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'The Incompetent Dragon' is a Picture book for children about a desolate boy and a Dragon who lacks grace, fire and fierce splendour of a dragon! Casting mixed up spells the way it does,the dragon is almost human. People are not terrified of it.There's no fire-spitting and it is not found sleeping in some dungeon but on a stormy night it slipped rather awkwardly down the chimney into the boy's room ! 
Aunt Pen's dreary black house in a stormy night.
Christopher Magnifico's, mother is a dancer and father an acrobat.So, when his parents are off to far lands for shows, he,to his dislike, has to live with his Aunt Pen.
Aunt Pen lives in a black house on a black cliff near a grey sea. She has a flowerless garden full of concrete so that no children can come for picking flowers.
Christopher's parents going to perform their show.
Sitting in his black room with grey bed sheets Christopher detests holidays because it means coming to Aunt Pen's house.He felt dejected and  was crying when with a loud Thump! a large, scaly creature covered in soot and dust fell right down the chimney and out of the fireplace in a disgraceful manner!
From here life changes .
It was a dragon! A Real One. Minus the grace and aplomb.Its a little slow and fire-less and does muddled-up magic but its good.
It shares room with Christopher but to its embarrassment got scared by Aunt pen's Black cat.
Later both went for a walk down the beach but nobody was surprised to see a dragon!
The Dragon took him to the North pole!
Christopher enjoyed its company and turned Aunt Pen into a frog and the Black cat into a Black Dog.Then the Dragon took him all the way to the north pole for a hearty supper. 
On returning Christopher felt ashamed of his meanness and asked the Dragon to turn Aunt Pen and her cat back.The short experience changed their heart and made them them a jolly Aunt and a nice, purry, polite cat respectively !
Now the jolly Aunt wished for a beautiful house and blooming garden which dragon fulfilled though the mixed up magic made sunflowers blue and Narcissi red! But who cares as long as all is sunny and cheerful ?
The now colourful, cheery house with Blue sunflowers in the garden 
 Finally it did its last magic of bringing back Christopher's parents who came to take their son for a real holiday.
Before that a gala party was organised with tons of food and Dragon's favourite cucumber sandwiches .
The Dragon bid adieus and took-off ... first,in an unbecoming and bumpy way but soon swaying away looking  splendid against the sunset. 
My WoRd
The book is good.The author had created a book for children but had put nuggets of wisdom in it to find and explore.
For young readers its simple and cheery and for little grown up ones provides food for thought. It also presents some new and slightly complex words and offers points to be pondered upon and discuss such as -
When Christopher asked "What's mythological? 
The dragon answered,' Myth is something which is true if you believe in it."
And when walking down the beach nobody was surprised to see a dragon,it made Christopher surprised.People commented casually such as- 
The postman said"Funny dog you've go there"
'Well, well that's a big lizard,'said the lady in the sweet shop.
Then the dragon said, 'People see what they expect to see'

So though the dragon was not much of a success as a dragon but it was wise and good natured. And irrespective of casting mixed-up spells for the boy,he's a saviour and a hero.
The book written By Janice Elliot and Illustrated beautifully by Phileppe Dupasquier.  

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