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Death In Holy Orders : P.D. James

Book    : Death In Holy Orders
Author : PD James
Genre` : Crime Fiction 
Published By : Alfred Knopf
Year     : 2001
Cover   : Insipid
It was the name of the author which enticed me in to buy the book from that ramshackle book stall on a cold evening in Dehradun. There was a chill in the atmosphere and strong gusts of wind were rocking me back n forth making me unsteady on my feet.The rapidly descending evening and the biting cold urged me to be quick and I bought it for my late night ritual of a steaming cup of coffee with a good book.
I was apprehensive as I almost never liked a crime /detective fiction title with the word 'death' in it. For me the title ought to be subtle something like Kalpana Swaminathan's Monochrome Madonna, Sujata Massey's 'The Flower Master' or Agatha Christie's 'They Came to Baghdad' 
The first one was a dud,second interesting and the third captivating.It clearly proves that liking the title has nothing to do with my liking the boo…

What Indians Lack : Love (period)

Which bad habit of Indians would you like to change for our India?#ChangeBadHabit4India
I read the topic and was Grrrr... This girl.She loves conflict! Well,Anita, here is my take on us :) Smile is for you otherwise the topic you posted,is no smiling matter.At all...

No spitting
Be hygienic.
Keep your surroundings clean.
Respect Public Property.
Respect women... small girls.
Don't attend to yours' and your brood's Nature's call as per your wish.
Don't mark heritage sites.........
Why, the list is endless..

What we can learn from this seemingly  never ending list is that we lack in one quality,the essential - National Character.
Mother calls it Rashtriya Charitra.

We don't love our country.
 Lack of this one trait make us slave to all the above mentioned habits... otherwise how come as soon as we land on Heathrow Airport,we become civilised ,right from inside the plane! We don't push our co-passengers, which you can witness in domestic flights in a mild form. And to expe…

Our Children:My Vintage Book

Book :Our Children (Hamare Balak-Balikayen)
Author : Flora H. Williams
Genre`: Non-Fiction
Published by : Oriental Watchman Publishing House, Poona(Pune)
Year : 1946

Its one of the oldest books from my childhood which was sold to my mother by my SDA Mission School.(Refer to the old post about my school here) I clearly remember the day when I woke up from my siesta only to found two of the most fearsome teachers (fearful because they taught the senior classes) along with our hindi teacher,Mrs Tyagi who was only a disciplinarian in comparison, sitting on the edge of my cot .I got a jolt. Anybody would. 
Despite being a rank holder and an almost perfect child, seeing Mission School teachers or any kind of teachers in your house was alarming and offers nothing to be pleased about.
I stealthily opened my eyes ,just a chink, to gauge what was going on.By the tea-cups and cookies on the wooden table, it did not seemed like a chaapa(a raid they sometimes performed appearing at naughty student's …