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The 4G life !

The other day when my son wanted to watch Minions, it took an eternity to download which was totally unacceptable in our home. Our home , a place where we are always in hurry so much so that at times we are referred as the Tez family ! Haan , you can certainly count my daughter out of this speedy bit. 
It's my son who holds the prestigious Trophy of  'The Fast and the Furious ' while I have to live with just being fast and meticulous , which is, according to my son, a deadly combo when applied to teaching him in the evenings. (I know he secretly adds furious to it)

So it's nothing short of a let-down for us that our kids can not enjoy a  movie due to the lack of speed ! The issue was still under discussion with the slow and steady daughter taking active part in it and her even slower but surer father with a passive interest  when we got to know about the Airtel 4G .
 It is offering EVERYTHING we need ! 
The speed - for the restless me, more movies  in less time -for my son…

Follow : Haiku

     dreams are soothing kind.. 
                    ah ! piddling wishes follow 
                   to be dashed afresh

                                                       the words, the likes, praise
                                                       sometimes its all a big sham...
                                                       wait! follow me here     

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sweep : Haiku

                  dear ! words are crafty
                                                                        an honest heart if you have -
                                                                        sweep me off my feet

                                                                                no music no song swept away by His love we -
                                                                                dance in winds like 'charmed' 

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With HaikuHorizons