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“Hugo’’ is based on Brian Selznick’s 2007 young-adult novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,’’ 
and is converted in this beautifully fluid movie 'Hugo'
A nice movie, deftly made for those who love the art of movies and feels their importance. And for those who feels for young minds and hearts and cares for their imaginations and feelings... want them to see dreams, nurture  and follow them.

Hugo Cabret is a young motherless boy, living a happily guarded life with his clock maker father, who also works in a Museum .When his father (Jude Law) died in a fire accident in the museum , he had to live with Uncle Claude in railway station compartments ,where, he keep on living secretly even after the death of Claude. though the station is a hub of all the life activities, nobody ever noticed incongruity !

All he has now
is memories, love for tinkering with machines ,a notebook of his father's sketches and notes, and an ingeniously crafted but incomplete  automaton with…

Bringing Down the House : Review

'Bringing down the house' stars my two favs Steve martin and Queen Latifah :) so expectations were high ...only to be crashed again.

 A story idea with potential which turned out half baked as too many ingredients like the  Victorian attitude, the nanny-thing,blind -date-backfire, kids-need-attention, still in much love ex-couple ingredient....and many more.Different natures of these ingredients prevented the dish to bake fully. Alas! an amazing star cast but a moderate product. 
The most it will do is just bring down your expectations .
Still U can give it a try :)
Mostly for the sake of the lead pair which certainly shows sparks in this otherwise lack lustre film.

Movies Wise Wisdom !

Knowledge is what is scripted in papers and  bound in books. It can be given, fed, crammed and caned into, forced upon us and is applied by us when conditions demand.
Wisdom is what is sprinkled here and there, everywhere, waiting patiently to be picked up. From most improbable quarters it can dawn on us, like a sudden flash of lightening.
And we use it if we are wise enough to, without  realising it because, once gained it never leaves and becomes a way of life ...something essential yet mundane, like breathing.

I, for one (and like most)  got the least from lectures, teachers and classes and the most from movies, book , kiddie cartoons, hostel-life, people and life in general!

The other day while scrubbing the kitchen floor I thought about compiling all the wise ideas which I get from various quarters other than the obvious - parents, friends and  text- books.
 Leaving the rest for some other post, here are some movies which I feel wise enough.

The wisdom which I got is necessarily not th…

A Cinderella Story : Review

A story of Cinderella with cell phones and Mercedes for tinkle bells and Pumpkin chariots and the scrubbing of floors of  daddy's diner for the cindered grate!

 The movie is as uninspired as its Cinderella is ...just the way she was ages before- helpless, pitiable and sweet,simply waiting to be saved! 
And this time  she is saved/liberated by the no-nonsense Fairy Godmother Rhonda  who invokes the magical qualities of self-respect and mental independence in her. Great job done by Regina Kingas Rhonda .

The wicked step mom Jennifer Coolidge and the dumb n jealous sisters are well played , same is true for characters of Carter and Shelby, but lack of layers in characters puts a damp on almost everything.They ended up looking like caricatures of themselves.
It is plain and uni layered and can be  be told in six lines flat.The only saving grace is the Prince charming who IS charming,looks genuinely confused and disinterested amidst the flashy riches. 
His is the only part w…
Its a  PERFECT movie in animation category -'The Incredibles'

Its been in my list of PERFECT TOP 10

What can I write....its fantastic, slick, cool, fabulous, awesome, irresistible ..... simply INCREDIBLE!

The idea, the story the dialogues ,costumes.... er, sketches, animation ... real, witty, intelligent and though a superhero movie its completely believable.
... The short story at the start of the movie is sweet and meaning kids love it very much.
And then the Incredible household grabs our full attention...reference to all other superheroes is intelligent and MY fav. character -- well ALL of them :) even the twisted and wicked   Syndrome and the abominable   Boss of Bob - Gilbert Huph !

 And with a VERY special mention to EDNA MODE whose voice acting was done by the writer BRAD BIRD himself (yes! a guy) and isn't that INCREDIBLE!

 All the stunts ,the gadgets are slick and super cool. Nothing new but to present them in such a spontaneous and believable way as if…
Like most classic buffs I LOVE to watch period dramas and movie adaptations of literary works. And Jane Austen being one of the Favourites; its natural only that I'll watch adaptations of her works.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Sense and sensibility' , 'Pride and Prejudice', 'Emma and 'Mansfield Park'' However What I'm posting here is about 'Becoming Jane' - a slice from of Austen's own life. Played so convincingly by another favourite Anne Hathaway , it is like a melody sometimes smiling sometimes melancholy but always flowing sweetly, never out of tune.

Though the movie  ,when released was received with equal numbers of bouquets  as well as brickbats ...from Austen lovers for its historical inaccuracies but, for me a true slice of life is MUCH more about catching the right flavour and air ..what we call as 'BHAAV PAKSH' in Hindi. And it's perfectly able to depict that. The emotional tug, social conditions, mind set, languag…
Watched and liked YJHD. full on masti .

Contrary to most reviews I found R.K.  as Bunny ,NOT selfish but a little self centred and then there is  lively and a not-so-confident paddhu Naina ,a very vella and dependent good guy Aditya roy kapur AND my fav character Aditi played by KALKI.  Though bunny is shown as a self centred guy, I liked him for his Honesty and will power. A down to earth , smart and desi values wali naina only can mellow him down for responsibility and to adapt acc. to life's plan rather then always adapting life acc to your own plans . Naina 's character seems able to do that without lecturing..that's another why I liked the movie. Besides Bunny I liked Aditi as the girl who loves from the depths of her soul, still moves on and chooses a diagonal but secure life rather then wasting it with a person who's not able to realise his own worth .

 Another like for the 4 character accepting that 'things are not what they used to be....' as in re…


Before watching ''BRAVE' I have to brave so many ads regarding the movie on Star Movies, declaring it as a rising of a princess against her destiny .. . that I was really curious on watching it... and as expected ..... it was full of exciting, twisting , turning, bouncing, billowing, galloping ,fierce, shining AND blazing Hair !!
That's ALL !  :(

Well, to make this small n  Honest review into a large and honest review ... we should start with the story which is .It is the first Disney-Pixar movie which terribly let me down in the department of story, plot, screenplay.
  Extremely beautifully done Scottish landscape, The castle, the stupid King Fergus and the wise Queen Elinor, the three th naughty brats as princes and ...the spirited princess ,Merida a brave archer with fiery red hair blazing and billowing in the wind, as she gallops on her horse .
 The animation done for her skills is absolutely breathtaking and for the Scottish …
Watched 'Arthur Christmas'
Like most Hollywood animated movies, its good.

 Though not as great as 'Over the hedge and 'The Incredibles' , parts of it are witty and intelligent like the whole techno-gizmo workspace of Santa, the militarised approach for Christmas as a mission and the way the father-sons relationship Of the 3 generations of Santas with their bonding, longings for old and new, jests and competition.
The grandfather Santa, now retired , wobbly and suffering from all physical and psychological things defining OLD AGE , the Current Santa...on the verge of retirement, tired, just want to finish the work nicely type of attitude, and the sons i.e. Future Santa.
The elder ,serious and sincere Steve working towards the post of next Santa while the younger ,sentimental and a worrier Arthur managing the Postal department of Santa Claus, North Pole!

 How an error of 0.000052% caused havoc in Santaland and how it makes all in the family to sit up and re…

The Water Babies : Classic Review

“The most wonderful and the strongest things in the world, you know, are just the things which no one can see.”
"But remember always, as I told you at first, that this is all a fairy tale, and only fun and pretence: and, therefore, you are not to believe a word of it, even if it is true."

These seemingly contradictory lines are from the book 'The Water Babies' by CHARLES KINGSLEY which urges  us to believe the unseen yet  not to believe and  follow blindly. To keep the moral compass correct and mind alert.
It is an underwater adventure saga written for children much back in the year 1862!

A chimney sweeper orphan Tom, went to sweep chimneys in a palace like mansion with his master Mr. Grimes (apt name!) . There due to a misunderstanding and a false alarm he had to run away and while ducking and dodging from his pursuers he accidentally reached under water in a river, where beautiful and compassionate water fairies took over him to make him a changeth person! From h…

To Russia, With Love

To Russia.....With Love
It was an Indian childhood immersed  in Russian books ,stories and characters.
Though we lived in plains of Northern India, I dreamt of snow covered lands of Taiga and Tundra.'Mitushka' was to me as 'Kanha'  was to other kids! and all adventures of Aldar kose, Badi Buddhi wala Chota Ivan and the highly intelligent and beautiful Buddhimati Vasilisa  compete neck to neck with Tenaliraman ,Singhasan Battisi and Vikram and Betal ,while the Baba Yagas and cruel Baaay (landlord in russia) gave Mahishasur a run for

The strange charm of birch, Balut, firs and poplars conquered me  hands down while I read them under the shady Neem of our ancestral home.. The castle of The Three Fat Men and life of SU-OK  was a dream .

There was this  pro-Soviet environment in our home. We the Gupta-Mahalwaala family used to receive Soviet books and newsletters at economic  prices via International Post. At that time (and maybe still ) the books were pub…