Pihu's Birthday

My Birthday

   I am three years old , 

 and a lot more bold, 

I don't care too much

About things as such.

Gifts, balloons, party;
streamers and confetti...
          All these trifle matters ;
         can't ruffle my feathers

All I care the most
 is about my dress
Oh! yes,yes ,yes!
 It should be the best!

 Okay,Okay.. black dress is fine
the one with sequins in silver twine,

And I have little black boots to match,
with shimmering sparkling silver patch

With flowers and frills and tiny lil' bells
But O dear me ! 
I shouldn't further dwell
Coz' precious is my family and my pals; 
Ma and Papa and Dada and all,

I love them the most
as they are a boon
so I wish my next b'day to be soon
when again I will be with my friends
and hope that the party will 

never end.............                                                            

 my sweet lil daughter . . .....on her third Birthday....  :)


  1. wow i love this mother's poem for her sweet lil daughter

  2. won! I have to reply to you as anonymous as you are not going to be visible despite all of us telling you to do so ! Okay...Thanks for your sweet comment and she has grown much till you poated this come and see buy urslf. :)


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