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The New Year Resolution

Its a new year again. 
Resolutions and promises .... only to be broken, as they say in modern cities.
Not for her. 
Ria has never made New Year Resolutions.. She don't need them. Her life as a cashier in the India Gas Agency in rural outskirts of Moradabad is more than punctual, disciplined and content. Free from all those complications that a life in Metro offers to a young 17 something girl.

But this year is different...she has some savings and the offer seems irresistible.

To be able to click HD images,edit and filter them and make a fancy collage and to be able to take part in the prestigious 'Pic Of The Year' in her district is something only dreams are made of ... for her at least .

Well , clicking pictures is not as easy as it seems. It needs patience and persistence - the only two things she has in abundance ,she thought wryly.

But then, that's why this resolution is needed.So that she can not step back. There are other things, a list of priorities on which pic of the…

Love Unfulfilled : From Old Pages

Many years back when I was definitely not a young child but a little innocence and notions of pure love fed in me had made me the sentimental fool, I wrote this poetic piece (true blooded poets need not get offended..It sounds good this way.that's all!)after a phrase  - 'Even Love Unreturned Has Its Own Rainbow'which I came across in Reader's Digest. I was touched (inexplicably) and wrote it in one go. So, read it keeping my state of emotional frenzy in mind...:)


Oh! love just makes the world go round
It blossoms beautifully anywhere
It paints the world in glittering tints
But true love is for a few who dare

I've once been through this path 'my dear',
And now I'm sauntering here again
It's still the same,under golden veil,
It's filled with anguish,sorrow,pain,

And as I ponder,hopes grow higher
only to be dashed again
hearts beat as one but far across,
it's circumstances hard to explain

But well ! then love means growing up

To move on ,seek …

Near :Haiku

new dreams, fresh start, hope
                                           bright pastures, better,greener 
                                           always, near the end


                                         buds smile shy, tickled
                                         sun kissed petals sway, near by
                                         you are here somewhere 

                                         hurt, I cried, you sulked
                                         they looked content, our marriage
                                         survived a near death 

For HaikuHorizons

Good Morning !

the kettle shattered 
                                                all scattered topsy turvy
                                                my kids are awake !


nose-pin pearls glow gleam   
                                             in ruby lips' reflection
                                             like pomegranate seeds

                                             beautiful curved nose
                                             decked with shining red ruby 
                                             parrot spies parrot

                                             mystified unsure
                                             the bird stays shy and wonders
                                             to pluck , not to pluck 

These lines tells about the exquisite facial features of Urmila (Laxman's wife). Here the beauty of Urmila's perfectly arched nose and the red bloom of her lips is presented by describing the thought process of a puzzled parrot thus, drawing the picture without touching the object of admiration!
These lines are by Maithili Sharan Gupt .The prompt 'Ruby' by Ha…

A Mother from Peshawar

pearl of my eyes now
                                                 lies adorned with a ruby 
                                                on heart, life trickles..

with HaikuHorizons

The Contract : Review

Book          : The Contract
Author       : Zeenat Mahal
Genre`       :  Romance/Contemporary
Publishers  : IndiReads
Cover         : Lacking, unimaginative and bland ..for such beautiful characters, it deserved better. Surely
Ratings       : 3/5

The blurb which got me interested was-

…I’ll pay you a monthly salary to behave and appear for all practical purposes as my wife…If you agree, the marriage vows can be taken on the phone on Saturday, since I have an hour free in the morning.” Circumstances have forced the young divorcée, Shahira, to accept Hussain’s unusual proposition. As per their contract, she’ll have his name, will be paid to look after his ailing mother and motherless daughter and will be left well alone by him. Perfect! Until her new husband decides to stop playing by the rules…" My TAKE  Of - course I was expecting a romance ! And romance it is.. heady mix of traditional and contemporary,aromatic alleys of Pakistan and cobblestoned Western streets. May be, sort of mild Mills…

The Case Of The Chinese Mastermind : Review

Book     : The Case Of The Chinese Mastermind 
                    (The Crime Busters' League)
Author       : Ketaki Karnik
Genre`       : YA Fiction /Mystery
Publishers : Jaico Publishing House
Year          : 2014
Cover        : Childish
Ratings      : 3.7/5

How will it feel to go back in childhood and have a mystery ala Nancy drew style to solve for ? Smashing ! You would say and that's what the book is - S.M.A.S.H.I.N.G .

With Uncle Ravi's valuable papers stolen and his company refusing to call in the police,its upto 14 years old Kavya,Raima,Varun and Anna to solve the mystery. 
Uncle Ravi's reputation and hard work is at stake and perhaps some lives too ..... as a blood-thirsty monster, a killer car, rogue spies, muscular henchmen,plotting friends, crooked officials,corporate espionage, blackmail ,theft, guests and servants in disguise .... are only few of the things to be taken care of  .... in that very secluded farmhouse .
And to top it all a very much harried Pin…

A History of Insects : Review

Book        :    A History of Insects
Author    :    Yvonne Roberts
Genre`     :    Coming of age 
Year        :    2000
Cover      :   beautifully symbolic, Loved it.
Ratings:    3/5

Nine-years-old, Ella is caught amid the pretentious world of grown ups and found it to be sham and full of hypocrisy. For her, the adult behaviour is confusing and contradictory.

She is lonely as her relation with her mother is far from good.The only sunny rays are 'Uncle Ash', the Pakistani Brigadier Ashraf Khan, the American lady Betty and the very ill, soon-to-die- Tommy.
Later, in the story, when Ella is send to a hostel she met Zuhra, Miss Patterson and Dr Mac.
After gaining new insights in the matters of religion and sin, Ella loses her voice and was brought back by Betty to Peshawar for the summer holidays.  How she got her voice back  in more than one ways marks the end of the story.

My View-

Set in early 1956 when the last of the British Empire was struggling to hold its place in Peshawar, Pakistan…

स्वेटर : Haiku

रेशमी ऊन 
स्वेटर में हैं गुंथी
यादें नरम

शोख प्यार के
सुर्ख़  धागों  से बुने 
ये ताने बाने

ख़्वाबों  ख्वाहिशों  
मख्मली  अल्फाज़ों की 
चंद  डोरियां 

खुले उलझे 
धागे कुछ गिरहें 
आ सुलझा लें  

सर्द बर्फ में 
दे तपिश-ए -रूह   
दिल (का)  नमूना 


tender and warm fur
a sweater knitted smooth in 
satin memories

                                                                                  from blood crimson threads 
          I weave knit and crochet, this
          token of love, love

I tie twine of dreams 
velvety expressions and
longing desire ache 

                                                                                   a few tangled knots                
           some loose threads overlooked, sigh .
  love ! will sort them .. fresh

in  frozen white lands
will wrap, protect, warm your soul 
the design of (my) heart

Hot : Haiku

                       पिघला देती 
                                                            सुन्न हाथ मन भी 
                                                                     गर्म कहवा 

warms numb hands, cold hearts
                                           cardamom ginger basil                                                                                                          a cup of hot tea

for HaikuHorizons

The City of Joy

Where joy-beams dance in sunlit streams
and morn shines bright with hope as gleam
They smile with eyes, they laugh with hearts
And love grows strong on being apart

 The 'selfish' fog has lifted long ago
  Insecurity, ego are words not known
  Compassion blooms on every tree
 And girls and birds both dance so free

 Charity graces all the homes
 Clemency decorates every dome
  Empathy grew in backyard patch
  And mercy fever, like cold they catch!

  Try vines dangle from contentment hooks
   Persistence blooms smiles wide  at nooks
   Forgiveness scents the avenues wide
   And life seems like a good-luck-ride

   A bed of thanks; a gratitude  quilt
   Acceptance snipping out, threads of  guilt                                                                                                                                       Where fondness curtains sway in air
'I can' windows throw out despair

 Kindness rolls as waves at the shore
  Hate is a figment, a word of lore

Living Life. Simply .

जीवन पथ का पाथेय यही ,

खुद की पहचान समझ लेना 

जग में अपनी निजता लय कर

निज में ही जग को पा जाना।

sustenance of life is

realisation of  the self.

harmonize 'self ' into the world 

to find the world oneself .

जीवन  - life ,  पथ  -  way , path , road

पाथेय  - support, sustenance , निजता - self 

लय  - harmonize ,blending

Sparked by Miss Marple from Agatha Christie's books .
Used as introduction in my new Hindi Blog "पाथेय "