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Moon : A story of loss

A story-cum-musing inspired by the image at the end...

Once upon a time a sly and lonely wolf got a mask of sheep. He wore it for a lark and entered the herd of the docile species just as a distraction from his uncelebrated existence. The novelty was like a spark of sunshine in his mundane life. His loneliness made him bear their lame games with patience, laugh at their dumb puritan lifestyle and eat the tasteless grass. But, as fate would have it, he became friends with an ewe and was so enamoured by her  simple ways that forgot his slyness and started living with her herd as one of them.

That was monsoon when days were dark and nights, darker.

All day long, the masked wolf would work with the group, chat, eat grass, laugh and play with the lambs running till the horizons, chasing the rainclouds, the blue feathers of his dreamcatcher flying like mystical flames and its pearls catching  light,  shining like beads of that bliss.

At nights, he would sleep inside the cave with the herd, …

नज़्म : रंजिश

वो इक पल जिसमे हम दोनों, चले थे हाथ थामे संग,
सज़ा हो उसकी इकतरफा, ये किस तरह से वाज़िब है?

हरसिंगार, चम्पा, नदिया, बरगद जल गये सारे
नहीं जलती मगर यादें ये दिल की कैसी साज़िश है!

कुफर जैसी सियाह सीरत, मुलम्मा झूठ का तिस पर
इबारत इश्क़ की पढ़ ले, भला कैसे मुनासिब है?

खिला था चाँद आंगन में, सितारे जगमगाते थे
अँधेरे को चुना हमने,अबस सी क्यूं ये आदत है?

वो लम्हा जिसमे हंस बैठे ज़माना भूल कर सारा,
सज़ा सदियों पे भारी हो, ख़ुदाया, क्या नवाज़िश है!

ना होते हो तो होते हो, बिना बातों की बातें यूँ,
गोया हर बात हर चुप्पी, बस इक तुम से मुख़ातिब है।

वो बातें जो जलाती हैं, रगों में खूं धुँए मानिंद
उन्ही बातों पे बातें हों, मिरी आख़िरी सिफ़ारिश है।

वो मंज़र जो पिघलते हैं गोया सीसा हो आंखों में
उन्ही को रोज़ देखूँ मैं,  बहुत गहरी ये रंजिश है।

हरसिंगार = night jasmine               चम्पा = Frangipani, Plumeria                 
बरगद = banyan tree                       साज़िश  = ruse, planning
कुफर = sin                                         सीरत= mind, soul
मुलम्मा= outer husk, mask.             अबस= futile
गोया =…

जाने कैसे

मार्ग था सीधा सरल, 
संतोष धन, आशा सखी
ज्ञान दीपित, प्रेम प्लावित, 
वीथियाँ करुणामयी...
जाने कैसे पथ ये तुम तक मुड़  गया 

चाँद सा खिलता निशि में 
सूर्य सा सोना उगलता 
पवन से भी तीव्रतर मेरा 
हृदय ऐसे  विचरता 
जैसे खुले नभ में उड़ा जाए 
अकेला एक पंछी ...
जाने कैसे फिर ये तुमसे जुड़ गया 

सीखा मेरे मद से 
भंवर ने गुनगुनाना 
हास से फूलों ने सीखा 
और मेरे कण्ठ से 
मधुमय सुधा सा राग फैला ... 
फिर भी मन तितली सा मचला, उड़ गया? 

सुनहरी लकदक से सज्जित
कुछ सुधामय बोल मीठे
था प्रथम, था नया अनुभव 
बुन लिए कुछ स्वप्न झूठे 
जाल सम्मुख देख कर भी, 
बस फुदकना डाल पर उस
नेह का बंधन ये ऐसा पड़  गया।

निस्तब्धता में स्वर,
वही, गुँजार सुनना
और रव में मौन-स्मित
उपवास रखना 
जान कर भी यूँ
बधिक की राह तकना...
श्वास की गति तक ये क्रम अब पड़ गया..

जाने कैसे पथ ये तुम तक मुड़ गया।

Image: watch this beautiful movie on an unusual friendship here

वीथियाँ  करुणामयी - lanes of compassion.                मद- flamboyance
निस्तब्धता - silence, solitude 
रव - frolic, noise
बधिक- executioner, slayer                             श्वास की गति- till the last b…

Sunshine : A story of Happiness

Another silver-purple dawn had cracked. 
 The tall deodar trees were standing still, silhouetted against the rapidly unfurling dawn waiting for the winter sun to rise. The dewy Dhauladhar hills were now visible- now gone, with the swirling mist playing one last hide-and-seek with them before moving to the higher altitudes.
The quaint hamlet of Yol was slowly waking up to the morning voices of the gushing river, twittering birds and dewdrops falling from the eaves. Nestled like an exotic flower amid the sylvan surroundings Yol seemed to be forgotten by its countrymen, from their minds and maps both. Away from civilization, it was untouched and undiscovered.

That winter morning, without electricity, the village was enshrouded under the purple veil of darkness waiting for the sunshine to light it up. But, the ladies had already started hurrying up with their chores, lads were helping elders with household errands, menfolk were getting ready for work and little children, they were waiting in…

Missing : A letter

Prompt: Missing
Dear friend, 
Thank-you you for being graceful in your parting note but don't you think, it would have been better if you had allowed me to bid adieu too? Or, were you too scared to give me a chance to speak?
Am indebted to you for the last impression I have of you- the last few days and the final gracious bow... 🙂 It showed your compassionate heart and honest unblemished soul.  Moving on with honesty and reason is a sign of growth and intelligence while scampering away like a mouse is not. And, lying and withholding information is devilish, disillusioning, disgusting and shattering. 
I MUST say that, being a creative person I reserve the right to be expressive about the feelings and times we have shared. Unlike you, I don't have ANY ulterior motives, I don't drop names, nor I want to please the movers and shakers of the society. Always hated gimmicks!  I write. Almost the same way you breathe. Bas, aise hi.
Please, don't EVER feel pleased enough to st…

Haiku/Senryu : Tears

at every day break  life smiles with promises new  couple of dewdrops fall

Images : sunshineblueclouds blog