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A Conspiracy in Paper

Yesterday  I finished  reading 'A Conspiracy in Paper' by David Liss.
Its a delightful read having its moments of suspense,thrill, intrigue and reflection along with murder, a search for identity and friendship.. all woven into an intricate pattern of money lending,betting and transactions.... ultimately shaping as the Stock Market of today. 
It deals with stock fraud ,the diplomatic oily fiends,rogues and the birth of stock market in an entertaining and engaging way. 
The book was un-put-able for me and some times I reread the previous pages before  turning to the next pages!

Appealing ...
 I personally liked it more because of the dilemma and conflict faced by the protagonist 'Weaver' because of his being a Jew living in an English nation and society. His reflections regarding the matter are genuine , touching and worth pondering upon.

The book because  is informative about the first stock market crash in England and about the south sea company bubble.The protagonist Benj…

In the name of Development..

It is a blessing indeeed to live in this city!
How happy I was to come and live in Bangalore-the garden city, city with a green umbrella.
How fortunate I was to experience  at least SOME of the citys' beauty and weather and now
How unlucky I am to witness the drastic change in weather within 5 years!
The heat, dust and ACUTE water scarcity...its leaving the city dry and eyes moist.

Is this the way I have to witness ruin of each and every beautiful Indian city. The pride of India  is going to worms but then who cares ? In a country where cheapest thing is  life of a citizen, where around 20% population is not even listed as citizens and about the listed ones also nobody gives a damn? 

Where if a girl dies due to inhumane barbaric treatment then the general judgement is why she ventured out in the night in first place?Oh! yes, she should have known that Indians are a barbaric breed.Then the general chorus is she should better die as there's nothing left for her to do even …
Struck by Wandrlust !

Just like people in love are Moonstruck ,I am Struck really hard by Wanderlust ! With a job, two kids and a husband in tow its tough to go wandering but I am the one grabbing every chance to go crash Anywhere Anytime saving the exam period of kids. When I go somewhere , i try to savour the flavour of the place , get the essence of the local life and feel the aroma of their cuisine. You are welcome to visit and share my experiences of few places i'v been to...

Bangalore Blues and greens and purple and oranges..

I came to Bangalore in 2008 and my first observation, the first impression of southern soil  from the NZM to BNG ,Rajdhani Train window  was of colours .. greens on  reds with sunshine blue as background..

.So  my first memory of the garden city is of lush green plants spread over deep red soil.

As the train drew closer to the city more colours were added to the scene.The white ,green and orange jasmine venis, the blue , saffron, yellow and golden temples,the shimmering royal blue and crimson sarees on the railway station. All was colourful.

And as i disembarked on the pavement of the City Railway Station bangalore for the first time , I was filled with hope and pleasure for a newer colour of life .The city seemed to offer the exact feeling of calm  which I was searching from past many years.
Though the station was just like all other Indian railway Stations- brimming with people and the normal hustle -bustle still I could feel an undercurrent of calmness in all that hulla-bullo.

I li…