The 4G life !

The other day when my son wanted to watch Minions, it took an eternity to download which was totally unacceptable in our home. Our home , a place where we are always in hurry so much so that at times we are referred as the Tez family ! Haan , you can certainly count my daughter out of this speedy bit. 
It's my son who holds the prestigious Trophy of  'The Fast and the Furious ' while I have to live with just being fast and meticulous , which is, according to my son, a deadly combo when applied to teaching him in the evenings. (I know he secretly adds furious to it)

So it's nothing short of a let-down for us that our kids can not enjoy a  movie due to the lack of speed ! The issue was still under discussion with the slow and steady daughter taking active part in it and her even slower but surer father with a passive interest  when we got to know about the Airtel 4G .
 It is offering EVERYTHING we need ! 
The speed - for the restless me, more movies  in less time -for my son , jumping from a hip-hop dance number to a classical one in a jiffy - for my daughter and well to pay for a 4G in the price of 3G for hubby dearest ! World is suddenly a bright and happy place for us all :) 
And will you believe that it's home delivered without any cost and is practically just a tweet away !
Yes, all you need to do is to have a 4G enabled device with an already working 3G connection. To take the 4G challenge you have to choose the 4G city from the options on the airtel site. The options include almost all major cities including smaller ones like Dharwad , Bhatinda, Coimbatore, Ghaziabad.... so just choose , fill in your number , pay for the prepaid connection and use it . The company has promised to pay for your phone bills for a lifetime in case you don't get the highest speed with the Airtel4G.
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Going by the claims it certainly seems helpful not only for  unlimited images, music , books and movie downloading but as a useful tool for the real world specially, in travelling. 
The maps and the navigation tools will work more  effectively with that much speed and Mrs. Sharma , when behind the wheel, will no more take a single wrong  turn which she generally takes as the map takes eons in loading and Mrs. Sharma we all know, is restless. 
So to save himself the agony of listening to the 'slow-song' again and again, along with other grouses, the prudent Mr. Sharma has decided to upgrade to 4G . When are you doing it ?  

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                                                                                no music no song                                                                                                                                                                       swept away by His love we -
                                                                                dance in winds like 'charmed' 

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