Autumn : Haiku

                                                                                 rich in quietus
                                                                                 a carpet of russet golds                                                                       
                                                                                 glow with endless love 



Sound :Haiku

                       springing lucent drops
                       symphony of waterfall
                       pearls of her laughter 

                       pearly water drops
                       a cascade of silver chimes
                       vale listens in bliss


The above haiku are in response to Kristjann's prompt about the birthplace of Buson which is surrounded by waterfalls. 
"Yosa Buson was born in Kema Settsu Province, nowadays known as Kema-cho, Miyakojima Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture. Buson's original family name was Taniguchi. Nature around his birth-place is gorgeous and I think it was a rich source of inspiration for him"

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Break : Haiku

                                                                      the crimson dawn breaks
                                                                      river blushes glows under
                                                                      sunshine and blue clouds

Haiku is a Japanese verse of 17 syllables or morae which are represented as 5-7-5 .While writing in English, these syllables are presented in 3 lines unlike the original Japanese vertical line presentation.The main theme of haiku is nature represented by the juxtaposition of ideas. Using the 'cutting word' kireji and a 'season word' or kigo, is optional in modern haiku.

This haiku is a double entendre which as the name suggests is open to two interpretations of which, the one is usually risqué. 

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Break Free : Haibun

The best things in life are free with  free meaning- of no cost. Also freedom, being carefree, unbridled, free spirited and unchained.
Nature bestows free yet priceless gifts, which are strewn around if only one choose to look. Nature nudges the subconscious mind to feel and grasp the free, spontaneous flow of life... ebbing and surging, frozen at times but never still. Changing course, changing sound; in cadence and anacrusis but, lilting and gushing. Daily. Always. 
Indeed, the best things in life are free.

        frozen river breaks
        with first rays of golden sun 
        a vibrant new song 

Haibun is a prosimetrum including a haiku and a prose paragraph as its basic building unit. Both components are juxtaposed to contrast or compliment the imagery, idea or the emotion. The prefatory component generally having the expository qualities and the concluding one is ascribed with the climactic ones. 

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Shell : Tanka

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                                                                        scattered shells on beach
                                                                        ivory spirals in time 
                                                                        moments lived long back 
                                                                       whorls and spires from ages past 
                                                                       forgotten runes of love bygone


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Scent : Haiku

                                                                                the memory trove
                                                                                anguish sorrow passion love 
                                                                                sandal roses cloves 

That assuring smell of boiling milk, the beautiful smell of hennaed hands, the aroma of sliced green chilies on the cutting board, of freshly grounded cinnamon and cardamom for tea... of sandal, of roses, cloves and ginger, of frangipani, rajanigandha, harsingar... of Dettol on grazed knees, of Vicks Vaporub on sore throat and of Boroline in chipped lips. 
The vermilion of karonde, emerald of pomegranate leaves, saffron of harsingar, fuchsia and amber of the bougainvillea, drooling toddlers, candy pink gums of babies with toothless smiles.... are all Proustian memories. 
Of a life unblemished and undefiled, of an innocent happy heart which has now befriended melancholia and of dark ingenue eyes which are now skilled in drawing a diaphanous curtain over their deep feelings.

Frangipani - Plumeria flower                                                                                         Rajnigandha-  Tuberose     Harsingar - Coral or Night Jasmine                                                                                     Karonde- Cranberries

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ग़ुलाब- The Rose

                 ग़ुलाब एक...                                    डॉयरी के पन्नों में,                                     कोयल ने फिर कुह...