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The Ragpickers

रंगत है गालों से रूठी  हुई 
किस्मत की माला है टूटी हुई 
पुस्तक की इनके अधूरे  हैं पन्नें
छालों  भरे हैं हाथ ये नन्हे

पलकों पे धूल  की चादर जमी है
बचपन के माथे पर सिलवट खिंची है
बालों की स्याही, गालों  पे ढलकी
मुस्कान कब की रूठी जा फिसली

कचरे के ढेर से झांकते मुखड़े
खेल-खिलौने, काँच के टुकड़े
चमकीली पिन्नी,  ढंग से सजाना
सिगरेट के कागज़ अनमोल खज़ाना 

तपती दुपहरी, सूरज के पहरा  
रंगीन सपनों से रंगीन चेहरा  
नींद में मन, बुने सपने  सलोना 
"माँ ने लगाया है सुन्दर डिठौना, 

माँगा है हम को  मनौती मना कर
रखा फिर सीने से रोज़ लगा कर "
नींद में यू ममता की खुशबू आये 
माँ ने कही से हो भेजी दुआएं "

ख्वाब ही बस ये काफी रोज़ाना 
बोझ को फिर से हंस कर उठाना 
 कंधे पे बोरी ,पैरों बिवाई 
वीरान मन में बस - तन्हाई  

खो न जाये ये, तारे  ज़मीन पर

I may not be able to help all the children around the world, but if I see any child in distress, I’ll do my best to help him/her. I’ll never be a participant or an indifferent observer to any sort of injustice met to kids.” - शंखनाद 

Shankhnad : For children
Please Do Visit : Talkin…

The Associate : Review

Book :    The Associate
Author :  John Grisham
Genre :    Corporate Thriller
Published by :Arrow Books
Year :      2009
Cover :   Good (This one)

Being a John Grisham fan I am always ready for an opportunity to read him. And to review, is just icing over the cake !

Like all Grisham lovers I too love him for his finely etched court-room dramas, the examinations and the cross- examinations, the litigations, appeal, hearing, plea and plea bargain,the prosecution, the circumstantial evidence, the indictment, the jury .... and  the verdict .
But he appeals to me more because of the way he writes.
Grisham creates fine and layered characters mouthing  meaningful clear dialogues and thus a lucid and spontaneous narration. Even the twists and turns seem graceful !

Kyle McAvoy is law graduate with a brilliant academic record, a bright future, humanistic tendencies to follow his lawyer father rather than some big law-firm in New York raking moolah by every passing second and ...... a wild past .


A store !

                                              fountain of joy, bliss ...
                                              store of wisdom .... welcomes me
                                              with smile, always .. Books

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Dusk: Haiku

                                                         amber and blue sky
                                                         burning clouds on russet-gold
                                                        autumn dusk .... twilight 

                                                      ruby claret gold
                                                      sunlit drying leaves fall slow
                                                      ochre autumn dusk

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Inspired  by : pics by  Meoww's Musings 

Haiku : Ripe Gold

ripe wheat stalks in noon    
                                                      sway and sparkle in sunshine 
                                                     golden braids shimmer

                                                     smitten, a ladybug sat 
                                                  like the red rose of my love
                                                 tucked at nape, tangled !

Haiku : Cold

                   wise, prudent leaders
                   can not bring justice, they have
                    hot heads and cold hearts. 

Written in response to HaikuHorizon Prompt cold.

# Bring Back the Touch ..

When Aabha hurriedly enters inside the college gates, there were still 7 minutes to 9 which means she can still be in time for her 9o'clock lecture.

" Oh ! Mrs. Raina !"  Aabha must avoid her.. even a simple good morning will take one full minute with her so she rushed past her, head bent, looking steadily at her wrist-watch and once past her, in the empty corridor , she sprinted , entered in the department, signed her attendance , picked up chalk and duster and rushed upstairs for her class of Post grads waiting eagerly for her . 
"Damn !" she forgot the coloured chalks ..will make Manoj -the lanky student from  Hisar, go and fetch them ...
 'Good Morning Batch !' she greeted with her usual phrase, the batch responded and the familiar routine started ...

It was precisely after 2 hours , when she was coming down stairs, with head covered with a thick layer of chalk-dust , sitting like a colourful spray on her rich, dark hair  that she got time to call Prem …

Golden Home : My Dream 24K Home with Porcelanosa

When the serpent of desire enticed Eve-the first woman into the 'fall' little did it realize what's in store for .. the MANkind . Because even before the first blush of  love gains full bloom, a woman ALWAYS  thinks no, creates a home - her dream abode .. where she  will live ever after with her man (who is still in the  initial stages of dilemma about gifting her a red heart ..but she 'knows' the look) .. so the man may change but that heavenly house is going to stay and will become grand with each passing suitor err... day  I am no different and not being unfaithful to Eve's lineage, I too had a dream .. a dream of home sweet home which though has materialised but is  somehow in dire need of upliftment Always!  So when IB gave the opportunity to make a virtual dream home of 24K gold I grabbed the chance and here it is -
The Basic model of my dream home will allow lots of sun and air into my house along with providing me with options to cut it off as per my wish .…

How will You 'Go' Babli ?

Dear Babli,

I know how common it is for you and your family to 'go' out there in the open..  just before day-break. Your parents must have told you, rather ingrained in you the 'benefits' of 'going' in open .They must have told you that -
 its less smelly 
good for our Earth 
and more hygienic ! 
What they forgot to tell is - they don't have a choice.

I know this because, as a young girl from Uttar Pradesh, I had seen this up,close and personal. I had even tried to dissuade Rajni, our helper's daughter of my age, from this practice only to receive the above Gyan

My home was in the outer,silent zone of the city AND my school on other end of the town ... situated amid greenery, away from hustle-bustle which meant I had to start earlier from home than others.
 So, my rickhaw wale bhaiyya would promptly pick me up at 6:00 AM in chilly and foggy northern winters when beside ME only the poor uncouths of the city would be going on with their 'normal routine'…

Haiku : Tum

                      मेघा बौराये 
                      गमक गया बेला 
                     दिखे थे तुम