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The Secrets Of The Chimneys : Review

Book :    The Secret Of The Chimneys Author :  Agatha Christie

Genre`:  Crime Fiction Year :     1925 My Ratings : 4.5/5

The majestic abode of Lord Caterham finds itself deep in murder, blackmail, gem heist, Royals in disguise,codes cracking,symbols, thefts ,deceit and home to many unwelcoming subjects and matters of International importance!

PLOT Lord Caterham, the simple and noble aristocrat becomes a reluctant host to a party,finds his mansion as a place of murder and deceit. He instantly warms up to the friendship of a complete stranger Anthony Cade. Along with Chief Superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard and many other characters Chimneys becomes the grounds of double crossings, murder and blackmails with a sensitive International sitaution.The young,rich widow and dangerously beautiful Virginia Revel assists all situations along with Bundle,Lord Caterham's daughter.Finally the day is saved,but only after a second murder and much much mystery.

REVIEW Unlike the works of the organised…

#Day 23

There is some discord brewing between the reigning elements of our heavenly abode.... its looking serious. Trying my best to sort it out but you know that how discussions have this great tendency to become arguments. Avoiding all the chaos I am posting not exactly for a Happy Day but about those, little things which help me in being positive, hopeful and still loving that Man! Grrr..
One is the morning MUMMMAA of my kids...waking up one by one both will erupt into 'Mumma!fisrt me ,first me'.
Second: Then the hugs Pihu showers on me, clinging like a monkey baby, arms around my shoulders,legs around my waist and her face nestled in my neck, smelling of almond oil from her hair.Anindy has to manage with remaining portions of my abdomen and legs to where he hugs like a big bear hugging the tree trunk! Sweet little nothings of 'my honey,my sugar plum' and the more Hindustani 'meri chanda, mera suraj, meri penguin and mera nanha lal murga (of Soviet books fame) have to be …

Murder Is Easy : Book Review

Book : Murder is easy

Balancing Act!

Books are as integral to my life as breathing. I am never to be found without one at-least. They are scattered all around the house, ready to be read at different times and conditions accordingly study tables. at headrest of beds, under centre table in the drawing-room, near the TV,even in the kitchen! With a job(on/off), a husband and two school going kids, cooking, cleaning.... without any outside help , is hectic at times but no complains.I am blessed with an 'early to bed early to rise' hubby so, the late night hours are mine. I love my life this way. The way it is....juggling many things and  at the same time, trying to strike a balance among all- my roles, duties, wishes and pure me! May God give me strength for everything . Happy Me,Happy Day. #22

#Day 21

Loads of daily chores and a cold bleak day go hand in hand.While completing the chores bleakness is forgotten and by the time you are done, sun shines and weather smiles It is not always so but today is one of such day. Now by 4:00PM its sunny and bright with all things done. Enough to be a Happy Day. Isn't it?

''Sorting Out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest''

'Sorting Out Sid '
Meet Sid, a master at the art of denial, in this hilarious, insightful tale of modern-day living and relationships.

Book Description- Siddharth Agarwal a.k.a. Sid has it all – a fifteen-year-long marriage, a bunch of devoted friends, and the chance to be the company’s youngest-ever VP, all at the age of thirty-six.
But, behind the scenes, his life is slowly falling apart, what with his marriage on the rocks, parents who treat him like a delinquent child, and overly-interfering, backstabbing friends. And that’s not even counting the manipulative HR vixen and the obnoxious boss he must tackle in office.
So, when lovely, spunky single mom Neha materializes in his life, she brings into it a ray of hope. But will she cause the brewing storm to finally erupt?
Who said it would be easy sorting out Sid? For Book extract visit here.

I stumbled on Y's Blog today and quite unbelievably, today itself I am writing this post! Guess, I am much intrigued by Sid and her creato…

#Day 20

Two cocks ,one white and one red in locked horns no, locked crowns under the parked car, near the empty weeded ground were about to fell in the ditch when some kids shouted and distracted them from fight/play and they ran for shelter. It was a sight to see and rare for me- the urban dweller. Before the kids came ,beside locking their crowns, craning the small head other gestures were also portrayed for my benefit which to me looked like biting other's beak and pecking each other. Who said henpecked it can be cock-pecked also! Sorry for no image but I was happy looking at them. Happy Post.Happy Day

Chuck and Geck by Arkday Gaider

Book : Chuck and Geck Author : Arkday Gaider Genre` : Child Fiction
Publications : Progress Publishers
My Rating : 5/5
 Its one of those children's books which I read again and again. Right from my childhood, through my teens and growing up years ,through job and sometimes ,even today as a mum of two! With it time stands still, frozen just like the view offered by the Trans-Siberian Railway train Chuck and Geck had boarded.It's a wonderful story by Arkday Gaider , the Russian writer who wrote for young children . His books are full of motivation, courage and honesty for Russian kids. His 'Chuck and Geck' is full of innocent adventure for young minds.
SYNOPSIS Chuck and Geck are two little children living in Moscow with their mother while their father is away at the distant, cold , snow covered Taiga lands. They receive a telegram from father stating he can not come home for Christmas. To celebrate Christmas and new year together, the mother decides to go to Taiga land …

# Day 17

The yellow bloom is still there in the neighbour's balcony. They have gone to their native- West Bengal. As I stood chatting with my brother in my balcony the bloom sways in the wind and seemed to tease me about my yesterday's gloomy thoughts.Inadvertently, I smiled. My brother ,a practical IT guy and younger to me by 7 years asked 'what?' I blushed without reason and said nothing.Moments like this make a Happy Day.

# Day 16

There are days when everything is gloomy and one has to brave through it all ... alone. The school, worksheets, projects and tests are still to be completed, food to be cooked and house to be taken care of. But isn't it days like this that are the most important,a test for us, for our endurence and courage. And once we came out unscathed then the calm, the confidence,belief in God is all restored :)
Yesterday was one of such days but as I survived it seemed good. The yellow bloom in the balcony of a neighbour gave me hope and somehow after the thunder clouds moved away the flower was still shining which made me feel as if it bloomed today specifically for me and telling me to be calm and radiant like it. Happy Moment, Happy Day (no pics of it though )

# Day 15

Bangalore is beautiful .Always . But now its like magic. blushing in fuchsia n pink glory of Ipes and majestic in lavender n purple robes of Jacarandas! One such Ipe tree is diagonal to our building and is a feast to eyes. Daily when me n kids wait for the school bus  there, it feels so good to stand near it. While Pihu wonders at the pink blooms, Ani is more interested in the nests and the thick trunk.I like the way its has bloomed at the top. When it catches the morning sun, it looks like the pink fluff over the sweet snow ball (barf ka gola) we use to eat in childhood. Blessed for a Happy Day.