The Affair continues..


 Banana trees became  another favourite .... with their long, shapely leaves, clad in vibrant green colour from head to toe, these look regal.
Sometimes  the leaves sway like elephant's ears slowly,gracefully with elegance  unlike the Peepal leaves fluttering like a flock of birds on the slightest cue.
 Peepal leaves cause furore at the merest hint of air and make a noise like gushing water. that's why its another name is Chaldal i.e Chancahl(restless ) dal(leaf) To me they feel like a big bunch of naughty kids all rushing at the same time.  We have a BIG Peepal tree in front of our house in north. It's large, shady and green.....full of life. Always full of chirping sparrows, cooing koels,crowing crows ,humming bees and chattering monkeys. In the evenings it looks beautiful as mitti ke deepak filled with mustard oil are lit under it. I am grateful to my neighbours as they never messed up the tree with 'pooja samagri' and had made it a point to clean the place every morning.
(It's very rare in India as people put oils and ointments and pulses and fruits etc. but NEVER bother to clean the poor tree or the place around it.)
Another tree which is exclusive tto he Indian soil is The Mango tree- King of fruits. The scent which pours out from its leaves and the unripe fruit. Simply intoxicating!
When the season starts 'BOR' of greenish-golden colour bloom on its each branch and every twig looking as if golden dust is sprinkled on a bower of emeralds. Guess that's why the term bor or bour -bourana means getting mad, intoxicated ! 
I've read so much about the Tamarind tree but have never chanced to see it. It is said that Sur Samrat Mian Taansen used to chew its leaves to make his voice clear and fine. He loved it so much that he used to do Riyaz or practise under it only. Later  his mausoleum  in Gwalior is shaded by his dear imli ka ped . There is a festival in the month of December every year when musicians from all over the country come to his shrine and chew the leaves of this tamarind tree to get his
blessings .Its believed that
(Image thanks to GyanendraSinghchauhan  )

this chewing will make their voice melodious and will correct the sur, laya and taal of their music.The tree is almost denuded by the musicians at that time !
While I keep them chewing the imli ka boota... my tryst with trees will continue .

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One of the most beautiful movies of Indian cinema, its as real as it can get along with melodious song, folk dance, lush village fields, rainbow chunris, clear rushing brooks and latticed ataris ..... the characters are honest, well layered and recognisable ...

First the story by Bharathan and Kamal Hassan in itself is complete then cinematography of Ravi K. Chandran and direction of Priyadarshan left nothing for desire. The movie has 'THE Priyadarshan Touch' with antiques, authentic art crafts,old havelis and sahmbles of temples with lakes, pools and  banyan trees with hanging roots.. all to capture your attention and imagination! 

The natural talent of Anil Kapoor and the rest of the cast with a special mention to the acting and characters of Govind Namdev  and Milind Gunaji take it to the  next level.
Special mention to Tabu for the wide eyed ,bholi-bhali village belle crying unabashedly at her broken marriage ...

Though Chithra got the award for 'Payalein chun mun ' my personal favourite is 'Taare hain Barati' in the intoxicating voice of Jspinder Narula ..... with the tall n firang Pooja Batra as the  blushing bride to be ... radiantly daydreaming her seven vows , with pooja ki thali , roli, akshat, haldi snan ,,flowers, sacred ornaments, jewellery, milk kesar ubtans, her bridal trousseau  and all in the timtim lights of mitti ke diyas and havan agni ..... sigh!
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A Page from April 2008

My  Daughter and Her father

My sweet little daughter arrived on 17th June , 6 months
after my husband  joined a firm in Dehradoon (Uttrakhand) . Due to his new job, he was not getting leaves  and was unable to spend much time with her as she was with me in my hometown Hapur(U.P.)

He got to meet her on alternate weekends , which means that he could hold her, cradle her and caress her only for that day...  so, he used to cherish every little wriggle of her nose, the perfect small 'O' of her yawn, the way she clutched his thumb with her tiny fingers, the way she'd look from her kohl rimmed sparkling black eyes,the rhythmic breathing movement of her small body while sleeping, her tender skin and that sweet smell of a new born ...... Everything about her was endearing ... to me and to him.

Sleeping under the wraps of her colourful sheets she looked like a bud lying calmly in the folds of its petals- serene and divine. She was so small, a tiny bundle of softness .... scented and sweet.
 She remained there at her Grandma's till she was 3 months old. Then she along with me and her brother moved back to Dehradoon.

Hmmmm .................. ...... those were the days of yore .......... because now when we all are living together, she has grown up and has started taking baby steps rather baby leaps! From that calm angelic beauty she's transformed into a too energetic toddler with a  200 watt electric current running in her veins which always propels her in all the wrong directions as of garbage bins, shoe racks and the gaps in the terrace railings , leaving her dear father panting for breath ..

That look of mischief is evident in her eyes which are now enormous and jet black and ALWAYS have that naughty shine !

Either she's pinching in his father's neck, ear or is eating with her toothless  mouth whatever fleshy part of his she can get hold of . If not so then she's babbling in  her piercing voice in the ears of papa dearest!

 She don't drools, but absolutely loves to spurt out bubbles.... likes LOUD music and adores SRK songs, sways and claps to all catchy numbers, ringtones , marriage bands, screams of vegetable vendors and God only knows what .So we can say  anything which is  near to shouting in  rhyme ! 

Different moods of Yawning
Yawn Pose
She toddles on her own, don't likes to hold hands in parks , likes to saunter under shady trees with falling leaves and adores nature in ALL forms from rain, wind, sky ,clouds, fog to stray animals, beetles and swirling leaves and rotten peels from the garbage cluster. She don't give a look to the shiny, red coloured rattles brought to her by him but will be attracted by the skinny brown filthy dog from the street and will wave ,gesticulate and calls it in her indecipherable language.

Bittoo .. Kon Hai Ye AADMI?


So, NOW  when she is finally with her father, the situation is still the same. He still gets to admire her, caress her once in 15 days as it rarely happens that she sleeps before him or wakes after him!  And if on some lucky day he finds her awake on returning from office , the central idea remains unchanged.........     Papa dear will doze off after futilely  trying to make her sleep and Daughter dearest is looking strangely  as if wondering who is this man snoring in such a nice rhythm?

This is how my sweet little 9 months old daughter and her equally adorable Father are . :)

ग़ुलाब- The Rose

                 ग़ुलाब एक...                                    डॉयरी के पन्नों में,                                     कोयल ने फिर कुह...