The New Year Resolution

Its a new year again. 
Resolutions and promises .... only to be broken, as they say in modern cities.
Not for her. 
Ria has never made New Year Resolutions.. She don't need them. Her life as a cashier in the India Gas Agency in rural outskirts of Moradabad is more than punctual, disciplined and content. Free from all those complications that a life in Metro offers to a young 17 something girl.

But this year is different...she has some savings and the offer seems irresistible.

To be able to click HD images,edit and filter them and make a fancy collage and to be able to take part in the prestigious 'Pic Of The Year' in her district is something only dreams are made of ... for her at least .

Well , clicking pictures is not as easy as it seems. It needs patience and persistence - the only two things she has in abundance ,she thought wryly.

But then, that's why this resolution is needed.So that she can not step back. There are other things, a list of priorities on which pic of the year is nowhere to be seen. But still, Ria wants to at least give a real try to it.

The major deterrent is that the past seven years' winners were all students or pass-outs from the suave` graphic courses from big colleges in Moradabad and other cities. Neither she has, nor she can have the cameras they bring with them while receiving awards ... Those huge black monsters with strange long lenses attached making them look like a black arm zooming to capture the shot. 
And Ria has no knowledge except that inner feel,an inherent sense for light and shade and the free ocean of knowledge available online. 

Its equal to what a bird knows about swimming. But then, she chuckled, " Penguins are birds ..Aren't they ?" 

The topic she had in mind is Nature .
 She will make a collage which show how nature is more loving , caring and giving than us humans in all aspects .
Toying with her idea for a whole night , she finally took the plunge and bought the Micromax Canvas Tab P666 . The Tab with Intel Inside and Intel Media Accelerator ... which promises to fulfill her dream of clicking fast, clear, in HD and then to send the images to the URL of the District Panel of Photography ...all by a click of a key from her hometown! 
 "No need to advertise the fact by boarding a train!" she smiled .
Armed with her brand new device and brimming confidence Ria was glowing with excitement.She had clicked numerous pictures and with instant connectivity she knew more about rules of the contest. NO filters/NO Editing .It says.

She has so much time to browse and enrich her knowledge as there are still many days left in submission. No more dependency on the cyber cafe` wale bhaiyya for internet browsing.

Finally she submitted 3 images she had clicked of which one got selected and cleared the round one and two. Now came the final round where the contestants have to combine their chosen topic with Patriotism.

As she has chosen nature she was much worried... nature and patriotism .. its good but how to convey in an image ? Only 2 days were left when suddenly, she has to go to Bhopal with her senior for some urgent work. From Bhopal they went to Indore and to Jhansi too. Ria clicked tons of images in the journey and finally chose an image of a Gul-mohar tree providing shade to a neglected statue of Rani LaxmiBai. 
The tree was in bloom and the orange -red petals were adorning the Rani and her little son on her back. It was a beautiful pic speaking volumes but the light was bad and the image saddens the heart. Ria was looking for something optimistic .

Nature and India
Before submitting the image she was having a last look when suddenly, she saw something unbelievable....Ria was shocked.
 It was a pic she clicked on Bhopal-Indore highway and it shows trees making a map of INDIA !!
It was so clear as if photoshopped!

Ria's heart was beating fast and with trembling hands she submitted as her entry.

Next few days were a blur which she realised on the day she received an email congratulating her as a winner . Finally she made it.The award which is so prestigious and important to her ..all by the help of her new Micromax Canvas Tab P666 which enabled her to click clear and fast, store and browse and submit it even from Jhansi :)

This post is a work of fiction written in response to IndiBlogger happy Hours with Micromax Canvas Tab P666. 

Love Unfulfilled : From Old Pages

Many years back when I was definitely not a young child but a little innocence and notions of pure love fed in me had made me the sentimental fool, I wrote this poetic piece (true blooded poets need not get offended..It sounds good this way.that's all!) after a phrase  - 'Even Love Unreturned Has Its Own Rainbow' which I came across in Reader's Digest. I was touched (inexplicably) and wrote it in one go. So, read it keeping my state of emotional frenzy in mind...:)


Oh! love just makes the world go round
 It blossoms beautifully anywhere
It paints the world in glittering tints
But true love is for a few who dare

I've once been through this path 'my dear',
And now I'm sauntering here again
It's still the same,under golden veil,
It's filled with anguish,sorrow,pain,

And as I ponder,hopes grow higher
only to be dashed again
hearts beat as one but far across,
it's circumstances hard to explain
Thanks !

But well ! then love means growing up

To move on ,seek and understand
Even love unfulfilled is strong enough
To help us be a better man.

Yes! It is such a wonderful thing
It makes, it breaks ,it fills our souls
Heartbeats are stopped, but still for it
A special place our hearts behold.

In deepest woods, in deepest storms
It gives to life a sunshine hue
An inner warmth, a bright outlook
A new perspective in all we do

The soul is drenched with joy and care
the heart sways in ecstacy, lo!
an inner strength, a brand new dare
Even, Love Unreturned, has its own Rainbow!

                                                                                          7thMarch03.My notions have not changed though :)


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                                           new dreams, fresh start, hope
                                           bright pastures, better,greener 
                                           always, near the end
                                         buds smile shy, tickled

                                         sun kissed petals sway, near by
                                         you are here somewhere 

                                         hurt, I cried, you sulked

                                         they looked content, our marriage
                                         survived a near death 
For HaikuHorizons

Good Morning !

 With Profuse thanks  to the source for capturing the chaos
                                                 the kettle shattered 
                                                all scattered topsy turvy
                                                my kids are awake !




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                                             nose-pin pearls glow gleam   
                                             in ruby lips' reflection
                                             like pomegranate seeds

                                             beautiful curved nose
                                             decked with shining red ruby 
                                             parrot spies parrot

                                             mystified unsure
                                             the bird stays shy and wonders
                                             to pluck , not to pluck 


These lines tells about the exquisite facial features of Urmila (Laxman's wife). Here the beauty of Urmila's perfectly arched nose and the red bloom of her lips is presented by describing the thought process of a puzzled parrot thus, drawing the picture without touching the object of admiration!
These lines are by Maithili Sharan Gupt . The prompt 'Ruby' by HaikuHorizon inspired me to translate these beautiful lines as haiku. 

                                                   नाक का मोती अधर की कांति से 
                                                  बीज दाड़िम का समझ कर भ्रान्ति से 
                                                 देखकर सहसा हुआ शुक मौन है 
                                                 सोचता है अन्य शुक यह कौन है ?

अधर - lips
कांति - luminescence
बीज -  seed
दाड़िम - pomegranate
भ्रान्ति - dilemma
शुक - parrot
मौन - quiet

"In the red reflection of Urmila's lips , the pearl of her nose-pin seem like a pomegranate seed, confusing the parrot who thinks her nose as another parrot having a pom-seed in its beak."


A Mother from Peshawar

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With thanks to the Source 
                                                 pearl of my eyes now
                                                 lies adorned with a ruby 
                                                on heart, life trickles..

with HaikuHorizons


The Contract : Review

Book          : The Contract
Author       : Zeenat Mahal
Genre`       :  Romance/Contemporary
Publishers  : IndiReads
Cover         : Lacking, unimaginative and bland ..for such beautiful characters, it deserved better. Surely
Ratings       : 3/5

The blurb which got me interested was-

…I’ll pay you a monthly salary to behave and appear for all practical purposes as my wife…If you agree, the marriage vows can be taken on the phone on Saturday, since I have an hour free in the morning.”
Circumstances have forced the young divorcée, Shahira, to accept Hussain’s unusual proposition. As per their contract, she’ll have his name, will be paid to look after his ailing mother and motherless daughter and will be left well alone by him. Perfect!
Until her new husband decides to stop playing by the rules…"
 Of - course I was expecting a romance ! And romance it is.. heady mix of traditional and contemporary,aromatic alleys of Pakistan and cobblestoned Western streets. May be, sort of mild Mills n Boons.
With glimpses of Asian life and mind set the book is essentially contemporary and liberal.
A book which I wish would have been better if thicker ! there was still a lot more to explore.The writer had such a potent plot, the stage set, props at place and emotions ignited...... 
Writing Style 
Is clear and simple so much so that I finished the book in 2 hours flat. The sentences mainly are short ,crisp and devoid of unnecessary details.
This too much simplicity also works against it as there were sights to be seen , seasons waiting to be described and scenic views unfolding beautifully in front of our protagonists' eyes... but then better not to describe, than doing it badly or too much. 
For a romantic novel, the narration was fast but, it was smooth and powerful also. I enjoyed reading Shahira's emotional journey . 
Loved Shaihra for her integrity though Hussein still seem to have some (unintentional) corners which need a bit rounding of
Nudrat could have been more than stereotype other woman ...
The character I loved most is Salma Aunty.Her love and acceptance for Shahira as well as her son is touching.
 It was a REAL pleasure to read about their relationship.
My rating is 3 as though I was not expecting anything literary, yet, the characters could be more layered and meaty. As well as beside the Daahta Sahib, there is hardly any glimpse of Lahore or Paris Or London. It would have been rewarding if little peccadilloes, the and routine activities would have found a passing mention in the narration, it helps the book to set in real world  and makes the impression lasting.
Having said all, the writer IS Promising with a capital 'P' and I look forward to read her more :)
About the Author

Zeenat Mahal (@zeenat_mahal) is an avid reader and has been writing for as long as she can remember. She has an MPhil in English literature from Government College Lahore and is currently doing an MFA in creative writing from Kingston University, London. She won a BBC short story competition in 2001 and has been a regular contributor to newspapers. Zeenat has eclectic tastes and an insatiable desire to learn. Her romances are a heady mix of the traditional and the contemporary, old world values face the challenges of a shrinking globe that impinge upon and help shape South Asian sensibilities. She is currently working on a literary novel with elements of magical realism, while continuing to write romances. 
Zeenat currently lives in Kingston Upon Thames with her fabulous sons.

*The book was offered as  a part of IndiReads Reviewer Program

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The Case Of The Chinese Mastermind : Review

The Book with the heart
bookmark made by me :)
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Book     : The Case Of The Chinese Mastermind 
                    (The Crime Busters' League)
Author       : Ketaki Karnik
Genre`       : YA Fiction /Mystery
Publishers : Jaico Publishing House
Year          : 2014
Cover        : Childish
Ratings      : 3.7/5

How will it feel to go back in childhood and have a mystery ala Nancy drew style to solve for ? Smashing ! You would say and that's what the book is - S.M.A.S.H.I.N.G .

With Uncle Ravi's valuable papers stolen and his company refusing to call in the police,its upto 14 years old Kavya,Raima,Varun and Anna to solve the mystery. 
Uncle Ravi's reputation and hard work is at stake and perhaps some lives too ..... as a blood-thirsty monster, a killer car, rogue spies, muscular henchmen,plotting friends, crooked officials,corporate espionage, blackmail ,theft, guests and servants in disguise .... are only few of the things to be taken care of  .... in that very secluded farmhouse .
And to top it all a very much harried Pinky Aunty to deal with! And not to forget that  Pinky Aunty’s farmhouse was once a haunted abode of the king of Patiala.....

Will the four friends succeed in busting their very first crime mystery ...Will they be able to evade the life threatening danger they are in ? are just some of the questions they are facing ....

 Except for the rather bumpy start, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
 Its ideal for a 9 year old ,a teenager looking for adventure as well as a stressed out adult .
 Such books which suit so many sensibilities are rare so there's no beating around the bush .. its a winner friends.

Because its target audience are young adults and children, the language is of utmost importance and am glad and beaming to say that our wards can read it without any parental guidance in this particular area .


The book opened on a rather verbose note for my tastes but after two and a half chapters it gained momentum (Or I got adapted to it ..) and the long adjectives and similes were spared which otherwise followed each character and its each gesticulation like ghost attendants and water boys scuttering around the characters in question, applying - oh! now a dab of powder and here!just a dash of rouge and now another coat of mascara and now ............... well you got the drift .

Though I MUST mention that each and every simile and adjective is authentic , witty and unique . I quite enjoyed them only they hindered the pace, which is too frantic in the first two chapters !

I loved the witty narration as wit always gets me . 

Sample it - 
Page 22 , Kavya the 14 year old reflects

 "I walked upto the car. there's a fine line between bravado and stupidity, I remembered reading somewhere. the truth is there is no line - it only depends on the outcome. If you succeed , you're brave. If you don't...."

And this -
pg. 66 , Kavya the 14 year old child observes 

"It was the first time I was sitting with Prof. Fernandes from this close. He had this ultra-serious demeanour about him- the kind that proclaims 'don't talk to me unless you have a PhD and have atleast made two noteworthy discoveries '...... I decided some adults are just born adults."

At moments you may find yourself at splits despite yourself. So, Overall its accolades for the Writing Style . 

 Are well crafted and nicely drawn.Their traits,motives and menace is well depicted in so few pages and so much to write about.

Well it is for these two unanswered questions -

What about The Rameshwarans' curiosity ?
Why was Rhea Sabarwal looked menacingly at the Glass Safe facade when she did not have any grudges with Ravi ?
the insipid Cover and the Title ... There are plethora of awesome covers with  (kiddo graphics too Here and Here ) which could have done as smashing a job as 'smashingly' Ketaki Karnik has written the story. 
Here are some of my favourite examples intriguing, mysterious and nicely sketched 
Ditto for the Title.. it ought to be cryptic not misleading or meaningless as there was no Chinese connection in the actual theft !Grrrr....

 Recommended. Go for it !

About the Author
Ketaki Karnik a MBA from Oxford roller-coastered through management consultancies and corporates and writing the next Crime Busters' League only kept her sane through all this .
To chat with her live on the13th of Dec 2014 Here 

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A History of Insects : Review

A Beautiful cover with the handmade
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Book        :    A History of Insects
Author    :    Yvonne Roberts
Genre`     :    Coming of age 
Year        :    2000
Cover      :   beautifully symbolic, Loved it.
Ratings   :    3/5

Nine-years-old, Ella is caught amid the pretentious world of grown ups and found it to be sham and full of hypocrisy. For her, the adult behaviour is confusing and contradictory.

She is lonely as her relation with her mother is far from good.The only sunny rays are 'Uncle Ash', the Pakistani Brigadier Ashraf Khan, the American lady Betty and the very ill, soon-to-die- Tommy.
 Later, in the story, when Ella is send to a hostel she met Zuhra, Miss Patterson and Dr Mac.
After gaining new insights in the matters of religion and sin, Ella loses her voice and was brought back by Betty to Peshawar for the summer holidays.  How she got her voice back  in more than one ways marks the end of the story.

My View-

Set in early 1956 when the last of the British Empire was struggling to hold its place in Peshawar, Pakistan, Ella, the 9 year old daughter of Bill Jackson, the 'Morse Man' of British Deputy Commander, becomes witness to the troublesome times of social,political and personal unrest. As her father is the 'code-man' who translates the delicate Morse coded information send from Abbotabad to the British High Commission's office in Peshawar and hence, lives in the compound of the  gated British community of 4-5 families and a handful of native servants, she is confined to its walls . She soon finds a secret garden to there soothe her senses thus, keeping her fertile imagination running wild around it.
She becomes aware of the ongoing sexual conflicts and the social unrest in a place brimming with racism, class hierarchy,treachery, snobbery, secrets and lies. 
At such turbulent phase, her diary is her only solace, a requisite to live, analyse and understand the strangeness of life around her.

Confused and somewhat embarrassed by the quirkiness of adult behaviour, their codes of conduct and double standards, Ella promptly makes her journal a secret one and it becomes a secret book  labelled as 'The History of Insects' to avoid undue attention. She had learnt it the hard way that if you label your diary 'Private' and 'Keep Away' adults are bound to open and read it while pretending it to be something as boring as 'The History Of Insects' no adult will touch it even when it is in plain sight !
She pours her heart in to it to her heart's content about things which confuse, enrage and disturb her. Most of the entries were triggered by her mother Alice Jackson's strange  ways in dealing with her only daughter Ella and life in general. 

There is  something amiss here.

Am sorry to say this but though the writer writes with clarity,she lacks pathos and wit. 
Not a single witty character or lines to lighten the mood. 

The writer  is lucid, correct in language and interpretation and in creating situations but they all seem .... incomplete . After each situation, the reader is left with a sense of 'adhurapan' - incompleteness ... no single event reached its end ...  except that Shafi is executed (wry smile)
So many loose ends- 
What is the secret if any was their in Noel playing with toys?
What about the broken leg of Noel's toy horse?
What Dr Mac did rather not did ?
Why Alice changed suddenly.. in hardly an hour  ?
And lastly ........... the somewhat ambiguous end . 
I felt like leaving Ella in a lurch, with her decision of not growing up . Ever.

Is Excellent. 

The writer has etched fine characters out of facts and figments of imagination and observation. She has also managed to create that troubled sense of impending doom throughout the book .
But again, the characters - all of them , finely etched, carved , mouthing well-formed dialogues are devoid of LIFE.And it's this lack of life (which is there even in the lifeless) that mars the book .

ALICE'S character is a mother who lacks that source of feeling which a woman has as an integral part of her physiology . No doubt, her past experiences had shaped her the way she is but  she  could have made life a cheerful place for Ella and Bill both had she just tried !Too occupied in keeping up with the Jonses she missed out life's little pleasures and the knowledge of it made it hard for her to accept her faults thus making life miserable for her and those related to her.At the end of the story, Alice is changed without any apparent reason or explanation and without making her any better .

MARJORIE and SYLVIA are the other two female characters who show a passive interest in life expecting fun without work. 
While BETTY and BLOSSOM are the ones who chose to take the active part in life.With their own share of troubles and lows,they are involved in life and though they have acceptance regarding fate and their choices yet they keep working on it ... 

All the wives of the story are real fine characters including the blink and the miss performance of the poised, sheathed in a pale-linen dress,strikingly beautiful Mrs. Faryal Afridi Khan. 
Read it for her.

 Though mentioned earlier I am writing again to make my mind as well as your head clear. 
 The book is
- engaging and fresh as Pakistan as a background is new for me. 
- has good narration
- fine characterisation,
- correct, crisp language ,
- proportionate description 
the rich cultural back 
- engrossing wives and 
- enough secrets ... 
BUT it lacks
- that lyrical flow,which is there even in disasters.. 

- that beauty which shines even from sadness and
- that  music of melancholy . 
Over all, it lacks zest, spark, in one word  - Life. 

It has that intricate pattern of marriage and love... self-respect and loneliness, the sad, insecure, yearning for a better life n love wives, courage, and cowardice .... all embroidered on the already rich tapestry of British-Pakistani-Sikh-Muslim-Indian-Americans cultural presence with The Ruler and The ruled relation on the fringes.  
With such a rich premise and a protagonist with a fertile and curious mind, you simply mourn for the waste of the potential.

Bland .Engaging.
Despite myself I loved it !
If something can be good despite being bland then it's this book.
So, an engrossing read with that little something amiss which could have turned it into Beea...uuutiful ... Sigh!

My Goodread Review 

About The Author

 Yvonne Roberts is an award-winning journalist who has worked in TV and newspapers including The Sunday Times, the observer and the Guardian.She grew up in Pakistan in the 1950s and is an author of non-fiction and fiction books.

You can find her 
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स्वेटर : Haiku

रेशमी ऊन 
With Thanks to this creative Mom :)
स्वेटर में हैं गुंथी
यादें नरम

शोख प्यार के
सुर्ख़  धागों  से बुने 
ये ताने बाने

ख़्वाबों  ख्वाहिशों  
मख्मली  अल्फाज़ों की 
चंद  डोरियां 

खुले उलझे 
धागे कुछ गिरहें 
आ सुलझा लें  

सर्द बर्फ में 
दे तपिश-ए -रूह   
दिल (का)  नमूना 

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tender and warm fur
a sweater knitted smooth in 
satin memories

                                                                                  from blood crimson threads 
          I weave knit and crochet, this
          token of love, love

I tie twine of dreams 
velvety expressions and
longing desire ache 

                                                                                   a few tangled knots                
           some loose threads overlooked, sigh .
  love ! will sort them .. fresh


in  frozen white lands
will wrap, protect, warm your soul 
the design of (my) heart

Hot : Haiku

                                                                     पिघला देती 
                                                            सुन्न हाथ मन भी 
                                                                     गर्म कहवा 


                                                      warms numb hands, cold hearts
                                           cardamom ginger basil                                                                                                          a cup of hot tea

for HaikuHorizons

The City of Joy

Where joy-beams dance in sunlit streams
and morn shines bright with hope as gleam
They smile with eyes, they laugh with hearts
And love grows strong on being apart

 The 'selfish' fog has lifted long ago
  Insecurity, ego are words not known
  Compassion blooms on every tree
 And girls and birds both dance so free

 Charity graces all the homes
 Clemency decorates every dome
  Empathy grew in backyard patch
  And mercy fever, like cold they catch!

  Try vines dangle from contentment hooks
   Persistence blooms smiles wide  at nooks
   Forgiveness scents the avenues wide
   And life seems like a good-luck-ride

   A bed of thanks; a gratitude  quilt
   Acceptance snipping out, threads of  guilt                                                                                                                                       Where fondness curtains sway in air
'I can' windows throw out despair
 Kindness rolls as waves at the shore
  Hate is a figment, a word of lore
 Where Mercy droppeth like gentle rain
  And a knee grazed bad is the only pain ...

  Tears turn into stars; laughter in pearls
   To deck the town, light up the hills
  In that blessed town, I wish to stay
  Where life is love, work, JOY and to pray


sharing it with PoetsUnited  motif  : Joy                                


Living Life. Simply .

जीवन पथ का पाथेय यही ,

खुद की पहचान समझ लेना 

जग में अपनी निजता लय कर

निज में ही जग को पा जाना।

sustenance of life is

realisation of  the self.

harmonize 'self ' into the world 

to find the world oneself .

जीवन  - life ,  पथ  -  way , path , road

पाथेय  - support, sustenance , निजता - self 

लय  - harmonize ,blending

Sparked by Miss Marple from Agatha Christie's books .
Used as introduction in my new Hindi Blog "पाथेय "


The Ragpickers

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रंगत है गालों से रूठी  हुई 
किस्मत की माला है टूटी हुई 
पुस्तक की इनके अधूरे  हैं पन्नें
छालों  भरे हैं हाथ ये नन्हे

पलकों पे धूल  की चादर जमी है
बचपन के माथे पर सिलवट खिंची है
बालों की स्याही, गालों  पे ढलकी
मुस्कान कब की रूठी जा फिसली

कचरे के ढेर से झांकते मुखड़े
खेल-खिलौने, काँच के टुकड़े
चमकीली पिन्नी,  ढंग से सजाना
सिगरेट के कागज़ अनमोल खज़ाना 

तपती दुपहरी, सूरज के पहरा  
रंगीन सपनों से रंगीन चेहरा  
नींद में मन, बुने सपने  सलोना 
"माँ ने लगाया है सुन्दर डिठौना, 

माँगा है हम को  मनौती मना कर
रखा फिर सीने से रोज़ लगा कर "
नींद में यू ममता की खुशबू आये 
माँ ने कही से हो भेजी दुआएं "

ख्वाब ही बस ये काफी रोज़ाना 
बोझ को फिर से हंस कर उठाना 
 कंधे पे बोरी ,पैरों बिवाई 
वीरान मन में बस - तन्हाई  

खो न जाये ये, तारे  ज़मीन पर

SOURCE : Where hath you gone ?
I may not be able to help all the children around the world, but if I see any child in distress, I’ll do my best to help him/her. I’ll never be a participant or an indifferent observer to any sort of injustice met to kids.” - शंखनाद 

Shankhnad : For children

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The Associate : Review

This cover captures the
 essence of the book 
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Book :     The Associate
Author :   John Grisham
Genre :    Corporate Thriller
Published by : Arrow Books
Year :      2009
Cover :   Good (This one)

Being a John Grisham fan I am always ready for an opportunity to read him. And to review, is just icing over the cake !

Like all Grisham lovers I too love him for his finely etched court-room dramas, the examinations and the cross- examinations, the litigations, appeal, hearing, plea and plea bargain,the prosecution, the circumstantial evidence, the indictment, the jury .... and  the verdict .
This one is okay
But he appeals to me more because of the way he writes. 
Grisham creates fine and layered characters mouthing  meaningful clear dialogues and thus a lucid and spontaneous narration. Even the twists and turns seem graceful !

Kyle McAvoy is law graduate with a brilliant academic record, a bright future, humanistic tendencies to follow his lawyer father rather than some big law-firm in New York raking moolah by every passing second and ...... a wild past .

Not Good
And now, he is being blackmailed to join a big flashy New York law firm and fish out the secrets of a law-suit of international importance. 
Kyle is trapped. 
Will he be able to come out of the web or will he play along ... 
The blackmailers are the most powerful , had killed one of his friends from that secret of past and they have the highest level of  sensitive gizmos and bright brains to tackle any technology .....


This cover was  good
considering the story
In one line, the book affirms that -
"Old sins have long shadows"

And Kyle McAvoy's uncommitted sins are causing a rather long and gloomy shadow on his present and future life. 
But the catch here is that Kyle has not committed them so why is he to suffer under that dark looming shadow ?

Like his other books this too offers the readers a remarkable reading style and a detailed slice of life (court/legal life ) feel to the whole narration without being verbose at all ! 

Still ,with this book , you'll crave  for more.

 The story is  nicely woven but it leaves the reader with a feeling of something wanting .

The end definitely makes it more realistic but readers also want justice to be done to the blackmailers and most importantly certain questions were left unanswered ... like 

-how they got the video in first place?

Kindle Edition
-who filmed it ? (not important though)

-why did Kyle not share this with his dad ?
It seemed absurd knowing that Kyle share a great relation with his Dad and knew that he will only support and trust him .... still he did not tell him ..even after he was almost sure, he can not be indicted !

Plus it was little lax on the blackmailer's part not to know that Kyle is leaving his room to meet a lawyer so many times .... 

Yes. I do believe things happen.. and David WINS AGAINST Goliath but then it has to be convincing.. with all the cool tracking devices and the highly sensitive softwares hackers, the goons were unaware about Kyle's intention till the last moment was a bit far-fetched and then to know it at the last moment again was confusing .

Am saying it again, that - It happens... but it ought to be clear.

Due to these small but essential facts ignored, I was not impressed by the story and found it - the story and the plot little 'dheela'  loose and hasty 
 its for the gripping account of his writing that whatever of a story was there, I enjoyed it !

A free time fast paced light read.. for a beach day vacation but certainly not his best .

PS. The realistic open ended ending give ample scope for a (better ending ) sequel !

ग़ुलाब- The Rose

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