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Haiku : Thief

bright plenilune stole
                                                               dreamy languor of dark earth
                                                               tiptoes the moon-thief

                                                                          I am bewitched rapt 
                                                                          In silver fire and sorrow 
                                                                          Of the opal moon

Image Credits : HERE and  Here

The waterfall : A Haiku and A Tanka

                                                                          festooned with blue mist
                                                                          and water drops like pearl strings -
                                                                          baldachin of falls

A Tanka-

                                                                          धरा गगन   
                                                                          ध्वनित शांत , पर 
                                                                          मौन मुखर 
                                                                          जीवन कलरव  
                                                                          निर्झर मृदु रव 

           ध्वनित - resonated                                                  मौन - silence (here silently )                                                                 मुखर  - gushing , chattyकलरव - chirping, warbling������������������������������������…


dull daily routine 
                                                            familiar and common yet -
                                                            each moment is fresh

A Tanka -

                                   under the night sky 
                                   snow-white buds crackle, glimmer
                                   fair flowers bloom fresh
                                   sleeping earth, mystical dark
                                   the moonfleet glides bright and calm

Tanka is a Japanese poem form similar to Haiku with two additional lines of 7-7 syllables. So the format is 5-7-5-7-7 with 5 lines and 31 syllables in total.
Tanka is also referred as 'Waka' meaning 'poetry' in Japanese.

with HaikuHorizons

Weeping Willow : Haiku

I sway, glide, sashay
                                                                  like boughs of weeping willow -                                                                                                                                               enthused, in rapture

sharing with chevrefeuillesCarpe Dieme

                bow down your ego
                Like weeping willows pliant                                             unlearn shooting up 

                unlearning helps to                                                           bask in sunshine,dance with winds...
                to sway while rooted

be rooted but free
                 accept like weeping willow
                 find peace, laughter,bliss

अपमान : Haiku

मान, अस्मिता
आहत.... अविरल
अश्रु प्रलय 

पीड़ा दव में
चटकता है मन
झुलसे भाव

तृषित सर्प
सी आक्रोश फुंकार
हुई वो राख

मान, अस्मिता  = dignity, identity                                    आहत -hurt
अविरल - unending                                                           प्रलय - flood दव - fire                                                                            तृषित- ferocious फुंकार - hiss                                                                       राख - ash

for the above prompt given by our very own Ravish Mani

Honey! Let's make our lives Sweeter .

After the empathetic winters hiding our layer/s of flab under the beautiful Pashmina shawls and Vardhman cardigans, its now the rude summers shamelessly demanding us to adore ourselves in those midriff-baring  two pieces, in diaphanous sheer pastels, looking every inch the summer Diva and the Jungle Goddess decked up in floral prints complete with a flower headgear which we (okay some of us ) are not!

Our fitness regime is going on fine but the Indian nature of celebrating the Kodak moments (forced mostly) make sure that we are always  in close company of Gunjiyas, dahi-bhalle, jalebi-samose-gulabjamun  and what not .... A thing as mundane as getting our child selected for an essay on 'Mother Cow' qualifies as an occasion for Bengali rosogolle !
I vividly remember an incident when on a sudden power failure, the nursery kid of a businessmen family ejaculated "Oh! the power is gaa...wn" 
 The proud GrandDad immediately send for garma-garm Imartis and Bhagat ji ka Milkcake

Calm : Haiku

Trees on autumn fire
                                               burnt, bare ... to embrace His Love
                                                new buds spring... calm spreads

                     bright sparks of passion 
                     coy glow of love- both observe 
                     faith is silent ... calm 

 sharing with HaikuHorizons 

Browsing Cricket : Living Life !

There are times when my Happy Hours at the Indiblogger have turned into sad hours because my browser is not fast enough. Many other assignments written for competitions and contest also suffered similar fate- wasted due to the snail-pace of the browser and the research done for the topic, the feeling with which the piece is written, the zeal and zest for the cause,the satire ..duly went to the trash folder .
I switched to another without much success and finally relented and accepted that if you want to meet a deadline, you have to be on your toes checking on the connection, speed and all that stuff thus missing out on other aspects of life .

 It felt my work was being affected negatively as well as the quality time with my family was decreasing. I was torn in between, to have an update of the activities going on this world wide web and also not willing to let my  moments of daily happiness slide past unnoticed, unappreciated.

Enters a smart kid on the block the UC Browser backed up by t…

Blueberries : Haiku

Heady scent, fresh bite                                                                   heavenly taste of summer 

                              cobalt lilac blue
                              silver sheen on amethyst
                              ripe blueberries new

                         O!dangling sapphires                                                                       clustered happiness on shrubs
                       bliss hanging from bushes

                       orbs of purple glint
                       nestled under firs and pines
                       jewels from divine 

                             azure frost dipped  fruit                                                               sunshine plays voodoo on leaves 
                             beryl sparks in woods

Unlocking Childhood

I never realized how time flew till my son -a 7 year old asked for a PSP and I was blank. Of- course I knew that its a Play station Portable but the point was that he knew more than me ! He knew all about the specification, the games to be downloaded , the variants and almost everything .... It was a true awakening moment and it painfully told  me that I am getting passe` ..albeit mentally.

From then on-wards I became more active and involved in the Video Games/Gadgets Arrived corner of the newspaper and .... our relation has evolved into a friendly one - a Buddy-Parenting thing. 

Now he is the one who fixes the wires of TATA SKY and change TV to the CD player mode and I help him in his class- projects and arranging his clothes chest. We enjoy these tasks which were a burden when conducted alone but have become a fun activity now. Its now our quality time together when done with each other. 

I teach him how to water the plants and keep the shoe rack ship-shape while he tells me how to pl…