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"I find television to be very educating.Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book."
 - Groucho Marx


  1. Hi there,

    I am a new author and have just finished writing my first children’s adventure story- Guardian of the Underworld .

    It is about an eleven year old boy, Jake Summers, who finds himself on an adventure in a long-forgotten magical world where together with his class-mate Arianna and a strange creature called Noggin, he has to race against time through five deadly challenges to fulfil an ancient magical prophecy and save the world.

    It is along the lines of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and like that story, I have attempted to weave good strong family values and the importance of forgiveness. It would appeal most to those who enjoy the likes of Fablehaven, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

    It is the first in an intended series, although I’m not sure at this point, how many there will be.

    If you like the sound of my book, and think you may be interested in reading it, please let me know and in the mean time, you can find it on Goodreads, the synopsis is below this message. It is currently available in PDF and ebook format.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards

    Rachel Tetley


    Two worlds

    Neither can exist without the other

    And one guardian to ensure their survival

    But a family with a score to settle

    Forces one boy, into a dangerous adventure

    Jake Summers is an ordinary boy with an ordinary family- so he thinks. He has just spent another summer holidays building dens in the woods with his best friend Paul. But when someone special unexpectedly dies, Jake is determined to find out the truth, unaware that it will change his life forever.

    He discovers a key to Grandpa’s forbidden room, and is plunged into a long-forgotten magical world, together with class mate Arianna Brown and a strange creature called Noggin. Stormy seas, underground carts pulled by Golden Eagles and a dragon all stand in his way. He must race against time to fulfil an ancient magical prophecy and save the world.

    1. Hello Rachel, I like your synopsis. It seems to be a great children's story full of intrinsic values ang making the right choices or decisions.... will be glad to read it. Sorry for a late reply :)

  2. I am looking for author interview, book spotlights, guest posting, excepts or book reviews for the book For All have Sinned which is available on CreateSpace for print and Amazon Kindle. Its on Amazon Matchbook, Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited. My sample writing is available on wattpad or timbooktu (dot) com.

    They lived in the era of the might of Rhodesia. That was when the black person had started thinking independently asking for a greater say in government. Race was divided into three tiers with the Caucasian at the top, the Asian descent and mixed race following with the black person subjected to the class of non-citizen. The middle races looked down at the last race. Racial fights between the mixed bloods and their pure blood African cousins were not uncommon. Even race was prevalent in education, college, vocational training and choice of business and where to farm. Race determined the type of business and the type of board or type of promotion three different people with same qualifications could chase after. The black man was always lost and last in his own country. About six siblings grow up in a three roomed council house, viz with a bedroom, lounge and kitchen. The toilet is a sprint away at the corner of the yard. It is a bucket system collected once in a while by a tractor and wheeled tank. Woe to you if it fills up before collection or you are sitting there with a running tummy as the bucket is unceremoniously removed for emptying or when nature decides to visit in the middle of the night with thieves prowling. Piped water and load circuit electricity are available. Use a 3-plate stove with oven while the lights are all on and it trips, no meter. The siblings chase the racial system that subjects them to a working class life
    away. One becomes a long distance runner of repute. His bursts of adrenalin towards the finish line make him a celebrity even with the other races. Another becomes a sprinter who gets to finish far ahead of his same age compatriots. The other becomes a boxer extra ordinary. What effect will the Rhodesian bush war have on the siblings as they grow up in a society where dining with the Caucasian is considered a sell-out? What of the call of the time coming a tide as young men and women start trickling out of the country through the porous Rhodesian borders to train as guerrillas and come back to haunt their former Caucasian tormentors. As other black people join the ranks of the professional Rhodesian African Rifles regiment, what will happen in black on black gun battles? As success beckons, extra financial hands come to help the sports minded, what effects will the extra cash have on a pack of boys bound to experiment? What of their eyes spotting sisters and their trailer loads of suitors? What of night club dancing queens, peer pressure and the scourge of sexually transmittable diseases and the arrival of the deadly AIDS/ HIV have on society? Will their marriages stand the test of time when cash resources cause a strain in their cultural and customary ties to marriage? What of the post-independence era and its challenges to a new government, new system and brand new socialist ideas? Who will break down the customary and cultural lines in favour of the modern trendsetting 80’s?

    1. Hi Temba, your sample writing shows how good you are at expressing yourself. Best wishes.

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  4. Hi Kokila,

    I'm a bestselling author of 17 books, mostly traditionally published. My latest Indie novel, BAIT, is a New Adult sci-fi/romance that I hope you'll consider reviewing.

    Here's the blurb: An epidemic strikes. Pox hit women the hardest, so females are rare. Healthy girls are worth a fortune. Most live in squalid basement harems. Jackie is the last free girl, chief of a gang of teen boys. To them, she’s the prize, infinitely desirable, the last woman on earth. Competition threatens to tear the crew apart. To make things worse, the boys are starting to think she’s crazy. Jackie is convinced that the same soul shines from the eyes of every infected person, slipping like a demon from one body to the next, stalking her. Is she losing her mind, or could an unseen enemy control the infected? Pox could be the least of her worries. When rival gangs discover that their little band has one of the last surviving girls, Jackie must make a decision. Will she give herself up to save her crew, or take off alone through the streets?

    For chapter excerpts, the cover, and a bit about the author, please see

    If you'd like to read it, I'm happy to send you a complimentary copy.

    Courtney Farrell

    1. Hi Courtney,
      I 'd like to review it.
      Thanks for asking :)

  5. Hi Kokila,

    I'm writing on behalf of Brooke Burgess -- an award-winning multi-platform writer/producer -- who is preparing to launch the first volume in his 70K-word middle grade contemporary fantasy/mystery series: The Shadowland Saga.

    The Cat's Maw (VOL I) has already achieved success as a crowdfunded project (over $10K US raised this summer), and as an ongoing serial on, the social network for readers (130K+ chapter reads in just 8 weeks).

    I've included a synopsis and series trailer below -- the book will be available via all major eBook retailers + CreateSpace (w/ expanded distribution to libraries, etc) this November.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration -- if intrigued, I would be happy to send an eGalley PDF for your review.

    Brooke is also available for author interviews.

    Warmest regards,



    *** for Brave Young Readers + fans of mystery, fantasy, and creepy adventure + Cat lovers of all ages***

    In the sleepy town of Appleton, a young loner follows a stray cat onto the road and is struck by a car. A leg is shattered, a summer is ruined, and the troubled life of Billy Brahm goes from cursed.

    When the mysterious cat appears at his bedside, Billy is haunted by strange and prophetic dreams -- the creatures in them speak of Watchers, and Shadows, and the Enemy that Awakens.

    Does this impossible realm hold the key to healing the broken boy? Is the golden-eyed cat there to help him...or to make the nightmares come true?

    Too frightened to share the truth with his strict adoptive parents, Billy realizes that the only ones he can turn to are the local vet’s daughter, the town's 'crazy cat lady'...

    And a mystical tiger, calling from his dreams.

    1. Hi Trasie,
      Thanks for your wishes n regards..
      The book looks interesting.. welcome for review :)

  6. Hi Kokila,

    My name is Adam Araujo from Astor + Blue Editions and I am contacting you in regards to see if you would be interested in reviewing one of our thriller/mystery novels, and perhaps posting a book review on your website.

    The book we would like for you to review is DJ Donaldson’ Louisiana Fever. If you like the hit television series CSI, then imagine Gil Grissom and his Las Vegas CSI team in New Orleans. This action-packed book has unique storyline and is an addicting read. After an anonymous man mysteriously dies of an unknown, but highly contagious disease that is as deadly as “Ebola,” medical examiner Andy Broussard and forensic psychologist Kit Franklyn are in search for answers. Their investigation leads to twisted and deadly paths as someone has targeted Broussard and Franklyn who wants to see them dead.

    Personally, I found this a very interesting read. I enjoyed the storyline because it was a fast-paced mystery that was very unique compared to the average thriller/mystery novels. What makes it a good read is that Donaldson draws on his first-hand knowledge of forensic science, and adds the sultry flavor of New Orleans that readers will give a two thumbs up. This will definitely catch the eye of a forensic science enthusiast. Donaldson’s writing style is brilliant and makes this a fast read as well.

    I’d like to send you a complimentary eBook copy so you can read for yourself. If you are interested in reviewing, just let me know and I will get you a review copy out right away. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

  7. Congraaaats!!! :D I am nominating your blog for the Liebster award.
    If you've already got the award or you're against such awards, you may ignore this. :)

  8. Hello,

    I found your blog via Book Blogger list and I was looking for reviews. I published a short (12 pages) children's picture ebook a couple of days ago and it is looking quite lonesome without any great reviews.

    Tomorrow, November 22, it will be free and can be found here

    I would love for you to grab it and see what you think. It is called Doggie Went A-Courtin' and is an adaptation of the traditional song, Froggie Went A-Courtin'.

    An adaptation of a traditional song, Doggie begins to court Miss Kitty. After she consents to marriage, the wedding begins with a host of colorful guests attending. Fun ensues, until one uninvited guest, a rattlesnake, arrives. Will his presence ruin the fun or add to it?

    I wrote this little story back in 2009 and it won 4th place in a little competition which gave me the courage to try to get it published. However, I had no luck with traditional publishers and so when Kindle put out their kdpkids publishing format this year, I hired an illustrator and decided to give it a go.

    I know you're busy, and I appreciate your consideration. Thanks so much!

    Angel Wheeler

    1. Sorry for not replying here Angel .. hope you got my mail ! :)

  9. Hi there!

    I'm Abhishek Baxi, an independent digital consultant and a technology columnist, and live on the Web at and talk incessantly on Twitter as @baxiabhishek.

    I'm working with Ketaki Karnik, a first-time author who's just published a crime thriller for young readers - The Case of the Chinese Mastermind. The book is first in the series of adventures of a group of teenagers that the author calls Crime Busters League. You can read more about the book and the author at

    I was wondering if you'd like to review the book on your blog and also share your feedback with us, and I'll be happy to ship you a copy of the book.

    Let me know your thoughts. I'm at


    1. Thanks Abhishek for the offer... I am answering you through yahoo mail ..

  10. Hi Kokila,

    My first mystery, "The Girl who went Missing," came out on April 23rd. It is set in Mumbai, India, and though it has mystery written all over it, there is a sliver of romance as well. I wrote it to entertain readers but at the same time I wanted to highlight a socially pressing topic.

    While it's never easy to convert a 245 page (89,616 words) novel into a few paragraphs, here is the synopsis:
    When June Warner arrives in India to visit her sister Thalia, a trip to take her mind off her jilted engagement, she is greeted by the bright hot chaos of Mumbai but not her sister. She goes to the YMCA where Thalia is staying, only to find that she is not there.
    Convinced that Thalia’s no-show is a sign that she is in danger, June begins a desperate search for her younger sister.
    Police Commissioner Oscar D'Costa, scarred by the tragedies of his past, swears he will never again ignore his gut instinct when it comes to a missing girl. And with more and more dead foreign women being found in his precinct, he becomes convinced a conspiracy is at play.
    Through the two worlds of American naiveté and Indian chaos, they must find the girl who went missing.
    If this interests you, I would be delighted to send you a copy that is Kindle friendly. I do have some reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, if you choose to read them. Finally, I don't have a time frame for a review; you get to it when you get to it.

    Thank you so much,
    Ace Varkey
    GR link:
    FB link:

    1. Hi Ace ... Thanks for the offer dear .. will let you know via email ..Kindly contact me through the Blogger Contact Form Tab .

  11. Hey very nice expressions Kokila, I read a couple of Haiku and tanka, very resonating and realistic, will come back for more whenever I need some calm

    1. Thank you Mayura :)It was a pleasure to meet you..welcome here and be in touch :)


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