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Haiku/ Senryu : Transience

Soaking up the sun drinking the blue sky, till dusk, endless bliss in bloom

Haiku is a Japanese verse of 17 syllables ormorae which are represented as 5-7-5 .While writing in English, these syllables are presented in 3 lines unlike the original Japanese vertical line presentation.
The main theme of haiku is nature represented by the juxtaposition of ideas with a 'cutting word' or kireji and a 'season word' or kigo,both of which arenot essential for the modern haiku writers. 

Senryuis a'Human Haiku' following the syllable count of 17 in the pattern of 5-7-5 in three lines but with the focus on human idiosyncrasies and life situations rather than seasons and natural beauty. Senryu generally don't have akireji(cutting word ) and a kigo(season word) and are  generally dark humored  or cynical.

My above verse here, fits the bill for both, hence, is a hybrid! :)

The Guy On The Sidewalk : Book review

Book:                The Guy On The Sidewalk
Author:              Bharath Krishna
Published by:    CinnamonTeal Publications, 2016
Genre`:              Contemporary
Book Cover:     Excellent!

The book opens with the protagonist rising up to a bright sunrise, sipping hot coffee and smoking his favourite Marlboro Lights soaking up the warm American sun in a friend's backyard. He is moving back to Chennai after six years in The US. His name is Jaywardhan 'Red' ,the book is his story and, I liked his story.

 It's the story of every youth from an educated Indian middle class/working background.
A story of That every youth of India, who does not want just to have a respectable job but, want his choice of job to be respected! More so, by himself.
Wishes to work as per his natural inclinations and, yet, to make it big.

From relationships to patriotism, from that Indianised-US culture to the big IT wave, the book covers the doubts and predicaments of that any average Indian yo…