The white blanket of snow is here again ....Not in Bangalore though but the X-mas effect is clearly visible as with December , along comes the Yuletide spirit . The 9 reindeer of Santa, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen  and the red nosed Rudolph with a nose like light bulb!are sprinting again throughout the world. 
Yes! Christmas is here and so is Santa.
As for my kids , Christmas movies are
filling the day and Christmas songs are the lullabies now.
They are extremely happy with the gifts Santa has brought and we are pleased for them. Its a rarity

that in a world full of  much unwanted knowledge at your doorstep , they both are still innocent enough to believe in Santa and the nice and the naughty list!

For my  daughter it's sheer magic! She was repeating  "How come Santa gave me exactly what I was secretly pining for?" while her brother also marvelled at the accuracy of the gifts!
He explained that its not necessary that we always got what we wished for but Santa gives what HE thinks best for us . Gracious to have such understanding children. Christmas does brings out the best in them.
 My elder one Anindy, just finished watching 'The Santa Claus' and 'The Santa Claus 2' back 2 back.(Its Christmas!so lil lenient parenting)
He adored Charlie in the first part and loved Lucy in the second ...... and Don't ask how both of them LOVED what they got!

 For my daughter Pihu ,who is 6 years , a Board game of 'Bheem and the Damyan' , a Scholar Kit stationary set, glitter crayons, two Pepper books, a big ball which is made in China(Santa brought that from China Dada!)loads of candies, bubble gums, lollipop , Oreo strawberry big (big packs confirms its Santa as the nearby shop have only small packs!!) and chocolate shots.
For her brother who is 8 years , a magnetic Dart Game (for concentration he said as he was secretly asking Santa to improve his focus!! Wow ), an exam stationary Kit, an Enid Blyton book (one of the 4 he was praying for ! more Wow) again loads of candies , Oreo and sugar stuff and a tennis ball much needed . Material enough to fight with other kids in school and neighbourhood if they dare to doubt on Santa!

'HE spreads the cheer, spreads the smile, works so hard, count all  your deeds,goes on and on for thousand miles. Lo! the bells jingle ,Lightly falls the snow, be a good child ; He'll be at your door' For'Jingle Bells' carol

Ani with gifts from Santa...

  And the thoughtful preparations they did to welcome Santa and make him feel at home... The cards, a self made story by Pihu and a copied one from my son! They love stories so they take it for granted that Santa will love them too.A gift parcel of a pen, eraser ,a scale and a sharpener put in a handmade envelope from papa's office A-4 blue sheet, and a small bed to lie down for a minute. By my son ,a story of  Bheem and Kalia , a long joke regarding Cricket and God and a plum cake for him as well as the reindeers. well all the effort and thoughtfulness propelled 'Santa' to be more generous :)

And yes, in the morning , for once ,they woke up before us and found the cake gone, the cards and the story and the pen-pencil gone . the bed was mussed and lots of wrapped stuff was there with chocolates in the socks .The twinkle in their eyes and the awe in their voice.
 Long live Santa!!

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