# Day 13

Punjabi chole with aromatic pulao and soft fulkas with potato-spring onion is what I cooked today for lunch-boxes - for children  and hubby.It turned out nicely. Though in the morning rush , I forgot to garnish chole with coriander leaves. Vibhor called me after lunch to say 'food was nice'.Anindy compliments are hidden in -  'Mom, I'll have same lunch tomorrow .... and  day after tomorrow' . Pihu's are in her own way .Irrelevant to most but decipherable to me - "Meri MA sabse sundar" (my Mom most beautiful) which translates into she makes good food! Indeed a happy Mom and a happy day.
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  1. :-) Sweet words from your daughter..Loved your blog..Thanks for the visit and comment on my blog Kokila..Keep blogging :-)

  2. Thanks a lot dear for visiting, reading,commenting and joining :) Hoping to read all the books you posted about. I really like your writings and the way you blog- Nice,sorted and simple. I am interested in knowing you better through your blog :)


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