My Classic Bookshelf

 'Classics are books your fathers give you and you keep them to give to your children"
List of books I consider as classics.
Austen , Jane : Pride and Prejudice
                          Sense and Sensibility

Berkley, Anthony : The Case Of The Poisoned Chocolate  

Blyton, Enid :  The Faraway Tree
                          The Folk of Faraway  Tree
                          The Famous Five Series
                          The Secret Seven  Series
                          The Naughtiest Girl Series
                          The Malory Towers series
                           The Haunted Stories
                           The Flyaway Money and Other short Stories

Bronte` , Anne :  Agnes Grey

Bronte`,Charllote : Jane Eyre

Bronte`, Emily  :  Wuthering Heights

Chattopdyaay, Bankim Chandra :    Seetaram

Christie,Agatha : Murder in Orient Express
Christie,Agatha : They do it with Mirrors
Christie,Agatha : Nemesis
Christie,Agatha : The Seven Dials Mystery
Christie,Agatha :Partners in crime
Christie,Agatha : 4:50 from Paddington
Christie,Agatha :Mysterious Affairs at Styles
Christie,Agatha :The Secret Adversary
Christie,Agatha :Cat Among the Pigeons
Christie,Agatha :Murder is easy
Christie,Agatha :Halloween's party
Christie,Agatha :The Thirteen Problems
Christie,Agatha : Ten little  Niggers
Christie,Agatha : The ABC Murders
Christie,Agatha : The Body in the Library
Christie,Agatha :They Came to Baghdad
Christie,Agatha : Pocket Full of Rye
Christie,Agatha : Dead Man's Folly
Christie,Agatha :Ordeal BY Innocence
Christie,Agatha : At Bertram's Hotel
Christie,Agatha : By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Christie,Agatha :Third Girl
Christie,Agatha :Towards Zero

Christie,Agatha : Wireless
Christie,Agatha : Abhiyog paksh ka waqil (hindi)

Collins, Wilkie : The Woman in White

Dickens,Charles : Pickwick papers
Dickens,Charles : Great Expectations
Dickens,Charles : A Tale of Two Cities

Doyle,Arthur Conan : The Land of Mist
Doyle,Arthur Conan :The Lost World
Doyle,Arthur Conan :The Poison Belt
Doyle,Arthur Conan :The Hounds of Baskervilles
Doyle,Arthur Conan : The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Dunant, Sarah : The Birth Of Venus

Hardy , Thomas : Tess Of D'Urbevilles
                                Far from the Madding Crowd

Huxley, Aldous : The Giyokonda Smile

James,Henry : The Awkward Age
                           The Europeans

 Kamleshwar : Bayaan

Kingsley , Charles : The Water Babies

Lee,Harper : To Kill a Mocking Bird

Nagar,Amrit Lal : Suhag Ke Nupur

Kohli,Narendra : Ramayana

Lawrence, D.H. : Sons and Lovers
                              Women in Love
                               Lady Chatterley's Lover
                              Love among the Haystack

Marquez, Gabriel Gracia` : The Chronicles of A Death Foretold             

Premchand : Godaan


                       Seva Sadan

Raghav,Rangeya : Gadal V Anya Kahaniya

Rakesh, Mohan : Andhere Band Kamre

Rushdie, Salman : The Midnight's Children

Shastry, Aacharya Chatursen : RaajDharm

Shivani  :  Krishnakali

                  Kariye Chima
                  Chalogi Chandrika
                 14 Phere

                 Shamshan champa
                 Ek Thi Ramrati
                  Pooton wali

Twain, Mark : Huckleberry Finn
                          The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

                          The Search Of A White Elephant
Yadav, Rajrndra : Saara Aakash
                                 Mantra Viddh 
                                 Andekhe Anchaahe Pul

Wharton , Edith : The Glimpses of The Moon
                                 The House Of Mirth

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