Quikr Nxt : Update your CAR .

What are these Quikr guys planning to do? After making 'shifting to a new place' hassle free and then selling or buying a product all over India, now they have made upgrade to a better car quick and noise free. I specially hate the hulla-bullo which follows when one decides to sell or buy a thing . The stress to visit all places, meet buyers and sellers is excruciating.
We are really glad the Quikr guys have came up with this chat option as well as such a stress free way of doing this . They are making the right amount of noise in the right quarters . Gone were the days of asking the Mamas and Chachas and friends and friends of friends to spread the news that we are interested in selling a car or vice- versa. Too much of a shock for them. Specially the family members and relatives.  First the Why ?
followed by  " You are not able maintain it beta?"
When we tell that we are updating it  then, its- " Why are you selling it . Its working fine . This is not the way to spend your hard earned money ..If we get old you will change .upgrade us also ?" 

Now with Quikr upgrading, when the Chacha ji sits in the more comfy seats with more leg-space and rests his glass of juice in the new- not -there- before, glass holder,and listens to the nuances of the car deal, he said, " You have made a wise decision Beta. Its better and you have got a good deal too " :)

And its all because of the new Chat option of Quikr which works fine with not only laptops,palmtops and other conventional systems but on mobiles. The Quikr App is really amazing as it allows the seller and the buyer to communicate over these devices and see the pictures, the details, specifications and all this without a single telephone call ! To download QuikrApp click  here .

Image :Source 
To update our dear old but sweet Maruti Alto we posted an Advertisement  on the Quikr site . It was real easy to post and everything was sorted out for the buyer as well as the seller . The navigation through the site is clear and simple. The steps we followed are as below-

Open Quikr Site ---> 
Go to Post your AD -->
Select category 'Cars and Bikes' ---> 
Select Sub category 'CARS' -->
Opt for 'Buy' OR 'Sell' -->
Put a Title as  ours was '2012 Maruti Alto,driven 75,000km-->' 
Add pic -->
fill the form with address, type of fuel your car uses etc --> 
Voila its real easy and Quick :)

Other options to make the experience better are -

Language choice ..yes you can post an AD in hindi too !

The Premium AD Facility.For a fixed amount we can make our AD premium for more visibility and QUIKR experience .

The QUIKR CHAT option. Its our wish if we want to connect over phone or not.
Its Private, safe and truly hassle free and definitely quick . Aptly named!

The post is written as a HappyHours post for IB in association with QuikrNXT.


Why ..?

A girl hangs herself after 'failing in love'. A boy is too shattered to concentrate on life and has turned 'himself' into a 'failure '. A mother curses that someone special for 'making' her child a loser and a recluse. But ...e
ven love unreturned and unfulfilled  has its own Rainbow ! Then Why blame love .. ? Its perspective .

                                                                          हर  बात पे तक़रार करती थीं  तुम
                                                        जाने कैसा  प्यार  करती थीं तुम
                                                        जिस मोड़ पे  मिलती , तड़पा के गुज़रती  थीं 
                                                       फिर भी खुद को दोस्तों में शुमार करती थीं  तुम
                                                       अब जो  संभला हूँ  तो सोचा चंद बातें कर लूँ 
                                                       कि आखिर क्यों ये बार बार करती थीं तुम .......... 


                                                         गिर के सम्भलना  मैं तुमको बता रही थी 
                                                         हार में जीत का फ़लसफ़ा दिखा रही थी 
                                                         मेरे  दामन में गम भी है खुशियां भी 
                                                         काँटों से गुल चुनना समझा रही थी 
                                                         दर्दे-इश्क़ में बर्बाद हो , बदनाम मुझे करता है तू , 
                                                        मैं  मोहब्बत हूँ ,  दिल-ए -नादाँ  तुझे,  जीना सिखा रही थी। 

 From this Beautiful Source

 तक़रार  -arguement ,                         तड़पा के - teasing
 गुज़रती - passes by ,                          शुमार - consider
चंद - some , a few,                             आखिर - after all
क्यों ये बार बार - why again n again , सम्भलना - to  take care
फ़लसफ़ा - philosophy ,                       गुल - flower
दर्दे-इश्क़- pain of love ,                      बर्बाद - destroyed
बदनाम - defame ,                              दिल-ए -नादाँ - O! simpleton heart


The Adventure of The Christmas Pudding : Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie can rarely go wrong with me. This time is no exception especially as the book is a Christmas special with a foreword by the Mystery Queen herself - 
 "This book of Christmas fare may be described as "The Chef's Selection." I am the Chef!
There are two main courses: The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and The Mystery of the Spanish Chest; a selection of Entrées: Greenshaw's Folly, The Dream, and The Under Dog; and a Sorbet: Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds."

What a yummy foreword! I was really excited  and was surprised to find that the book has six stories rather than a single one. All of them are good though I have my own share of reservations for  a few. 

'The Christmas Pudding' has a Ruby to be found,a deceit to be uncovered with a few prestiges at stake.And all this amidst the joyous and cheerful atmosphere of Christmas .In fact it offers such a bonhomie environment filled with festive cheer that one can almost 'see' small bunches of red ribboned holly leaves adorning the mansion and 'smell' the baking and and cooking going on in the big kitchen.Well, the 'little grey cells' of Poirot worked nicely here .

'The Spanish Chest' has an alluringly attractive heroine, a murdered husband , accused lover/s and prejudiced women around her as the central figures. Who said that Ignorance/Innocence is a bliss? It can be fatal .Avarice,contempt  or jealousy ...what was it ?

'The Under Dog' has again an ill-tempered master, murdered quite conveniently for the benefit of more than one persons... It was a bit stretched out and lengthy and I never liked hypnotism as a tool in 'actual' investigation. May be to create an atmosphere to create a trap but to actually rely on it is a let down. (like in movie Bhool Bhulaiyya  where witchcraft was a facade for a reason) 

'The Four and Twenty Blackbirds' has  a chance incident working as a trigger for the investigation of an accident which later turned out to be a murder. It's possible but, the mistake the culprit did, was a little too lame for the mind he is shown to possess. So again .. I was a little dissatisfied.

'The Dream' again has a murdered master who was bad-tempered when alive and not mourned when dead.The case seemed plain enough to veteran readers like me (ahem-ahem) though for greener readers it might be interesting. The wife's character needed more detailing and a few more paragraphs to pique up one's interest in her or vice-versa. She was too easy an option to be doubted upon.

'The Greenshaw's Folly' was way too far fetched and fantastic for me and lacked that beauty of narration and description for which I am her fan. It along with 'The Dream' also lacked the layered characters and was more of an imagination gone wild on Miss Marple's part . Though of-course weeds were a great clue ! No doubt Miss marple drove Inspector Welch a bit crazy!

So all in all the stories which I don't like much too have unused potential. It seemed as if Christie was in a hurry to finish these off and thus, she did not let these reach their natural high or low. The last two specially seemed stagey ..a word she had used so well in 'The Dream' ! 

But as always, even when she is not good , she is better than many and I loved the opening scene of all barring the last two. 

So, with a little something here and there these 6 stories manage to keep the Christmas spirit intact that is to be jolly,fun and full of surprises.

Buy it and find it lacking ... Better wait till someone gifts it to you ..and you  might find the pudding irresistible :)

My Rating : 3/5

PS. Despite everything I enjoyed it . It was a gifted to me by Ravish Mani  :p 


The White Moustache : Bedtime Rituals

I have always felt blessed to be the daughter of my parents. The anecdotes and stories about how they both treated me and  took care of me were something which I always looked forward to listen while visiting my Grandma's home .. Specially my bed-time routine was something which always made me resolute to do the same if not better for my kid. 

Anindy was born in 2005 and I was happy as I could take care of him the way, I was taken care of. Being a working mum in a joint family meant I could hardly get time for him in the daytime but nights were special ...
For his bedtime I had a full ritual which I followed without fail. My sis-in-law even gave a name to it Andu ki Moonch or Anindy's moustache ! Instead of asking if the baby has slept she would ask"Bhabhi ,Andu ki moonch banai ?"
Sometimes she would help me in this . 

First a body massage by olive oil/Dabur laal tail while whispering sweet nothings to him or mostly simply smiling.Those moments were for feeling the touch.

A warm bath in his Purple bathtub set in a closed room. The lukewarm jet of water on tummy and joints seemed to relax him beyond words.

Wrapped in a soft towel he would cling to me. After drying up, I would apply a dab of vaseline or ghee on sensitive areas followed by a light puff of baby powder on his bums .

Finally a  soft lullaby or two till he would drift to sleep. Mum would apply a tiny smudge of baby powder below his nose saying he would have fragrant dreams ! The little white moustache would look so funny and cute !

The bedtime ritual changed a bit after he grew up as lullabies were replaced by stories and books.
For my daughter's bedtime massage and bathing Anindy would also help sometimes .With her birth the ritual lost some of its sobriety and gained more fun  as Anindy would also take a dip in his old purple bucket side by side to his sister while she would be in her new Aquamarine bathtub set.... *rolling eyes*

It was hectic but it was fun .I loved EVERY moment of it and am grateful I followed a fixed and a fun-filled routine .. Now as both of them are growing fast .. these are some of the precious, golden moments I cling to in my heart ! 

I love the white moustache of Pihu and Anindy !

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Befikar,Umar Bhar : No Stress,For LIfe

As if the new advertisement from IDBI Lifesurance was not feel-good enough,some intelligent soul introduced the Tag-line "Befikar Umar Bhar " .. 

Ah! The thought itself is so relaxing,liberating and lucrative ....

That moment, when life would become carefree in monetary sense regarding illness, health scare and higher education , I'd open my Bucket ...nay...Chest full of list.
And the Five Front-runners you would find are -

Thanks Here 
First - To own a Library with a rich aroma of  freshly grounded coffee filling the space ... and I have a name ready - 'Brewing Books'  smells good ! 

Second-  To travel the world .... the whole of it including those little
countries and places hidden like jewels in its creases ... and write a travelogue.
 Two months of summer vacations tease and torture me beyond words... every year ! 
Would spend that time in Antarctica with six months of day and six months of night ! It was the ONLY thing I loved in the Sandra Bullock movie 'The Proposal '...

Third is to fatafat enroll myself  for a Waltz ,Rumba or Tango dance school .... I dancing. Specially the Ballroom way .... would help me cut some flab too :p

Fourth is go scuba diving in the great barrier reef ..... or  anywhere man ... as far as I am under the 
Image Courtesy
salt-water experiencing that cool warmth of it. And from there head straight to watch the Northern Lights ...the Aurora Borealis ..with my kids n family  .....  

Fifth is to devise a system and fight for it where I can study  as  well as teach Biology,Philosophy and Literature  eksaath  as in same course!
As a student I HATED it when I had to choose between Biology and Literature OR Philosophy and Chemistry ....why couldn't a combo of both?

Well , If only I can be as Befikar as these guys of the video .... 

You may think that all my wishes, aspirations or day-dreams are not so hi-fi as of owning a floor in Burj Khalifa or to have the King of Brunei in my chuddy-buddy Whatsapp group :p ...
Image Courtesy
Then why can't I follow my heart and go for at-least the first fours right now ?

One reason is that I want to do all above things not for some days but for six months at-least !
Second is - One has to be befikar ...without any stress .. to listen to your heart .. the IDBI Federal Lifesurence Whole Life promises to be one such step to secure your life financially . After it perhaps, I can be footloose and follow my heart ... Finally :)

The post is written as a Happy-Hour Post for the  HappyHours on IndiBlogger in association with IDBI LifesuranceFor more information on it check out Here


#Unconditional Love with the Zenfone

For the Valentine month-

The best time of the year. Light gulabi chill, gulabi evenings and the pink Tabebuia in full bloom.
I am happy in my world of books and writing travelogues. Reading tons of them on my Zenfone in my cozy reading nook with a steaming cup of coffee.It feels the best thing in the world. Or as some might put it as the NEXT best thing after being in love  (rolling eyes) Is it ?
I beg to disagree.

Circa 1992
Not so long back when Valentine Day was not a craze in our sleepy town, my friend Vaishali experienced her first crush.He was beautiful (yes, that was the word  we used to think described him best at that time) , intelligent and with a sweet smile he was easily the best boy in the entire school ! Being the tongue tied and shy girl that she as well as I was, we used to simply stare and sigh..She for him and I, for her. 
It was our class 3rd.
 ...when one day one Aparajita Kohli (what's in a name they say!) swept him away from right under our combined noses and Vaishali was left gloomy and sad... till she found another guy to pin her heart on.
You have to believe me when I say it was NOT childish...In coming years similar incidents happened around me left,right and center and worked as eye-openers as I found the whole thing fickle and temporary ....
The way people moved on left a deep impression.They were sort of prepared for it much before.
Back to NOW

I have already braved myself for the questions to follow. 
Who is your Valentine this year?
Where are you going with him?
How serious are you ?....

Well dearies, family and friends alike , I am spending the special love filled day with my Zenfone !And I can give you not one, not two, but five reasons for it !

Numero Uno is that its dependable ...(ROFL) You don't have to keep your best foot forward for the insecurity of loosing him...err and it never leaves you in lurch with a low battery sign as it has a powerful battery backup.

Second is its beaa...utiful .... a black beauty ..shiny, glossy , ...sleek,slim..feather light and smooth ...with a classic look ..

Third is it works just by the merest touch and is not dense like some ...ugh... 
Its very very quick and fast ...understands my preferences and stores them in its memory Forever !

Fourth is  it NEVER  demands an explanation OR gives excuses.

 Fifth  is no last minute ditching, never forgets a meeting or a birthday !

And the way it keeps my picture in its digital eyes...clear and a perfect HD ! So romantic ...And yes no bad breath and no messy habits for that special date ... 

Check out for yourself here :)

I am happy and content with it so just gimme some time to get ready for the V-Day with my 5s Valentine - smart, slick, super, steady and suave ..

The Post is written as a Happy-Hours post for HappyHoursIB in association with ASUS Zenfone.For more on it visit 


Yay... More Love

I received the best gifts any blogger can receive .. Awards for blogging :)...Am suitably pleased, humbled and honored ..(and ready to write more and better )

Like many bloggers I too have a strict policy regarding Awards - Accept it ... grab it..just get it somehow *wink-wink* :P

And as I have said in an earlier post regarding Awards here , these show the love and affection of fellow bloggers and motivate me to do 'even' better :p

Now the first Award I have received is The Liebster Award from Ranjini or Ranju as she is affectionately called.She blogs at A Few Handpicked Things In Life  and to label her simply as a blogger will be blasphemous as Ranju is an extremely  multi-talented personality.She writes,again-WRITES, reads, sings, dances ,parties, blogs, does Yoga, want to learn Archery, loves colour PURPLE , is a hardcore Harry Potter Fan, loves Enid Blyton, is pursuing her CA course and ..(there is still more) is a believer in God and Sri Sathya Sai Nath Guru. Visit her place and you will understand that the 'FEW' in her blog name means 'ALL' :) 
Thanks a Million Ranju for the Award -Love :) 
May you pick up All the best things including Potter series :)

The rules are -
Thank the person who nominated you. (done)
State 11 random facts about you.
Answer the questions posed to you.
Nominate 11 blogs and ask 11 questions to them.
Questions for me:
1. What made you start a blog?
     Love for Writing ..Again- Writing :)

2. Black or white? And why?
     White. It has all colours in it .. comme onn...! real reason -I              found it calm and beautiful ...reflecting light .

3. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
    Health,Happiness and Contentment 

4.  Do you believe in magic?
     Absolutely ...Yes !

5. If you wanted one superpower, what would that be?
     Time Travel

6. Favorite cartoon character.
    The CowBoy from Toy Story

7. If you were given a role in a movie/a book. Any movie/book. Which one will you prefer? With reason.
So many choices.. well,

Lyra Belacqua from "The Northern lights" 
Reason : For her pluck, courage, curiosity and wit... and to experience her life in University and the adventures she had !

Elizabeth Bennet from 'Pride and Prejudice'
Reason : Obvious !

8. What is your ambition? Are you in the same field you wished to be in?
    Somehow I Never had any ambitions. Though I sort of 'knew'            about certain things :) 
    So, it  was a vague idea.. always pictured myself reading and            writing and here I am teaching and blogging :) 

9. When you see a flower, do you prefer leaving it there or plucking it?
    Leaving it .. 
    but capturing it mentally or by clicking, painting,sketching or writing a verse on it :)

10. For Indians, are you following ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement? For others, are you doing your part to keep your city clean?
    Yes ! I am.

Now My nominees-

Ishrath Humairah     Wandering Mist
Shashank Tiwari:     Embark With MyThoughts
Maniparna :              Scattered Thoughts
Indrani Ghose:         I Share
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Pratikshya Mishra :  Magic Moments
RavishMani :            Being Successful
Roohi Bhatnagar :    Soulful
Nimi Arora :             All In A Day's Work
Sindhu Devi :           Arts And Me

My questions for you guys are -

1.Why you blog ?
2.One character which you feel is exactly like you or the most like your personality.
3. One character who is different from you but you can relate to him/her or aspire to be like him/her.
4.One blog post of yours which you think reflects you the best.
5.A blog post of another blogger you liked the most till date .
6.One place/scenario where you want a movie/book to be done about or around ?
7. How do you want to be remembered?
8.The Best line/quote on love. (V-day is coming .. :)
9. One positive character (hero/heroine)you never wanted to be /play.Why ?
10. How much time do you give to blogging and other gadget related activities like net-surfing, gaming, messengers, whatsapp etc daily ? Be honest.
Tons of Thanks and with lots of love n cheers :)

कौन : A Poem

Who can deny the allure nature exults on us.
 It splutters and flutters with life , blooming and withering, waxing and waning, stimulating sublime imagination causing spiritual awakening and effortlessly uniting us with the cosmos. Tranquil yet lively, earthly yet ethereal, it's mystical.

In the daily rut of life nature gives  us moments to live. The crackling of a bud, the cracking of the dawn, a dew-drop dangling from a corner of the leaf with tiny rainbows trapped inside it, scintillating just before the fall! The red-black beetle perched on a green grass blade, mercurial water droplets trembling on a lotus leaf, sweet melancholia of  autumn, happy duet of spring and the silent soliloquy of winter!

Nature encompasses All - art, words, beauty, love and devotion  It's Absolute and Infinite. 
Welcome to its mystic world.                  

वनो में कचनार  खिले,
सोने की मोहरों से
लदा हुआ, सुनहला, 
अमलतास गुनगुनाया 
 किसने मुझे बुलाया ?

  गुलमोहरी आग के 
 सुर्ख़ अंगारों ने                                               पत्तों और बूटों को
 सुलगा  दहकाया,
 तपिश कौन लाया ?

हवा में पराग उड़े 
मौसम के रूप चढ़े 
भूला हुआ साथ कोई 
सुधियों पर छाया,
कुछ याद आया

अम्बर में रंग घुले
धुँधलाईं  यादों  ने
मन के मदिरालय में
महुआ  महकाया
तन क्यों बौराया ?                                                                     
 मंदिर में शंख बजे,                                         नयनों में दीप जले                                        बिसरी हुई बातों  का 
 आँचल  लहराया  
 कौन  मुस्कुराया !

मोरपंखी  साँझ  भयी 
 यमुना के तट पर   
 बंसी का मृदुल स्वर 
 किसने बजाया 
 कैसी यह माया !

Mystical : courtsey


बूँदें : RainDrops

दो बूँद गिरी अमरूदों पर
दस जा टपकी चौबारे 
बोसा ले आईं छज्जों का 
कुछ अटक गयीं ओसारे 
                                                          कुछ झरने में जा ,जा मचली 
                                                          लो चलीं समंदर पार 
                                                          कुछ ऐसी दमकी लड़ियों सी 
                                                          ज्यों नया नौलखा हार  

कुछ नदिया में गिर गिर उछली 
 कुछ गयीं कुएं में कूद 
कुछ गगरी में चुप जा बैठी 
अब करो पानी का दूध 

                                                           फूलों को  चिढ़, दो जड़ आयीं 
                                                         और कलियों को सहलाया 
                                                         नन्न-मन्नू लब्बू ,पीहू 
                                                         सब को मल -मल  नहलाया 

फिर जा धोया मंदिर का ध्वज 
प्रभु- चरणो नीर चढ़ाया 
नाची – कूदीं खेतों खेहरों 
बागों में बौर बढ़ाया 

                                                सूरज का मुख भी चमका कर
                                                धो-पोंछ  निखारी धूप 
                                                हर डाली जैसे मणि-पर्णा 
                                                उज्ज्वल हुआ भू  का रूप 

किरणों को बंदी कर डाला 
खींची सतरंगी पाँत  
नटखट  मृगछौने से बादल 
 अब जा बैठे नभ में  शांत 

                                                      बूंदो ने धो डाला जग का 
                                                      मालिन्य, द्धेष -विषाद 
                                                      पुलकित तन, भीगा मन
                                                      मैंने , पाया  सच्चा आह्लाद। 

चौबारे - lounge,                                           बोसा - kiss
छज्जों - eaves/ balconies,                                 ओसारे - lounge like area
मचली -  ebullience,                                          लड़ियों - strings 
नौलखा हार  -necklace worth 9 lacs,             गगरी - earthen pot
 चिढ़ - taunt ,                                                     जड़ आयीं - smacked
ध्वज - flag,                                                        नीर - water
बंदी - prisoner ,                                                   पाँत - line/queue
नटखट  - naughty                                               मृगछौने - fawn ,    
मालिन्य - malice,                                             द्धेष -विषाद -  jealousy- depression
पुलकित - cheery,                                             आह्लाद - rapture

ग़ुलाब- The Rose

                 ग़ुलाब एक...                                    डॉयरी के पन्नों में,                                     कोयल ने फिर कुह...