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The only Predictable thing about life is that it is so in such an unpredictable life how important it is to have a rocksteady relationship which can provide some stability, some relief from this chaos and  uncertainty of life. Ofcourse it can not erase the unpredictability or the uncertanity of life but it will  definetly make life more easy ,bearable and smooth. Even the rocky patches can be borne with ease.

And how cumbersome life becomes when the relation itself is the cause of all pain.....constructed on the foundation of deceit.


The other day my cousin smsed me asking some questions like  -can u cry under water? why is a building called a building when its already build?? why does bank have branches when our money don't grow on trees??  ..."i love u" is not a question then why does it need an answer??

I typed answers to all of them including the last one but she was not satisfied with the last answer.i tried hard to explain but to no use. I wanted to convey that it doesn't needs an answer because it is not a question at all.
its just a beautiful and soft feeling strong enough to enable an ordinary person to do extraordinarily extraordinary deeds .true love brings us close to nature,makes us more sympathetic ,more humane ,more joyful, positive and fills us with such an exuberant and vibrant energy and  incessant short brings the beauty out of the beast....

It gives meaning to a meaningless life and a fresh meaning to an already meaningful one!

True love is l…