Bangalore Blues and greens and purple and oranges..

I came to Bangalore in 2008 and my first observation, the first impression of southern soil  from the NZM to BNG ,Rajdhani Train window  was of colours .. greens on  reds with sunshine blue as background..

.So  my first memory of the garden city is of lush green plants spread over deep red soil.

As the train drew closer to the city more colours were added to the scene.The white ,green and orange jasmine venis, the blue , saffron, yellow and golden temples,the shimmering royal blue and crimson sarees on the railway station. All was colourful.

And as i disembarked on the pavement of the City Railway Station bangalore for the first time , I was filled with hope and pleasure for a newer colour of life .The city seemed to offer the exact feeling of calm  which I was searching from past many years.
Though the station was just like all other Indian railway Stations- brimming with people and the normal hustle -bustle still I could feel an undercurrent of calmness in all that hulla-bullo.

I liked it.
Bangalore ..I thought and I remembered the phrase 'to be bangalored' as in 'to be marooned '

 I liked it.
That was exactly what I wanted at that be Bangalored.

And the city reverberated its pleasure and welcomed me with  the clapping of thunder and a  drizzle .

As we moved on to our new abode the city unfolded itself and true to God I liked it more and more apparently without any valid reason.

After a few days life was more or less settled and I started exploring the city. I don't had an Internet connection at that time and Bangalore Helpline became my Lifeline.I would pester them with innumerable queries varying from 'nearby picnic spots' to where to get good Paneer dishes
I was so enthusiastic and full of life at that time that with on school going kid and one baby girl I traversed the length and breadth of the city from Bannerghetta National park to cubbon Park, form Vidaan soudha to Nandi Hills and from koramangala to Banshankari and J.P. Nagar , jayaNagar, Marathalli , Whitefield , Lumbini Gardens ,Lalbagh ,WonderLa, Innovative Film City,Madiwala, electronic City, Hosur Road and chickpet and all other pets.and forts and many other places all on my own...with me myself , Anindy walking by my side,Pihu in my  lap and A backpack full of feeder, rajma-chawal and Diapers!!

I was not disappointed. Lal bagh opened its full flowery glory and majestic shades for me, Cubbon park hugged me and my kids with open arms full of an aquarium and swings as a gift and Bannerghata National Park accepted us with lion's pride and elephant's dignity.

I noticed that the lanes of the city  were always dotted with one type or other flowering tree round the year. It was so pleasant to walk under them. And then numerous Book Stores and Libraries dotting the city made it just perfect for a bookworm like me.

A blessing it is indeed to live in this city.


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