Blog Award

Hey !! I got the The Liebster Blog Award !
Thanks a lot dear Barbara Fischer for this :)
 "Liebester" is a German word meaning sweetheart or beloved, dearest, sweet, nicest... So its really sweet to receive it and sweeter to get it from March House Books, a blog I not only appreciate but adore.
 A major aspect of blogging is to connect with people so its a great way to promote upcoming bloggers and  to know more about your fellow bloggers.
By accepting, I am bound to answer the questions given to me and to word my own for the other chosen by me. Mm .. sounds good.well, here I go.

The rules are-

Link back to the blog that nominated you.
Answer the questions given.
Nominate 10 blogs & let them know.
Ask 10 questions for the blogs you nominate to answer in their post.
Share a couple of random facts about yourself.

and the questions which I have to answer are-

Do you have a favourite Christmas song? If so what is it?
'Christmas Wrapping' by Spice Girls
What or who inspired you to start writing your blog?
My habit of writing diary and need to express myself.

Do you remember the first book you ever read?
ChandBibi from Amar Chitra Katha and 'Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs'(Hindi version) as a first bound book.

Do you prefer physical books or e-books?
Physical !

Do you have a favourite Christmas movie? If so what is it?
Its a Wonderful life, Santa Clause , Arthur Christmas.

Do you have a favourite series of books?
Harry Potter .... vaise I'm not a series person.

How often do you blog?
Depends upon time... though generally after reading a book or watching a movie.

Do you blog about books or a mix of topics?
Do you have a favourite author?
Tough.... Shivani, Premchand ,Tagore , Austen, Christie.           
If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you did
Open a Beeeautiful ,culturally rich and diverse Library ............. Not now.... I'v  a loan to pay . On second thoughts - after paying something must remain so a small library  will do.

Random facts about Me -

1. I Love to teach.
2. It takes a lot of self-command to avoid Pizzas and Paneer-pakodas.
3. When hub and kids are asleep, all quiet except,a softly falling rain ...I steals out of the bed for a book and a cup of coffee...
4. I Love to dance :)
My 10 questions are-
Why you choose your blog name this?
Which is your favourite  heroine  in literature?
Which is the one book you was mesmerised by and WHY?
What is that one idea (crazy/mysterious... ) on which you want a book/movie to be made?
Which book you have read/liked which was not in English that is a translated work ?
What according to you is a classic?
Which is the best mystery/Thriller you have come across?
Which country/culture attracts you most and you want to know more about?
What will you ask for if you are granted 3 wishes?
Do you think travelling is as important as reading/writing?


  1. I really enjoyed finding out more about you, thanks so much for accepting and passing the award along.
    I love that time of the night when the house is fast asleep - all except me and my book and cup of tea. Barbara

    1. Thanks for your consideration.... and sorry for my late reply :(
      and Yes... that quietude of night is the 'me' time :) ..... feeling good I chanced on your blog and met you. it's vintage and really pretty.

  2. Thanks Kokila for this, will blog about it sometime. Now exploring your blog.

    1. Sorry for the reply Maddie... don't know hoe I missed it ! Any way... you are welcome ... hope you enjoyed your visit :)

  3. Thanks for nominees. I just checked your comment, sorry for late reply. Can you tell me about this award?

    1. Its okay Sapna... You have an awesome blog Thanks to your deft hands and beautiful creativity :) As for the rules of this award... just check out this post (same one) same page. :)


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