# Day 15

pink tree  animation
Bangalore is beautiful .Always . But now its like magic. blushing in fuchsia n pink glory of Ipes and majestic in lavender n purple robes of Jacarandas! One such Ipe tree is diagonal to our building and is a feast to eyes. Daily when me n kids wait for the school bus  there, it feels so good to stand near it. While Pihu wonders at the pink blooms, Ani is more interested in the nests and the thick trunk.I like the way its has bloomed at the top. When it catches the morning sun, it looks like the pink fluff over the sweet snow ball (barf ka gola) we use to eat in childhood. Blessed for a Happy Day.


  1. Oh my goodness that sounds so beautiful! I wish I could share the view with you. Have a happy day.

    1. I am glad that you liked it and wish if I could post the real snaps.Thanks a lot for your wishes. Happy Days, Happy Blogging to you too.
      Love, Kokila.


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