Almost Single : Book review

The book 'Almost Single ' came out some time in 2009 and there was a great buzz . It was in 'The Week' and was talked about  very much specially in constant comparison with Chetan  Bhagat and  the new breed of young Indians writing in comprehensible spoken English. 

Being an Indian bahu-mother of two and a working lady I had better things (read chit-chat,gossip and matching suit with dupatta-choori-bindi ) to do .... So its  recently while on another very 'important' shopping spree,I accidentally saw the book  and refused to let the 'opportunity' fly.
Its 2013 .By now  had Ms Kala wanted to , she must have not only written off the  maidenhood and single status of Aisha , Misha and Anushka but could have written the saga of their next generation too ....

Hmmm....They say that a long quest ends well.
Does it?

Not exactly... the narration is fine but the story is missing. It's like a diary with  routine inputs and  don't offers anything substantial. 'The Independent' claims it as - Bridget jones dons a sareee.... but Aisha is no Bridget Jones.
It lacks humour and charm both.
The New York Times says- Its sex and the city ...except the city is New Delhi... No, Sex and the City ladies  have depth .

The protagonist and her friends seem brain dead , without ideas and an objective of life other than eat, drink, drink and drink and get married to a rich ,potential (pun intended) and a hindi film hero like guy. They still have the guts to expect LOVE !!!
Its all very predictable and I can't believe my eyes when I  saw that Karan is actually falling for her.So , soo .. limp. And even the romance is  lacklustre.

The characters lack depths leave the layers ... and are mere caricatures. Aisha's 'gang' includes a divorcee, an on the verge of spinsterhood and a gay couple.... (nailing the theory that gay friends are a must for gals to be classified as moving in  uber cool society)

Its not that Aishas are not in real but in the story, her character had to be  stronger and more interesting. Some grey cells, a clear goal and an understanding heart would have done no harm.
 Though I agree that  if she IS writing about the REAL Indian working single girl er.. lady of today then chances are that you'll find 80% Aishas... who don't  feel just react, who are not affected by the pressing issues but are concerned of their vain vanity, don't possess the virtues of  giving love, warmth, compassion and sympathy but can give a speech on all these  complete with quotations in very Anglicised  English ... nothing just a dented-painted husk. All the more reason to have a REAL heroine out of Aisha.

Well then they say It's chick lit. but even by a chick lits' standard it must be fresh and interesting and 'Almost Single ' is none.

The only saving grace is the author's easy and breezy writing style which made me read the book in a single afternoon and which evidently had earned her many fans. And not to forget the spunky cover image ,one with bright pink shoes peeping from the saree..... it lured me.

All in all not good. Boring, predictable, stale, un-romantic!

The book is an example for all Indian writers on  how not to cater solely to the  west while writing i.e the book does not subdues the Indian effect or desipan  as it does not immedietly translates hindi phrases, slangs etc.  like Amish did in 'The Shiva Trilogy' where while reading you feel as if its written by keeping the west in mind so explaining simplest words like Agni, Bhaang...and gestures like Namastey ,Raksha Bandhan......



  1. Still I like Siva trilogy much, much and much

  2. Its always nice to see fans ! Well Siva trilogy was good ,No doubt, but you can't deny that western catering. Right? :)


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