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My Airtel APP

Oh !What a pleasure to be an Airtel customer.Specially after downloading the new Airtel App ... I can hear the Bachat ki khun khunall the time *grinning*

There are loads of features which make this app a special one  as it allows a customer to save money, to earn money and  is very easy to use. It has an upgraded  card store feature and  offers in- application payment experience too.

 The three key features I personally loved after downloading the App and using it are as follows- 

First Feature -
The Airtel customers can now avail a full range of services and value-for-money offers by simply shaking the mobile phone !! Awesome :):)

So this shaking is my first key feature which I loved - the most .
Obviously its a fun and quick way to get the best recharge deals for the customers . Though the shake feature is right now available for Android phone users only but soon its gonna be available for all users.

Second Feature-
 The second feature is that the  app design of 'My Airtel' App . It…

Pass : Haiku

of fond sunshine hours
to whom I pass on that dream...
of mango flowers

  of poppy fields red 
  to whom I pass on that gleam... 
  of raw flamed passion

of cardamom hills
to whom I pass on the smells...
cinnamon nutmeg 

                                  of misty vales blest, 
to You kind one! I pass this
                                  lotus from blue stream

Ek Nayi League !!

Not a single person who lives in India , Indian or not, is unaware from the 'Leagues' 
There are many . Starting from the IPL or the Indian Premiere League of cricket , to the ISL or Indian Super League , DPL or Dancing Premiere League , the CCL or The Celebrity Cricket League.... the list seems endless.
And now Kapil Paaji , the God of Indian cricket has come with another one - Ek Nayi League !!  Keeping in mind his gregarious and generous nature, the strict disciplinary he is said to be, its not a hoax but a real league .. definitely a Nayi League . But what is it ? 
That's the million Dollar Question !
Keeping in mind Kapil Sir's personality , his persona , charisma and his sense of humour , its not hard to guess (but it sure is !) that what he is hinting is going to be OUTSTANDING. His league like himself must be transparent and seemingly easy but when played must be tough and for tough guys only. Players who are tough not only physically but mentally and emotionally. No…