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Digital India

To share my opinion on how E-Governance through technology can accelerate the vision of Digital India , first  we need to understand what is Governance  ?

As per Wikipedia, " The process of  interaction and decision-making among the actors involved in a collective problem that lead to the creation, reinforcement, or reproduction of social norms and institutions" is Governance.

So the word can be simply defined as a "process which ensures that the pre-defined policies, rules and laws are being followed as well as updated according to the needs."

This governance can be public, private, collaborative,corporate , environmental, Information technology related, Internet, Project etc.
And now on the above basis we can understand the Wikipedia words that E-Governance is " the Governments' use of technology to carry out their governing duties."

E- Governance is Electronic Governance - an aid in governing the nation, state, family or the globe.
It is the application …

Haiku : Sleep

Amid blooms rests man
laughs, cries, lives the illusion
whilst the soul slumbers

the Ifs of life..ah!
have to mend, fix,work on them 
all before I sleep 

birds sing with zeal, verve 
fresh songs, anew dawn breaks ... now
rise,stir from deep sleep

           cane bent,fear futile
           beast lost fierceness ..  compassion  
           was roused as He slept!

With HaikuHorizons

Haiku : Weep

                                                                               snow melts down as rills
                                                                               pale winter sun , land scarred red
                                                                               mourning hills weep..ache 

For HaikuHorizon

Breakfast Rues ... Not Any More

We are all familiar with this quote specifying the importance of  not only a breakfast but a healthy and nutritious one .

It is the first meal of the day and a nice cheery breakfast defines upto an extent how we are going to spend our rest of the day.So the most important step is to have a breakfast.
Next important step being to have a healthy and cheerful one.

  In most cases like my daughter's specially,  a nice and 'beautiful' (yes, her aesthetic senses are also involved in it ) breakfast served well is very important. The one of the many last questions  she asks just before drifting into sleep is "What will you give me for breakfast tomorrow?" 
It makes me wonder if breakfast is what she would be dreaming through the night! 
So ' the look ' , the presentation as well as 
taste is of UTMOST importance for her and being the regular Mum I am , nutrition for me .Hence we both are usually found at loggerheads on the  breakfast table , with school bus approaching…

Small Joys

When I was around 10 years old, it was a time when people used to talk in groups outside their homes in the evenings. They'd discuss everything under the sun including weeds growing rapidly after a good monsoon in some neglected plots.
It was dangerous as there could be reptiles.
 I was aware of the danger still I used to feel a secret happiness as I had read somewhere that weeds are good for breeding of fireflies.

That thought of watching flickering lanterns of nature in the dark night, made darker by load shedding, was a lucrative prospect and I was ready to risk some snakes for it !

Those were the simple joys and pleasures I used to have and are now cherished memories.

Nowadays, it's  impossible to look at such simple things as source of joy.Happiness is an i-pad or Mc D.We dream high-aim big and whole life passes on.
Its only after its gone that we realise that Life was actually what was happening to us while we were busy planning for it !

As I was always prone to find such happi…

Haiku : skim

Nature smiled kindly                                          spring blooms in your soul happy                                               snow just skims thy mind

In 2015 where to get

that pure, ethereal, soft

Ma's love-skimmed butter

a few walks ago
a few stolen kisses back
we, swans on the lake

frozen dead by cold 
snow falls silent in dark hearts 
 Love skims over that lake

precious treasure glows
brims, waiting to be cherished
they skim over charms

with HaikuHorizons

#1000 Speak : Family Bullying

-When a child observes a parent lashing out on the other,witness plates crashing and silent crying, its bullying that he's observing.
-When a dusky bride is told pointedly not to wear pink ..its bullying.
-When a fair bride is laughed or questioned at wearing orange - its bullying.
-When people at her new 'home' make fun of her for being too educated/less educated, too shy/too confident .. its bullying. 
-When a child  is called names for a silly mistake by own family and close-friends repeatedly, publicly - its bullying.

So, who says bullying starts in playgrounds ? 
Much before than that, bullies are created in their formative years .
Like charity , bullying starts at home.

I was a witness to it.
doting Grand-mum (she keeps the grandson from 9 to 4) and a loving uncle jokes repeatedly with the two year old "See,how your Mom is, she leaves you alone ,while she goes out all dressed up ". In the guise of harmless fun they are brainwashing him ... taking their c…

Sunshine Blue clouds and Zephyr.. A school-girly take on ' Our Friendship'

When we talk'd to each other for the very first time 
O'er that broken telephone line,
In those intangible moments so few, in my heart 
I knew, one day we'd paint the city Red. Gloss. Shine.

well, sunshine spilled in laughter bright 
and stars shone like jewels in kohl rimmed eyes
we swam against the tides mostly 
our minds played hopscotch in vast blue skies

We laughed at things only we found funny
we giggled,tittered,chortled; even sneered at some 
Were choked by emotions, were mum at times
few tears, tons of smiles.. girl, it was awesome.

The whispering winds, the morning zephyr 
and the Spring which blooms after every Fall
The skies that sparkle after every storm
Have send us together for life's ironies small

No words can say what I want to convey
to you dear friend who is miles apart
Lackings, jolly-silly! may seem hard to mend 
Just remember that we stay in each other's heart.

PS- Teardrops never suited us its chandeliers for us !

# Togetherness

Sometimes. after all things said and done, after going through and 'emerging out' of all tests and trials you suddenly realise that you are  - broken.. emotionally and mentally. 
You find your heart and hands empty ! It feels as if all the harrowing experiences, all that temper you checked in , all the mockery you bore ,the denials you accepted, the acceptance you were denied... each and every thing you bore with that inhumane divine patience ... was in vain .You are suddenly left fragile and wounded. Every atom of your being feels raw. Your self confidence and self respect hits an all time low and there are moments when you actually wonder whether it was you who was in the wrong ... and surprisingly , with increasing conviction it seems as if you are the wrong person rather than the wronged one.

Here lies the catch .

In both the situations  its pure negativity as if you are wrong , you are wrong but if you think /feel you are wronged , then too you are wrong ! Because no one ,…

Love from Basel...and Aligarh !

The second Award which I received is from my dear live-wire girl Shweta Dave who is no more a virtual but a very real friend. 
Her blog needs no introduction still for the sleepy heads she blogs at 'Sunshine and Zephyr' ..yes, we both are sunshine loving sunny people .. 
She is the first person I met for real from this blog-o-world and that too on the very first day of 2015 !

She is warm and if rubbed wrong, can be volatile.And as you can guess (if you know me even a little) that I love this aggressive streak of her. 
She is affectionate and concerned (she mailed me a full post rectifying it of my errors !) fun and  peppy (there's hardly a thing under the sun which have failed to amuse us ) And for countless other reasons some even unknown to me ,she is really special to me... 
And that she is one of the most positive and vivacious person I have met in my life does not hurt the cause:P 
I admire her for her strength of character, clarity of vision and her sharp-edge intelligenc…

The BOLD Step : #StartANewLife

When a shy,introvert girl from a small sleepy town in Uttar Pradesh dared to dream - it was a bold step for her. To imagine about a life different from her peers was a bold step.
After clearing the joint entrance for PG, she kicked aside the happening Industrial Chemistry for the traditional Zoology just for the love of it -  a bold step.
Said no to the esteemed P.hd in 'Chordata' as she wanted only in Embryology/ Genetics- a bold step.
Despite the social outrage and genuine concern ,left her secure job - a bold step. 
And the boldest of all for a homesick ghar-ghussu person like her was - shifting. Down south ,to Bangalore. More than 2000 kms from 'home' to set up a new home - a home decked not by brass-bronze statues but by  liberty,love and life . 
A Bold Step. A small House but A Big Home.



I always wanted to run wild around the world but being the sensitive crab,in the end it was Home sweet Home for me . Like a  well-fed cat napping under the af…