate/ enjoy any literature/movie/poetry unless it appeals the senses,sad, aching, blissful whatever it ought to vibrate the heartstrings, the soul. If it presents a deeper meaning, it's a creative bonanza, a reader's, writers delight. So, I meant that to write on movie was safer than to write on blog posts. I understood you perfectly there but have to agree, I actually thought you are really wondering it being a paid promotion! 😊😊😊 I
    PS. I thought, you would notice Sudha Aunty's name and would understand that I like lyrical, beautiful and deep verses. :)


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