आओगी जब तुम जान जाऊंगा मैं  
                                                                        चटकेंगी  कलियां और फूल खिलेंगे। 

                                                                       हवा होगी जैसे तेरा महका आँचल, 
                                                                       थपक देगी मुझको सितारों की झिलमिल 
                                                                       सुनाएगी लोरी थपकते-थपकते, 
                                                                       ये चाँद हंसेगा और तारे दमकेंगे।  

                                                                      सूरज भी चमकेगा निखर -निखर 
                                                                       पेड़ों पे हरे-हरे  पत्ते निकलेंगे 
                                                                      आओगी जब तुम जान जाऊँगा मैं, 
                                                                       ठुमक-ठुमक  नयें चूज़े चलेंगे !

                                                                      झूमेगा सावन, गरज- गरज  कर 
                                                                      इन्द्रधनुष के रंग बिखरेंगे  
                                                                      गगन होगा नीला जरा और ज्यादा, 
                                                                      धरा पर अबीरी रंग उतरेंगे    

                                                                      आओगी जब तुम जान जाऊंगा मैं झट से, 
                                                                      क्योंकि आँसू नहीं तब मोती बरसेंगे।                                                                                  

Love makes us infinite. Or is it imagination?

My above effort of a poem stands true for every child, but it's for those small ones who wait in orphanages, who are too young to grasp the reality, to understand the futility of their hope and hold this image so close to their heart, cherish it and nurture it daily with newer embellishments. So certain and inventive are they in this 'waiting'. Always sure .. that it's just a matter of time when like movies, their mother will embosom them forever. Till then, no one dares to strike a jarring note in their dream symphony. 

  चटकेंगी  कलियां-   crackling of buds                                                                                 लोरी - lullaby 
थपकना   -      shush patting, to make one sleep                                                            सितारों - stars                                                                    झिलमिल  - twinkling                                                                                                            निखर-निखर = bright, radiant 
  धरा - earth                                                                                                                                 ठुमक-ठुमक = strutting walk 
अबीरी रंग -  fragrant colour (specially red and silver ) or fragrance


The Bull and The Butterfly

there was once a bull Magnifique 
his Moo.. was sonorous calm
his grazing refined, his gait sublime 
he got that earthy charm

he'd romp and play in flowers and grass
in pastures green and gold,
placid, content in his life
his countenance, a joy to behold.

his long horns set wide in a majestic curve 
proud and decked up with blooms  
the cows were awed and calves in love 
leaving other bulls to spume and fume 

Protesting they cried, "No time to gambol
with the weeds, lofty tasks have to be done !"
a ludicrous grin and a silly look
was all they could get out from him 

so for work, he was coaxed to sit near a bush,
with a thing trapped buzzing inside
It was a Bee with a sting like death!
which pierced all the way through his hide

he screamed and stomped, bellowed and rushed
and raged till it ceased to pain 
but the field was ploughed, and the branches crushed 
a work pending from weeks in vain!

Then one fine May day, a butterfly came 
fluttering carefree and bright 
flitting like an iridescent star fallen
from the dark veil of the night 

the bull was amazed by the dainty thing
enamoured and  bewitched 
followed her to the end of the river  
till his hooves were deep in the sand 

He  mooed a 'hello', which scared our girl
and she seemed to fly into oblivion
he collected his senses, donned his gentlest face  
and lured her back to the Eden  

loved and secured, now she gently nudges
him, to wonders unknown within his psyche 
while smelling nosegays, he now moos in cadence 
he was moo-sical yes, right from his birth, Alright! 

Like an elfin charm, a flying flower 
she flits ahead, with her compliant bull behind
And when he rests; she dances nearby
lush warmth filling both their minds

The sun spills gold, moon pours effulgence 
whilst they saunter in the rich verdant
more honey than bees, sweet sunshine in the frost
with each other they have found.

Both Images: Courtsey here 

The poem is inspired by ways which are seemingly Taurean. However, its mere facts which are constant rest all even truth, is conditional. Facts are universal; truth is based on perception and experiences.

So, in case you like it, the credit goes to the way the Butterfly have perceived the Bull to be..  :)

ग़ुलाब- The Rose

                 ग़ुलाब एक...                                    डॉयरी के पन्नों में,                                     कोयल ने फिर कुह...