Sculpture of a River

 An old sketch. 
Memory is hazy still I remember the idol is a river personified, Kaveri perhaps. I liked this sculpture for the curved crocodile and the inexplicable expression of the statue unlike other mythological faces where benevolence is the common expression.
I sketched this not from the idol directly but from its photograph .
At that time I had  a Kodak K-10 camera and the image I took from it helped little in recreating the idol . So, though the sketch is as near to the grainy image I clicked, the detailing is mostly imagination.

                                                                    Happy Day 48


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    1. Thanks Amrita :) I am not able to join you on your blog 'I' :( will try again..

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    1. You made my day by using the word 'artistic' .... Thanks for your comment and visiting this space :)

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    1. Thanks Sindhu :) I remember that tried it to be neat but how far I succeed is upto you to judge :) Thanks for your lovely comment.

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    1. Its a copy sketch :D still Thanks for appreciating l:)


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