#Unconditional Love with the Zenfone

For the Valentine month-

The best time of the year. Light gulabi chill, gulabi evenings and the pink Tabebuia in full bloom.
I am happy in my world of books and writing travelogues. Reading tons of them on my Zenfone in my cozy reading nook with a steaming cup of coffee.It feels the best thing in the world. Or as some might put it as the NEXT best thing after being in love  (rolling eyes) Is it ?
I beg to disagree.

Circa 1992
Not so long back when Valentine Day was not a craze in our sleepy town, my friend Vaishali experienced her first crush.He was beautiful (yes, that was the word  we used to think described him best at that time) , intelligent and with a sweet smile he was easily the best boy in the entire school ! Being the tongue tied and shy girl that she as well as I was, we used to simply stare and sigh..She for him and I, for her. 
It was our class 3rd.
 ...when one day one Aparajita Kohli (what's in a name they say!) swept him away from right under our combined noses and Vaishali was left gloomy and sad... till she found another guy to pin her heart on.
You have to believe me when I say it was NOT childish...In coming years similar incidents happened around me left,right and center and worked as eye-openers as I found the whole thing fickle and temporary ....
The way people moved on left a deep impression.They were sort of prepared for it much before.
Back to NOW

I have already braved myself for the questions to follow. 
Who is your Valentine this year?
Where are you going with him?
How serious are you ?....

Well dearies, family and friends alike , I am spending the special love filled day with my Zenfone !And I can give you not one, not two, but five reasons for it !

Numero Uno is that its dependable ...(ROFL) You don't have to keep your best foot forward for the insecurity of loosing him...err and it never leaves you in lurch with a low battery sign as it has a powerful battery backup.

Second is its beaa...utiful .... a black beauty ..shiny, glossy , ...sleek,slim..feather light and smooth ...with a classic look ..

Third is it works just by the merest touch and is not dense like some ...ugh... 
Its very very quick and fast ...understands my preferences and stores them in its memory Forever !

Fourth is  it NEVER  demands an explanation OR gives excuses.

 Fifth  is no last minute ditching, never forgets a meeting or a birthday !

And the way it keeps my picture in its digital eyes...clear and a perfect HD ! So romantic ...And yes no bad breath and no messy habits for that special date ... 

Check out for yourself here :)

I am happy and content with it so just gimme some time to get ready for the V-Day with my 5s Valentine - smart, slick, super, steady and suave ..

The Post is written as a Happy-Hours post for HappyHoursIB in association with ASUS Zenfone.For more on it visit 


  1. Nice review of the phone! The 4th and 5th points had me in stitches :D

    1. Thanks Keirthana :) Yes the 4th and 5th are quite important for us girls ... we need gifts for every occasion without reason or rhyme :) :p

  2. Haha.... nice take on the HH campaign..totally loved it Kokila :-) ....

    1. Hey Mani Thanks friend ;)
      just learning a rope or two ... ;)

  3. Oh Kokila you do make me laugh! I hope you and your beaa...utiful Zenfone had the best ever Valentines Day.

    1. Ha Ha Ha Barbara ... thanks for the wishes dear :)

  4. ROFL. Loved 4th and 5th reasons. Very valid ones. But 'HE' is Expensive aka Dear? Aha - a play upon words there for you too.
    P.S- Aparajita carried 'her' away or 'him'? For a moment, I thought you were hinting at same gender love...or were you? You did mention 'pining for Vaishali' .

    1. Thanks Doc. ... glad you find the points valid :)
      yes your point is right - expensive it is ... par pyar ka sauda mehnga hi hota hai ;)
      And lol .... I was not hinting that ...though that view is welcome too :) and i have updated the mistake from 'her' to 'him ' ...
      So glad to have real readers under this sunshine :) Love n cheers :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks dear Celestine .. you are a darling with your love and patience :)


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