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  Rohit Shetty meet SRK meet Ms Padukone meet Vishal-Shekhar (no)meet YoYoHoney Singh meet excellent cinematography meet Comedy Circus script... You get Chennai Express. Hilarious. Specially for my kids.


 The movie starts with the dull life of  Rahul (naam to suna nahi hoga!) a wai wai mithai wala or is it ( why why) ? which soon changes into a mad rush to save his skin with adamsel in distress and a pot of DadaJi's holy ashes. Nothing new..huh! You are SO wrong....

The mad rush cant be madder as Rahul rushed in nothing less then Chennai Express ..straight into the heart of Tamilnadu...among people who are fellow Indians but stranger then strangers...where not even a single word he can grasp. Even the phonetics he can't grasp leave the meaning! and to complicate matters the damsel is a DON's daughter that too Tamil Don ..... which makes it so different. and the brothers and cousins of the damsel are not at all princely. But ms Padukone's 'devilish' charm and witchcraft worked magic with DadaJi's ash-pot and north-south is united by a common
My View
The dialogues are witty, the SRK charm work wonders and Deepika's simple make-up and realistic sensible costumes (even in the dream sequence) help to enhance the credibility. One-liners though not always witty seemed good fro SRK's mouth and ridiculous Antyakshari scenes not at all felt  ridiculous.I enjoyed watching it and laughed and laughed through out.

 Its rare that first you don't think much of the music ,but after 'watching' the songs you start liking the music and lyrics also...but here with the audio of Chennai Express it happened with me .Don't know how  or why-why? but on watching songs interwoven with the story, they felt breezy , good and meaning full! Specially the 'Kashmir tu,main Kanyakumari...'

Movie offers GREAT cinematography, breathtaking shots of natural beauty. From Rameshwaram to the Dudhsagar Falls ...each sight is canned beautifully .Magnificent!

It doesn't have a single indecent word or an obscene gesture and is a fullto family movie and to be sure its NOT a mindless comedy -- Mind IT!

ग़ुलाब- The Rose

                 ग़ुलाब एक...                                    डॉयरी के पन्नों में,                                     कोयल ने फिर कुह...