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An Affair ..

It started when I was doing High School in my sleepy lil hometown. During that stress full time without any warning,I found myself  into a serious affair ....  an affair  with trees! 

 Like all  people I used to like them but it was around that time that I really opened my eyes to their beauty .
May be, it occured because of those long hours of biology practicals where the swaying leaves of  don't-know-which-tree were visible from the lab window.....or during physics practicals of magnetic fields which were conducted under shady trees where, instead of  gauging  the earth magnetics I very magnetically got drawn towards the play of golden light through the green leaves on the brown earth
.Can't say exactly when the matters became so serious and don't remember about physics lessons but the magnetic attraction was sure there!
So  I started giving importance to trees. I adore d them, were in awe of  them and felt quite comfortable around them.They sort of imparted a feeling of …
. I remembered about  a poem when  some of my neighbours  were discussing about the regiolnalism  getting too much in India. Not only they but we all are concerned about the rise of this idiotic feeling  of thinking one region superior then other and vice- versa.
And they locality where i lives and where i work is compeleltly devoid of any such prejudices .All I say is No cause is good enough to ignite any kind of War.   So No to  Wars of all types,on any bases. this poem I wrote for a class 2 poem competition in the year '99  and the title given by the teacher was-
                                             'Nahin Chahiye Hume Ladai..'
“नक्षत्रों के फूल स मेटे, रैना ने ली सजल विदाई धरती के निर्मल आचंल पर ऊषा ने रोली छिट्काई नील फलक पर सूरज चमका , कर किरणों की कलम उठाई दर्पण से जल पर लिख डाला, नहीं चाहिये हमे लडाई. सप्त स्वरों में पक्षी चह्के, जाग उठी कलियां अल साई भंवरें गाने लगे तराने , बल खा कर नदिया इठलाई ‘देश हमारा इक उपवन है, ’ फूलों ने यह सरगम गाई ‘प्रेम – भाव …
This post is in hindi and i hope it will look okay on the blog..Actually these are some of my childhood poems - the last one  i wrote when i learnt about the synonyms  of night and moon i.e.rajni- rajneesh and was quite liked the sound of the words .Infact I liked the words so much that I  starteed using these terms only instead of the common Raat and  chand terms.

The other (in start) three are lines written as b'day wishes using the person's name.

जन्म दिवस की शुभ - कामनाओं हेतु..........

तुम शुभ्र घटा बन कर स्वाति
संग लिये दीप्ति विश्वासो की ,
जीवन बगिया सिन्चित करना ,
आशाआओ के मधुमासो की.                  सन॒ १९९५
बनो सर्व प्रिय तुम प्रियंका ,
सुख मेघों पर हो आसीन,
सुर भित हो जीवन कि बगिया
हो उत्कर्ष नवीन- नवीन.                          सन॒ ९६
हो सुखद स्वप्न साकर सभी
रह्ते हो जिन मे सराबोर ,
तुम बढो लक्ष्य पथ पर ऐसे;
रह जाये सब विस्मित - विभोर.                        सन॒ ९६

रज् नी के सं…


When I look back, I am surprised to see some verses penned by me on a particular day of March 2003. Don't remember anything special about that time.I must be feeling real creative to do so. 

Now I am not writing much is may be as I am too ! Well,being satisfied is one of the toughest thing on planet earth as u can be happy, even joyful but to be satisfied is to be in a state of calm almost perpetually .
Upto a certain extent, contentment also means inaction. 
Contentment is an elusive state of mind but I am happy to realise that most of my life,as a kid, teenager and later as a young adult (2 stages when  people are most dissatisfied ) I was completely at ease with myself and my surroundings.Not only at ease but quite pleased  with myself and my surroundings :)  Though it seems myopic was perhaps , due to my upbringing ,done by my mother single handedly and very effectively. What ever (if there is) goodness I possess is all because of her and her simple, homely, wa…

Golden Memories

I am copying here some lines which I wrote while missing my pals, the fun ,the masti,the crying -and- making up......
These memories are devoid of insecurity and jealousy.We faced the world together then and are facing it the same way that is - the way we are ..
So. its for growing together-

Stirring Grass
Rustle of leaves
Shining morn
Which sunbeams weave;
                                                              rushing wind
                                                              blowing hair
                                                              golden leaves
                                                              in autmn air.
humble branches
(with)smiling flowers
twittering birds
and light spring showers
                                                              sunlit ponds
                                                               mirroring blue sky
                                                             radiant days

Pihu's Birthday

My Birthday I am three years old ,  and a lot more bold, I don't care too muchAbout things as such.

Gifts, balloons, party;
streamers and confetti...
          All these trifle matters ;
         can't ruffle my feathers

All I care the most
 is about my dress
Oh! yes,yes ,yes!
 It should be the best!

Okay,Okay.. black dress is fine
the one with sequins in silver twine,

And I have little black boots to match,
with shimmering sparkling silver patch

With flowers and frills and tiny lil' bells
But O dear me ! 
I shouldn't further dwell
Coz' precious is my family and my pals; 
Ma and Papa and Dada and all,

I love them the most
as they are a boon
so I wish my next b'day to be soon
when again I will be with my friends
and hope that the party will 

never end.............

 my sweet lil daughter . . .....on her third Birthday....  :)
The only Predictable thing about life is that it is so in such an unpredictable life how important it is to have a rocksteady relationship which can provide some stability, some relief from this chaos and  uncertainty of life. Ofcourse it can not erase the unpredictability or the uncertanity of life but it will  definetly make life more easy ,bearable and smooth. Even the rocky patches can be borne with ease.

And how cumbersome life becomes when the relation itself is the cause of all pain.....constructed on the foundation of deceit.


The other day my cousin smsed me asking some questions like  -can u cry under water? why is a building called a building when its already build?? why does bank have branches when our money don't grow on trees??  ..."i love u" is not a question then why does it need an answer??

I typed answers to all of them including the last one but she was not satisfied with the last answer.i tried hard to explain but to no use. I wanted to convey that it doesn't needs an answer because it is not a question at all.
its just a beautiful and soft feeling strong enough to enable an ordinary person to do extraordinarily extraordinary deeds .true love brings us close to nature,makes us more sympathetic ,more humane ,more joyful, positive and fills us with such an exuberant and vibrant energy and  incessant short brings the beauty out of the beast....

It gives meaning to a meaningless life and a fresh meaning to an already meaningful one!

True love is l…

A thought about Brother ki Dulhan ka DULHA !

It's strange that with a mountain- out-of-a-molehill media and the always online gen Xand Y youths, who never let go any tit-bit or garbage of an event without cheer-phad, how this song 'matrimonial si aankhen' from Mere brother ki dulhan , passed without ANY comment, argument and counter argument? Strange .

Arre, even the ever combative, contrarian, and  contentious  Shobha De  allowed it to go by swiftly without a single line! 
That it failed to ignite her pen altogether!And thus, the responsibility falls on my fragile shoulders. 

It's a peppy number and I like it  but it's the lyrics which pricked my ears.The lyricist Irshaad Kamil is a  blessed writer (Do check his other songsHERE) who strikes a cord with the soulful and the restless alike and this one is in complete sync with the movie situation.
But just take a look atthe standards set by Imraan Khan's character for poor ladies in this solo. Here 

  Beautifully gori  and  chandi si fair girls are always in dem…
Late night reading.. Bangalore weather... 

steaming cup of cocoa....... Life is Beautiful .

                                               Its a beautiful book about That magical paradise which is really settled somewhere at the end of the world- BHUTAN .Its beautifully written ,at places almost with a lyrical quality to it...with lucid descriptions of the old and now fading traditions of this mystical kingdom and how the author found not only peace and beauty but also falls in Love .....Forever.

Another Thought : A Pleasant One

It feels good.
One minute back I was lamenting on my lack of inspiration when suddenly it dawned on me that I can write about books, an interest which I had developed quite early in my childhood and in which I am sure of getting emotional pleasure and intellectual satisfaction.
 And I'll get to read a new book, talk about books will be the icing on the cake!

I don't know if blogs are meant to talk about books or reading considering most of the people, No, ALL of the Indians barring few, don't want to do anything with books and find reading an alien concept.

But, I'll blog about books.My first love. My guiding lights.
 In Indian popular media, newspapers, television serials, soap-operas, movies, reality shows.... books are nowhere to be seen or heard as if they don't exist in the Indian system. The ideal bahus/betas, heroines/heroes in each and every TV serial or movie arecharming, hard-working, with a golden heart but they NEVER read. Nor anyone tell them to read for t…

Not A-Musing

Sometimes it feels that when we are on the peak of our abilities and talents we are too lazy to put our thoughts into words, and words on paper.And later when we want to, we simply run out of them! The thoughts, the ideas, time,feelings  and ...words! They say, 'paper is more patient then man' and I took full use of its patience, filled reams of it ! 
Now, it's feeling tough, like a writer's block, that too, when I am Not a writer !This is what happens you don't get the virtues of a profession but only vices.
Hoping for some lucky flash of  insight ... Ciao :)