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Reminiscence : Senryu/ Haiku

                           flowers shrivel dry
                       colours fade beauty withers
                            and... memories bloom

Spring is transient but, the images of spring, its colours, the narcotic breeze, the playmate bees and the butterflies, those companions of spring stay long after... thus, Autumn is spent on those promises.

Love is like that Spring too.


  1. Flowers shrivel as humans do. Colours and beauty fade and so does life. Memories bloom, more so when those are captured on the reel. A appropriate haiku for the day.

    1. Right.It befits demise...Of her and many other things. Only to make memories bloom with more poignance,. Presence of lesser artists/ people making them ablaze in contrast!

  2. Eternal truth of life. Everything fades with time but sweet memories, they stay with us for long and bring smile whenever they are up on the mind. Beautiful haiku... :-)

    1. When things cheat us by ending and End cheat us by forgiving, we live on memories.Cocooned in the deep recesses of our mind they bloom. They jump off from the mossy branches like winged nymphs, they peep through that leafy cluster of incidents,echo in the tangled veins of our mind forest, grin that elfin grin of their and bloom in full glory! Whoa. At times, they help. Just like your comment! :)

  3. As deep as Sheedevi's death shook her fans! Was this piece of gem written in memory or Shreedevi? It just reminded me of her.

    1. Not for her specifically but I am glad it felt this way. When our own experiences are moulded in such words that they become everyone's, poetry/art is born. No one is interested in the writer's loss/joy unless HE makes it feel as Reader's loss/joy. Hence, it's a great compliment, Sindhu! Thank-you. :)

  4. The word 'wither' provides many dimensions to your senryu if we include its obsolete meaning of 'resist' or 'oppose.'

    1. Ha ha..only you can do that Bhai! Thankful to you for adding another layer to it otherwise, I was content with its two dimensions-the sweet apparent one and the other covert one, left unexplored for the readers perception that memories can be a torture that too, BY CHOICE.:)
      Quoting Brontë," It was not the thorns bending to the Honeysuckle but, the Honeysuckle embracing the thorns." :)

  5. Beautiful lines.
    Love the image a lot!

    1. Thank-you, Indrani! A pleasure you liked these both.

  6. हाइकू और तसवीर दोनों ने ही दिल जीत लिया मेरा ।

  7. Hmm so true and your lines are so beautiful Kokila...Yet today (these days) I am reminded of the memories that haunt.Everything annihilates itself even if there's no outside source. It's the law of nature, I suppose!I often think of the collective memories (the mass hypnosis or the mass brainwashing!) that creates and carries these energy fields that certainly has the ability to bring either a positive or a negative change but mostly it transforms into the latter! One could even read a pun intended particularly with all the unwarranted things happening around, right?

    1. Right. Everything annihilates itself without outside source...And, it's a mercy. Because, there are times we keep ourselves into those moments, we tend them, keep the wounds raw, nursing the pain, reliving the phrases, the laughter,the inane talks and each time realize the sham, the deceit with more clarity than ever. That Sears.
      And, To let them go is worse than death as however brutal, cruel and false those moments were/are, their memories are the only treasure we have. It's like incubating pain every night to wake up to a fresh assault of it but, can't afford to lose them.
      In more general sense, it causes the negative change you mentioned. Wishing all the memories to bloom in scented and sweet smile! :)

  8. When all those tangible things come to an end, then memories of it bloom?
    Gosh, how do these thought come to you, girl?
    You poet!! :D <3

    1. He he... Thank-you, dear girl for liking these shenanigans of an idle mind!;) Hugs n Love . :D

  9. A beautiful haiku. I loved the contrast between fading and blooming. Imaginative play of words.

    1. Pleasure, Abhi. Right. It's the way of life.. Death, decomposition and decay makes the earth more fertile... Glad you noticed the juxtaposition. :)

  10. Memories come alive when the things/ people are lost. This small poem brings out the messagge beautifully.

    1. Perfectly put! Yes, they smile in loss! Thank-you for the read , Sir! :)

  11. Really like this short haiku. For most part it seems rather pessimistic but memories blooming is always something to remember, and remember for the better. Love can indeed be like this and reminiscent of in-between seasons: it can be a tease, it can be great, it can then go back to making you feel lost and then great again. Love how you brought out such in-depth, deep thoughts to the fore :)

    1. Thank-you, Mabel! Indeed it ends on a different note from where it started. Such a pleasure you liked that! We don't realize but actually when all the outer commotion dies off then only we remember 'real' moments..the moments, people which actually mattered. If only we realize the value before the withering! Hope n hugs!


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