Books for Grab in Bangalore

Lately books have become luxury.
They have become a thing to show off and are as status defining as a Gucci or a Lamborghini.
These are bought in bulk according to the colour scheme of the house , to be used as a piece of interior decoration!Hmmm... My cat is thinking hard....

More interestingly, reading books is passé` ... penning a one is in !!
Understandably with mass popularity of books the prices soar.....skyrocket.
Thankfully enough, the price hike comes with the culture of book cafes and multistory books stores like Landamrk, Blossoms, BookWorm etc. all of which offers good discounts and  various other schemes to reduce the burn on the pockets.

Still, bibliophiles like me can not live on such stores alone. And to save the day for people like us enters the small shops and shacks which lie unpretentiously like the proverbial gudri ke lal in alleys and by lanes of all cities and Bangalore is no exception.

If the famous Avenue road is the answer of  Dariya ganj  then almost all malls from Forum and Jayanagar Central  to Total and Big Bazaar and all outlets of Shoppers stop and  Reliance offer thelas full of second hand books at half prices near their gates. Though one can be sure of their being pirated.
 Then there is the famous Select Book Shop and Bookworms Store off Brigade Road and Blosssom Book House at Church Street are all at a walking distance and a paradise for readers.
Book Paradise at Jayanagar 4th Block, the Book Shop at BDA Complex ,Jayanagar 4th Block are also treats for book lovers. Specially the small shop in BDA complex which is cramped but full of books up to the ceiling :)
(It's closed on Sundays)

Then there is the Sapna Book House present at many locales in Bangalore though I'v been to the one in Koramangala .Its nicely stacked with books but the environment is not my type. The books are all stacked in metal stands and the store with harsh lighting lacks comfort and a homely  feeling which is so prominent in the Landmark, Forum Mall. 
 librarian animationSo for browsing good  stores are -Landmark, Forum Mall, Oxford Bookstore, Leela Galleria, Crossword, Residency Road.
As for the pinch on the purse if one still wants to save more, buy more and spend less :) then a good option is Koramangla Book Fair which offers SO MANY books of all genres and very reasonable prices and all originals. Sometimes they offer Classics as Buy 1Get1 OR take any 3 books at a meagre price. Children's books are priced 20 Rs. each so just for a song one can buy hardcover books for kids.
Besides the second hand books  they also deal in fresh books including latest arrivals and price them accordingly. The feel of the place is also good with rows and rows and rows of picture books, coffee table books, encyclopedia ,novels, Non-Fictions, Biographies, comics , cardboard books, covering every subject under the sun from baking to school charts and project book, Classic Literature to Pulp Fiction ,stitching to architecture, Discovery channel to Young Adult stuff  and Doremon to books by APJ Kalam.

For second hand books and rare editions beside the Book fair in Koramangala , Subash book Store and many others on Avenue road are a must visit.

Indira Nagar is another popular place for books but as I've not been there so have restricted the post to my area only.

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