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Warmth : Senryu

knitted threads of joy
                          pink with blush of motherhood
                          buttoned up with love

Reminiscence : Senryu/ Haiku

flowers shrivel dry
                       colours fade beauty withers
                            and... memories bloom

Spring is transient but, the images of spring, its colours, the narcotic breeze, the playmate bees and the butterflies, those companions of spring stay long after... thus, Autumn is spent on those promises.

Love is like that Spring too.

Aiyyari : The Magical Movie.

Watched Aiyyari. A MUST WATCH movie.

In these days of everyone complaining about everyone else not spending enough time with each other, this is one movie which brings the family, the spouse closer.  It's no less achievement.
How it managed to do so?

Because, in the end, after almost three hours, four tubs of popcorns, colas and burgers included, you are bound to ask your neighbour, "What just happened here?"
Even enemies are bound to discuss, "Bhai, ye bata de, aakhir hua kya?"

In fact, during the movie itself you'd feel that itch to pause it and ask someone if they are also as lost as you are or is it you alone on whom suddenly age has caught up with in just 45 minutes in to the movie! Trust me, in those first 45 minutes, at least once you'd mistrust your  senses and feel senile(!) or dumb depending upon which side of 25 you are.

Though on the positive side, it made me recall many forgotten incidents. Like it reminded me of one of my cousin who once …

Senryu : Dreamcatcher

pearls of longing gleam
                     wishes twirl like feathers soft
                      wakefulness and dreams

                      vibrant threads of love
                      needled in my heart, I knit
                      our own dreamcatcher

Image : sunshinebluecloud blog

The story of a Folly : Girl

Written for Friday Reflections with Corinne and Shalini who are hosting it for the photo prompt.

"Where angels fear to tread...fools rush in." - Alexander Pope

There was once a silly girl
whose hair cascaded in shining curls
her eyes were true, her smile was warm
Her heart had a happiness good luck charm

Which made all  beings just fall for her
butterflies to flit and kittens to purr
Moon bloomed, stars twinkled at her sight
Fountains rose high for her sole delight!

Ah! Then she met a wolf in the wood
lonely, tired, ozing blood.
The friendship bloomed, wounds healed like that!
The scars she safely hid in her heart...

They laughed for hours, played through sunsets
But affection and need are different sets
As winters smiled and snow came down
The silver orb observed with a frown that,

She loved, but wolf was restless for more
For new games trampled her feelings pure
Now strong and wild, he missed his pack
His types, his crowd, his ways, to be back.

Unlike the stars which bid g…


लाल चुनरिया सर पर ऐसे
केसरिया ज्यों बाना
ज़री किनारी लहके पढ़ कर
आँखों मे उलहाना

कँगन, झुमके जल जल भभके
मन अग्नि की ज्वाला
बाहर की लपटें थीं शीतल
सो अर्पण कर डाला

काजल की झूठी लीक कहाँ
आयत नैनों को बाँधे
मेहा से बरसे, उर में सूखा
वेग कहाँ तक साधे

जीवन एक छलावा जिस पर
खोटा समय कराया
सत्य प्रेम बस चिर निद्रा है
आज समझ यह आया

लाल चुनरिया -  bridal red scarf
केसरिया ज्यों बाना - (with an attitude of) saffron headgear of a warrior
लहके - glints like fire   
ज़री किनारी- the golden lining og the hem of the dress
उलहाना -sarcasm...Here, humiliation and sneering.
भभके- flame up!
बाहर - world(ly)               
आयत नैनों - large eyes, here, moonstruck    मेहा- rain clouds
छलावा - illusion.               
खोटा- waste
सत्य प्रेम - unconditional love
 चिर निद्रा - the ultimate rest

Image : Internet