Quikr Nxt : Update your CAR .

What are these Quikr guys planning to do? After making 'shifting to a new place' hassle free and then selling or buying a product all over India, now they have made upgrade to a better car quick and noise free. I specially hate the hulla-bullo which follows when one decides to sell or buy a thing . The stress to visit all places, meet buyers and sellers is excruciating.
We are really glad the Quikr guys have came up with this chat option as well as such a stress free way of doing this . They are making the right amount of noise in the right quarters . Gone were the days of asking the Mamas and Chachas and friends and friends of friends to spread the news that we are interested in selling a car or vice- versa. Too much of a shock for them. Specially the family members and relatives.  First the Why ?
followed by  " You are not able maintain it beta?"
When we tell that we are updating it  then, its- " Why are you selling it . Its working fine . This is not the way to spend your hard earned money ..If we get old you will change .upgrade us also ?" 

Now with Quikr upgrading, when the Chacha ji sits in the more comfy seats with more leg-space and rests his glass of juice in the new- not -there- before, glass holder,and listens to the nuances of the car deal, he said, " You have made a wise decision Beta. Its better and you have got a good deal too " :)

And its all because of the new Chat option of Quikr which works fine with not only laptops,palmtops and other conventional systems but on mobiles. The Quikr App is really amazing as it allows the seller and the buyer to communicate over these devices and see the pictures, the details, specifications and all this without a single telephone call ! To download QuikrApp click  here .

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To update our dear old but sweet Maruti Alto we posted an Advertisement  on the Quikr site . It was real easy to post and everything was sorted out for the buyer as well as the seller . The navigation through the site is clear and simple. The steps we followed are as below-

Open Quikr Site ---> 
Go to Post your AD -->
Select category 'Cars and Bikes' ---> 
Select Sub category 'CARS' -->
Opt for 'Buy' OR 'Sell' -->
Put a Title as  ours was '2012 Maruti Alto,driven 75,000km-->' 
Add pic -->
fill the form with address, type of fuel your car uses etc --> 
Voila its real easy and Quick :)

Other options to make the experience better are -

Language choice ..yes you can post an AD in hindi too !

The Premium AD Facility.For a fixed amount we can make our AD premium for more visibility and QUIKR experience .

The QUIKR CHAT option. Its our wish if we want to connect over phone or not.
Its Private, safe and truly hassle free and definitely quick . Aptly named!

The post is written as a HappyHours post for IB in association with QuikrNXT.


  1. quikr is really racing up with advertisement .. nicely done :)

    1. Thanks Ankur , yeah Its living upto its name .he he :P :)

  2. I really liked the chat option Kokila. I use a similar chat option whenever I make a purchase with Amazon. They are also quite helpful and it is so much better compared to a call which keeps reaching the recorded service which is terribly annoying..

    1. Yeah Vinay are right about the chat option as its hassle free, private and can be done anytime anywhere !

  3. Nice article, Kokila... :)
    Best wishes :)

    1. Hey Sindhu !! Thanks girl :) love you a lot :)

  4. Replies
    1. Lol Dear friend ... its my line :D :D
      You are the one to score perfect 10 always in every verse n haiku :) guess you are right after all us being soul sisters :) lots of love dear :)


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