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Pondicherry calling...

Quite early in my childhood, I realized that instead of blood, I am born with wanderlust in my veins. It throbs and boils, surges and swells, turns and twists..pushes me to go out and explore .
Alas! being happily married,juggling job and home responsibilities with two school going hyperactive kids and a jampacked schedule is enough to subside even the most intense of wanderlust spark in me! and it becomes ..... ' wanderlust'  *conditions applied.

Unfazed and undeterred I manage out as much as possible and visiting Pondicherry was one such opportunity,a good stroke of luck in my favour.
From the time we shifted to Bangalore , we were trying to go to this tiny place tucked cosily in the east coastal region of TamilNadu, India.

Instead we visited Kodiakanal and Kanyakumari but due to this reason  or other the trip to Pondy was not materializing so, one can understand my happiness when on a fine day my husband dropped tickets for Pondy in my lap as  our marrige anniversary gift …

The ancient temple of Lord Shiva

There are many famous temples in Bangalore like the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple , ISKON  and many more. A not so famous yet one of the oldest temple of Lord Shiva is the NaagNatheshwara Temple located in Begur area of Bangalore. It is interesting not only from religious point of view but has a  history dating back at the time of Cholas. Indeed a must visit for  a travel buff or history lover.
 Begur is actually a small village which has turned into a small town in itself as DLF apartments and other constructions are booming at rocket speed. The area  boasts  of an old  church, ruins of a fort , Begur Lake and 1100 years old the NaagNatheshwara Temple on it's soil !

The NaagNatheshwara  temple is a calm and beautiful place  with the Begur lake as its background .It is the temple of Lord Shiva and has five lingams pratishthit in it .As I'm not fluent in reading  kannada script, the  three names I was able to decipher are- Vighneshwara, Naag Natheshwara , Choudeshawara and The Sh…